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Garen Build Guide by Slyefox

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slyefox

Garen Bruiser/Semitank

Slyefox Last updated on February 5, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This will be an AD garen/Off tank build. I've seen many guides speaking of how garen should be build ALL ad or ALL tank. He has incredibly high AD scales and dps and NATURALLY tanky ability/ability passive.

If you go in a fight with 150+ armor or even 100+ armor/MR and get that W going ur going to be just as tanky if not more for the duration of that buff and since u already have good defense stats u wont fall down like a glass cannon. once you've gone in there to get ur job done which is to silence the important targets that deal high dmg typically spell caster or ability ADC champs and done ur spin ull have done your role: Done high dmg, CC'd high priority targets, most likely executed one or two or allowed ur team to win the team fight.

Garen has W to dive while being more ad oriented, The massive aoe dmg to put pressure while diving with E, the Q to CC important targets, and then the passive to while he gets out of that to heal back up and repeat! why build all tanky and essentially give up these base dmg scalings u have? become literally nothing but a meat shield/one time executioner late game? its not worth it when you become this whirlwind of pure dmg and destruction dropping one enemy after another repeatedly.

By the end of your build you'll be rocking around 350+ AD up to 400if you decided to buy the AD flask and if you have drag buff lvl 1. You could get some crazy high numbers if you have baron a/o lvl 5 drag buff. You should also have around 3-3.5k health & 170-200 Armor and MR. depending on ur final item. 170 MR / Armor will always be ur minimum closer to lategame once you have your main defensive items ( Maw of Malmortius / Randuin's Omen).

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Reasoning behind the runes is simple. You won't be building heavy tank as you would as a full tank garen (in which case you become worthless late game). In this build you are building AD and then some offtank items as will be explained.

For armor pen runes it's because this build is mainly focusing on our three main ad items : Hexdrinker >>into>> Maw of Malmortius , Last Whisper, and The Black Cleaver. The synergises well with the two armor %/# items leaving the ad carries taking a high amount of extra dmg due to armor exploitation.

As for the defense runes garen's W can explain that since he gets FREE tank stats. Obviously one should capitalize on that by building such that they get the most potential later the game goes. Also it is way more gold efficient to get the scale since they beat their counter part Greater Seal of Armor QUITE early on, around level 7.

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Okay, so this setup seems a bit unorthodox.. thats because it is. The blade weaving and spell weaving are more for early game than they are for late game but they do help in dmg throughout all parts of the game. It's quite easy to stack it due to Garen's E so after u finish ur spin and u go in for that auto gives it a little extra oomph.

As for the reason behind not using havoc, its practically given through blade and spell but if you feel as though you do not need that early game defense boost with the 2 MR/Armor then go ahead and take it. It is ill advised to put any more in those besides that single point since it only increases by 1.5 thereafter, not 2. All about efficiency in this guide.

Regarding only the 2 points in Devastating Strikes This is because when you get last whisper the % penetration u have is only around 39% if you get all 3 points. Unless you are gunning for Havoc Best to ignore it.

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Garen's kit is VERY good for early game laning.. unless its an overtly tanky champ or a ranged poke... (i.e. teemo -_-..... ) When fighting those it's best to wait for a jungler or wait for them to overextend/mess up. Your Q does phenomenal dmg early game especially level 1 and is great for small hit then run back to safety of your minions.

Since we are going an AD build it is our only option to continuously focus on getting our E leveled. It increases by 10% AD and a set base dmg each time making this vastly more higher on priority list than if we went tanky since tanky Garen is mainly for his silence. AD/Bruiser garen will be for the carry/1v1 team presence and mega AOE dmg dives.

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Small tips

    Running from your enemy then having to coordinate with your team that you are going to dive back in with a possible flash or just Q charge is a DEFINITE option if the team isn't 5v2 chasing u (something more like 3v2 or 2v2). They wont be able to retaliate and with this build you should be able to burst them down. Even if they are tanky since you have an armor shred build.
    Flash>Q>Spint> Ult <

Easy combo

More to come?

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Lemme know if you like?

New to this guide building thing, but i felt as though I've come upon a build that works well with me and is able to get the results garen should be getting at ALL points in the game. rather than just early - mid game like some other builds. Highest rank iv been to is silver 2 but iv only started playing this game for around a month so i feel thats a little accomplishment. Enough about me.

Appreciate all feedback and will update accordingly! Sorry for the grammar/spelling!