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Taric Build Guide by Remnantz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Remnantz

Garen no Mechanics????

Remnantz Last updated on October 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Garen is a very good solo AD champ, i think its almost the best, in my opinion, you can eliminate enemy carries easily but you will need Skill for it. The best thing about Garen is his Demacian Justice, you can kill, low HP enemies, and the most improtant, when you start casting Demacian Justice, and the enemy flashes away, lol who cares? Your casting won't stop, and you are going to kill the enemy after the flash, and he will die behind the wall, where he flashed so on. Op. The second is his Decisive Strike, and the awesome Silence and Movement Speed bonus.

So that's why I really love Garen, and a really good thing, you can start with practising him at low level, because its not costs 6300IP, or 3150IP. Just only 450IP!

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Pros and Cons


+ Awesome tank
+ No mana
+ Movement speed bonus ability
+ Bonus tenacity
+ Bonus armour and magic resist
+ Silencer ability


- Bit expensive build
- Have to practice a bit
- Need good farming
- Can be countered
- No Crowd Control
- Too awesome SPACESPACES

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Perseverance(passive): This is a very good passive if you compare it to others, like Twisted Fate's passive, its regenerates your HP if you are not being hit by enemy champions, or giant minions/monsters. The good thing is, its regenerates your HP from its percentage, what is not very good in low level, but its awesome in middle, or late game, when you already stacked some HP

Tips and Tricks
Perseverance: If your passive is online, you are regenerating your HP very fast, like when you just popped a Health potion.
You can use Perseverance when you are at low HP and you do not want to recall, just stay in a bush, close to the minions to get experience, and you will get your HP back!

You can escape from ganks!
You can get out from slow effects, when you activate it.
You can make them to not to cast any abilities for a couple of seconds, so you can escape or finish them off, because of silence they won't be able to Flash.

This is a very important thing for every champion. The farming. You have to learn first that how much damage you deal in each level. You have to last hit the minions to revive gold. And you shouldn't auto attack them, because if you push your lane, you could be ganked, and for every steps you're far from your turret, decrease your surviving chance, so beware with pushing!

Harassing with Garen is very simple, you have to focus on the early game, you have to be aggressive, and you have to farm well. When you reach level 2, you can start harassing your opponent. Start with Decisive Strike, hit him with it. When he is silenced, he is forced to escape from you, because he can't protect himself with anything. When he turns around, activate Judgment and start chasing him with it. This is a very good route for harassing enemies.

When you have Courage, activate it when he starts fighting with you, or when you chased him down with Judgment, and you want to get back your lane. He might turn back and start chasing you, you have to activate Courage, for the damage reduction, and for the bonus tenacity, because he might stun, or slow you when you try to escape.

Only tower dive your enemy, when you are already level 6. Because tower diving your enemy with low level, and without your ultimate, it might be deadly. But when you have your ultimate, you can easily do it, chase him down, activate Courage when the tower starts hitting you, and finish off your kill with Demacian Justice.

When you have enough gold you should go home, because stacking your gold is a very bad idea. You can get back your lane very fast, by using your Decisive Strike to increase your movement speed.