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Twitch Build Guide by Dreyethel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dreyethel

Ganksta Twitch

Dreyethel Last updated on August 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey everyone welcome to Dreyethel's guide to Twitch. This guide should hopefully allow beginners, free-weekers, and anyone else to play Twitch well. This guide is a bit different from the guide of a typical AD Carry, but if you have any questions or concerns on why the hell I did something I'll be happy to debate you. To talk to me about said problems please email me at, this is my first guide so I will make mistakes, however, I am more than happy to correct them.
and without further ado....the guide!

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Pros / Cons

+ Can max attack speed
+ Expunge can finish off runners
+ Deadly Venom does much true damage
+ Able to gank mid if needed
+ Has the only ability that allows him to hit turret with out it hitting you
- Extremely Fragile
- Everybody wants to kill you
- Oracle's Elixir can cripple you
- Must have a decent support and good team composition to be useful
- Flash is the only quick escape, otherwise you have to wait for ambush to activate
- Any and every CC will ruin your day
What this means:
= Wait a bit before going into a teamfight, it may save your life
= Use Ambush to take out targets one on one
= Twitch is versatile enough to one on one using Ambush and also hit the whole enemy team using Spray and Pray
= Because he is squishy and vulnerable to CC you should be careful when entering enemy territory, especially bushes where there may be wards

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If you haven't noticed yet, my build is different from many AD Carries

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal -
What the hell is he thinking? Those may be the first words that come to your mind when you see this. As you hopefully remember Twitch is quite fragile. Taking three Greater Quintessence of Life Steal insures that you can partially sustain yourself without the help of your support. There has been may a time where I fought an enemy AD Carry and both the supports die while both me and the other AD Carry have suffered much damage. When that enemy AD Carry recalls he will come back to find a Twitch at a higher level, with more gold, and nearly full health.

Greater Quintessence of Health -
This is another Quint that works well on Twitch because as stated before he is quite fragile. This Quint mainly works because of its incredible +78 HP Bonus that allows you to escape danger from Teemo, Cassiopeia, and worst of all Ignite. I personally stick with Greater Quintessence of Life Steal because I have practiced with Twitch since I was level 10, however I would strongly advise Greater Quintessence of Health for beginners that need to play a little bit more defensively.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage -
This Quint is for all of the incredibly aggressive players out there that feel that they need to attack everything at all times. I personally dislike this Quint because I think that it offers very little for the price of an entire Quintessence slot. However if you feel that you will kill everything early game then this Quint gives you just enough Attack Damage bonus to finish off an enemy and also works well with expunge very early game. If you take Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage I highly advise taking Expunge first.

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration -
This one speaks for itself. Twitch is an AD Carry, therefore armor pen is important in increasing his damage on more tanky champs such as the gorgeous Taric, Nunu, and Alistar. Without any armor pen Twitch would not be able to be a viable champion.

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor -
If you haven't already heard, Twitch is ridiculously squishy. To cope with this I get Greater Seal of Scaling Armor because it gives a little to start but by level 18 [Twitch] can avoid 50% of physical damage, which is fantastic.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist -
Last but not least is the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist], it adds a lot of MR to Twitch, because lets face it, Twitch has barely any MR and he needs it badly. At level 18 Twitch is immune to around 36% of magic damage.

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My Masteries:

Following the new Season Three update, everyone seems to want to grab the newest masteries. I personally think the new masteries are quite wonderful, for support, however I simply don't believe that [Twitch] can benefit from these new masteries. But why don't you take Frenzy some may ask, it gives attack speed after crits, it must be good on Twitch. WRONG! Although it does give a small amount of attack speed it is absolutely useless once you have a full build as with Ambush you cap out with attack speed.
Other Masteries:
I have been told that Twitch should not use utility at all and should instead go for a 21-9-0. I beg to differ, the amount of armor and magic resist from masteries is negligible when everyone focuses you during a team fight, and they will focus you.

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Summoner Spells

What should you take?

