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Gangplank Build Guide by IamStalkingU

GangPlank-Yarr,I'm a Mighty Pirate!(A Jungling Guide)

GangPlank-Yarr,I'm a Mighty Pirate!(A Jungling Guide)

Updated on May 15, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IamStalkingU Build Guide By IamStalkingU 12,214 Views 0 Comments
12,214 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IamStalkingU Gangplank Build Guide By IamStalkingU Updated on May 15, 2013
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
  • LoL Champion: Gangplank


Notice:This is my first guide so dont be harsh on this.If u think there should be changes message me Ps:try it out before u ask me to change the items.

This jungling guide is about Gankplank the Saltwater Scourge!
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Pros / Cons

-High Input Damage with your critical late games
-Remove Scurvy is able to clear stuns,slows,taunt,etc. of what cleanse does and heals u while at it.
-Your Ultimate Cannon Barrage has whole map awareness,slows and does nice damage.

-If Silenced and ur Remove Scurvy is still on cooldown u are very helpless when stunned,taunt,slows,etc.
-Unable to defend ganks very well while jungling.
-Squishy if not without tanky items like Banshee's Veil or Warmog's Armor
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Deadliness:The 2% extra critical in begging helps your critical more.

Plentiful Bounty:21/0/9 with the extra smite gives u +5 extra gold upon using and ur cooldowns will be reduced by 5 seconds.

Sorcery:Required for 21 in offense.

Alacrity:More Attack Speed for jungling speed.

Sunder:More armor pen to help u out.

Offensive Mastery:More damage to minions for faster jungling.

Brute Force:Damage is raised which helps Parley for faster jungling.

Lethality:The more the critical damage for Gankplank the Better

Havoc:Damage is raised then again.

Good Hands:Less time spent dead is always better.

Perseverence:Required to unlock next tier of skills.Another option is to put 3 in Good Hands.

Awareness:Makes u level faster when jungling especially if u start at double golems.

Utility Mastery:Longer duration of golem,lizard and baron buff,which helps u jungle much longer and level to 6 faster.
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Movement Speed

Ninja Tabi:Not the Greatest choice but helps against dps carrys like ashe or tryn.

Ionian Boots:Great for spamming by lowering the cooldown of parley.Helps during early and mid game when your critical is still low,but would switch to something else late game.

Boots of Swiftness:More movement speed to chase better with trinity,phage and stacking with red buff or if u need to run away faster from an enemy that can chase u well.

Mercury's Thread:Isn't the best choice because u already have a cleanse,but is better used for people that doesnt know the right time to use your cleanse.Will also help when your cleanse is on cooldown,but it's up to u.
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Jungling Routes

Notice:Dont waste your time by waiting for last hit with Parley while its on CoolDown makes ur jungling slower by the second!

Jungling Route is Video:
Creit's all goes to StealthKitten for the Jungling Route!
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Main Core Items:
Wriggle's-Trinity-Last Whisper and a Banshee for defense.

Wriggle's Latern:Wriggle's are usually recommended for Gankplank jungling because it gives Damage,Armor,Lifesteal,extra ward and an ability of 20% of hitting a minion +500 extra damage for faster pasting jungling.(Note:its easy to build into a wriggle's because u start off with a vampiric scepter.)

Berserker's Greaves:Obviously top choice to movement speed!

Trinity Forice:For extra slow,which stacks with red buff including extra movement speed,attack speed,damage,and more.

Infinity Edge:Critical for your Parley Skill,damage and 250% when critical.

Phantom Dancer:Attack Speed,Critical and more movement speed for easier chase.

Last Whisper:Works well to beat down tanks and has damage!
Banshee's Veil:If u don't need a last whisper for tanks go for Banshee's for protection with Magic Resist,Health and Mana.

Note:When the games goes on for a very long time which is about an 50minutes+ u can sell ur boots and go for another phantom dancer

Optional Items:
Warmog's armor works very well if u need survival and health if your getting an Atma's Impaler.
Both:Good combos together
Atma's Impaler:Works great with Warmog's Armor if u need damage and critical chance.

Youmuu's GhostBlade:Is a Decent item which helps your critical while giving u some damage and has a good passive for chasing and escaping.

Force of Nature:If the enemy side has a absolutely fed Ap this should help u with the health regeneration,magic resist and extra 8% movement speed.

Cloak and Dagger:A pretty unique item in my opinions,it helps u into lots of Crowd Control as well by giving u attack speed and 20% critical chance!

Thornmail:Easy if they have an Ad carry just get it and let them take some damage back.

Mercury's Thread:Same ad cloak and dagger helps your Crowd Control and gives u speed.:P

Madred's Bloodrazor:Helps take our them tanks like Cho'Gath,Mundo and much more.

Frozen Heart:Gives u some mana,armor for the ad carrys and 20% cooldown with reducing their attack speed by 20% when attacking.
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Summoner Spells

Smite:Used for mostly all Junglers and faster jungling too.

Flash:Great Escape over walls and towards enemy for closer range

Optional Spells:
Exhaust:Helps u out by making more sure u get the kill.
Teleport:Go into teamfights or ganks without the other team noticing or to defend a turret or team mate.
Rally:Helps u push turret more faster and would put 1 in Rally for Mastery is used as a Summoner Spell.

Spells i wouldn't prefer:
Ghost:U already have enough speed and escape with Raise Morale and a Phantom Dancer
Heal:Ur Remove Scurvy is already a heal and lower cooldown.
Revive:Not worth the 9min cooldown to use again.
Cleanse:Already have Remove Scurvy as ur Cleanse
Fortify:Gankplank isn't a tank or support Really!?!?
Clarity:Already have blue buff wouldn't need.
Ignite:U have ur passive to do ur ignite for u already.
Clairvoyance:Only a tank or support would use.
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1.Gank whenever u have the chance.Go for it!
2.Ward Baron,Dragon,Blue and Red Buff or the River
3.Buy an Oracle to kill stealth targets or wards
4.Counter Jungle when u can.

Hope u like this guide for a first timer! Yarrrrr!!!I'm a Mighty Pirate!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IamStalkingU
IamStalkingU Gangplank Guide
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GangPlank-Yarr,I'm a Mighty Pirate!(A Jungling Guide)

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