Flash is your best friend, especially if you are Twitch and have no means of quick escape. Without Flash Twitch would be just food to the nasty bruisers like Darius, Warwick, and Wukong among many others. Flash is useful for a variety of things, including:
-Catching up to enemies for a last hit
-Escaping from ganks
-Dodging ultimates, like Ezreal 's Trueshot Barrage
-Maneuvering through the jungle
-It can be even used to position yourself for Spray and Pray

You are the AD carry of your team, without Ignite you are unable to regularly secure kills Don't take Exhaust, your support will have it.

Cleanse is fantastic spell if you are a master of League. However I think that for the general populace it is absolutely useless to have. Lets do a bit of math: The average CC lasts about 1 sec, its takes me about .45 sec to actually press Cleanse meaning I'm saving .55 sec o being stunned or what not, however twitch has no instant saves like Shaco's Deceive or Jax's Counter Strike so getting out of the CC has done nothing but waste a summoner spell slot.

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Your Support and You, A Bad Guide to Choosing a Support

Remember that Twitch is one of the more squishy AD carrys. Because of this it is more necessary than most to pair him with a good support that will do well in lane. If you are more of a beginner then I strongly advise looking at utopus' guide as he has a very good section on choosing a support, however if you are more of an intermediate-experienced player read on.

Taric is my all-time favorite support for Twitch. The reason for this is that he has everything Twitch needs to do well. Taric comes equipped with Imbue a decent heal that can help Twitch if the enemy is aggressive, he has Shatter whih is really an exceptional ability as it gives Taric and all those surrounding him extra armor, or if you are being aggressive then it can be used to reduce enemies' armor, and my most favorite of all of these is Dazzle which deals damage and stuns so that Twitch can pick up an easy kill.

Leona would be my next favorite but I like her less because she is much better for an aggressive Twitch rather than what I play which is more of a farming and focused Twitch. Her abilities are good as she can stun, catch up to an opponent to [[exhaust, and she has a shield to sustain herself.

Nunu would be my last choice of my favorites as he only really does well early game as a support of Twitch. His abilities include a slow, a self-heal, and an attack and movement speed buff.

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Ability Guide

This a a short explanation of each ability and how to use it.
Deadly Venom is one of Twitch's finer points. It is a strong DoT that stacks 6 times, last 6 seconds, and does 8 true damage/stack/sec at max level Twitch or a whopping 288 true damage! This ability allows Twitch to poke well and to consistently kill enemies with low health that are trying to escape. Deadly Venom + Ignite is one of the more beautiful combinations of the League gameplay.
Ambush is made to set Twitch up for all of his other abilities. In combat it gives a massive buff to your attack speed once you come out of stealth and when you are in stealth it gives you a massive buff to your movement speed allowing you to escape from your pursuers or to chase down fleeing champs. Another great thing about Ambush is that it stealths you and most people either will waste money on Oracle's Elixir/ Vision Wards or they will simply try to deal with it. There have been many times where an enemy will be recalling, thinking that they have escaped me only for me to pop out of stealth and finish my triple-kill.
Venom Cask has definitely been nice ever since it was released with the Twitch rework. It provides Twitch's only CC even though it is soft and is fantastic for dropping Deadly Venom stacks on early game. The main way I use it is as an initiator as it pretty much useless for everything because it stops your movement to use it. Without Venom Cask twitch would simply not be able to gank as well as he currently does.
expunge expunge is the really big move that twitch has. It deals damage to opponents affected by Deadly Venom and deals bonus damage per stack of Deadly Venom, and since the rework it doesn't remove your Deadly Venom stacks. My favorite part about it is how well it scales into late game and how it picks up kills from escaping champs. If you play your cards right you can easily deal a fourth of the enemy adc's health to secure a kill.
Spray and Pray is your ultimate. It gives you extra range, more damage, and AoE. Spray and Pray takes alot of skill to use as it has the potential to give you alot of multi=kills and turn a teamfight around into your favor. If you plan on being a good Twitch pull up a new tab and open utopus' guide on this as he has a fantastic explanation of how to use Twitch's ult.

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Ability Tree and why

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
I like to start off with expunge because it allows me to secure an early kill with a bush ambush then expung and Ignite combo. My next pick is an Ambush to give me some more mobility and versatility. Third pick is definitely Venom Cask as it lets me slow enemies and pop extra Deadly Venom stacks on an enemy to prevent heals like Garen's perserverance. For levels 4 and 5 I grab another Ambush and expunge to buff my stealth and my damage output. Next I get my ult at level 6 and then proceed to max out expunge, then max Ambush, and lastly max Venom Cask. By level 18 you should be an efficient and effective ganker/adc.

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Items...I Know They're Strange

Lets get things straight to start. You may be looking at my items and wondering what the hell I was smoking when I made this guide, I can promise this is not a drug-induced insanity. The reason for these items is that I would like to capitalize on the idea of Twitch's true damage that he gets from his poison. To start lets do a wee bit of math to find out why I'd rather go armor pen than true adc. A standard adc deals about 500 damage (we are going to ignore attack speed, this isn't in Twitch's favor to do so as he maxes his attack speed), and has no armor pen other than runes, and even then rarely. A standard tank has around 200 armor reducing physical attacks by 67%. That means a standard adc is only doing 165 damage against a tank. Twitch however, with theses items has only 331 damage to deal out, but with the The Black Cleaver it reduces the armor by 25% making it 150, then penetrates with Last Whisper by 35% leaving armor at 97.5, then the runes and The Black Cleaver again penetrate for 21.52 leaving the armor at 75.98 which protects against only 43% of damage which means Twitch is dealing 188.67 damage which is more than a standard adc. Against poorly armored targets like apc or supports (with only 100 armor) Twitch is dealing 258.18 damage which is only 50 damage away from being true damage. Now on to the items explanation.
I love boots for its ability to get me in the bush early and set up a little surprise.
In addition to the Boots of Speed I grab 4 Health Potions for early game sustain
This item helps a ton early game with a attack speed boost to proc more Deadly Venom stacks, lifesteal for increased sustain, a passive that kills early game tanks like Malphite or Shen, and finally an active that can let me secure kills.
This one really speaks for itself, as it gives Twitch the attack speed to stack more Deadly Venom and the movement speed to chase/flee. You could argue for Mercury's Treads but I have a better item for the tenacity.
You should be around levels 7 or 8 when you get this item so you should still be in the laning phase. The Bloodthirster gives Twitch the much needed damage output and sustain necessary to survive in his lane. It scales well late game too because of its high damage and good lifesteal.
This item has everything Twitch could possibly want. Zephyr gives Twitch extra attack speed, extra movement speed, extra damage, and best of all it gives him tenacity for all those pesky CC's that can cripple Twitch
As mentioned earlier The Black Cleaver gives alot of armor penetration as well damage, cd reduction, and health so that Twitch can last the late game.
Last Whisper is cheap and gives Twitch the last necessary components for his armor penetration, being more attack damage and a ton of armor pen.

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These are the thing you must follow to play Twitch:
1. Twitch is not a tank, if you try to tank through something the only result will be your death and perhaps the enemy's from laughing so hard. Don't be an idiot, stay back and wait for a good time to hit rather than trying to be the hero of the team.
2. Don't ks with Twitch. If you are a sicko that thinks he has the right to ks with Twitch just because he is the adc then you are wrong. ksing is wrong and gives a bad name to the good Twitch players everywhere. If someone uses my guide to be a kser I will make sure their name is heard by all, you have been warned.
3. You don't have to engage in your lane, in fact it might be better to farm a bit before you try to take on the enemy adc and their support.
4. Have fun, if you are calling everyone on your team a noob and a loser, then neither of you are having any fun, support your team with words while they support you with actions.

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Thats all for now folks

Well I'd like to thank the people that let me make this guide, the first being jhoijhoi because she is awesome and without her I would still be searching through the mysteries of BBcode and also utopus because he was the first Twitch guide I ever saw and without him I would've never been able to play Twitch as well as I do today, please check out his guide as he has alot of stuff I don't have the time to add.
I know my guide is strange and probably riddled with errors, so if you have any problems please feel free to email me at and I will be happy to answer your questions/concerns.
Now shoo, go enjoy Twitch as he was meant to be played!
PS: If you think I need to add more sections just email me, and if you think I'm stupid and a noob then I will be happy to take you, my League name is Emperor Thorat.