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Garen Build Guide by AshJeff

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AshJeff

Garen Spin2Win(Updated)Garenteed!!

AshJeff Last updated on April 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Garen is Cheap to buy and a bit easy to play champion..He is the one and oly champ that i love..Dont blame me if u dont like this guild.Just ignore..But this guide will be a great help.

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The Offence spec is Just another normal spec..I use Preserverance for more and more regen..1 points in Hardiness to get Veteran's Scars..Like i said on the item Build..Garen is a Fighter..With this Masteries he will be the boss.

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Core items/End build/Offence:
Keep in mind that garen requires atleast one i consider Black Cleaver.I put Berserker greaves in core items because garen's attack speed this will get him to 1 Attack speed.Ravenous Hydra&The Bloodthirster for Life steal so u dont have to return to base to regain HP also they both give a lots of damage.Bloodthirster gives more dmg over time.Why Frozen mallet and Atma's Impaler? Frozen mallet for HPs and its passive is cool so u can make sure the enemies wont run off ur judgement.Atma's Impaler scales dmg according to your HP.So a heck of dmg.

Defence spec:
I dont consider this spec.But if u want your garen to be balanced in offence and defence then remove Atma's Impaler from the Core/End/offence build and replace with a Sunfire cap/Randuin's Omen/Warmog's Armor/Runic Bulwark/Thornmail..So then u will be having 3 offence items(Berserker's Greaves,Ravenous Hydra,The Bloodthirster) and 3 Defence[Kinda(Black Cleaver,Frozen Mallet,and the one from the replacing item)].

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Skill Sequence

You should get judgment as soon as priority to Decisive Strike..Both deal a lot of damage..At level 6 and at level 11 put in Demacian Justice.Courage gets the lowest priority of them all.

First in a lane..when u fight mobs melee will come use Judgment..all will receive Damage..If the enemy have low hp and armor like Annie or Ashe they will try to run..and come back..use another judgment and a ignite should kill them.if u realized that the enemy is going to stun you,then use courage.Use Decisive strike on a fleeing enemy and as an opener..Order should be like this Offensive:Decisive Strike>>Judgment>>Opponent low health>>Demacian Justice(if CD)>>IGNITE...Defensive:Just add Courage before Judgment.

Decisive Strike:This Spell is a Silence so if u want to interrupt something u should use this spell..its a silence!don't forget it.It also removes movement impairing effects like slow(Ashe's that slowing arrow and Nunu's slowing thing and Shaco's slow and Lux's Q spell and Ryze's spell which is similar to lux one.

Courage:This is the only defensive thing garen has.Use it wisely.Like when u are gonna Die and when u have to take the lead on a opponent.Use it when ur opponent has like 1% hp and falling behind his turret,Just use this spell and Decisive strike to catch him and to get low damage from turret.

Judgment:The very own Gank spell.It is the best spell of all that garen has.Use it after Decisive strike or fighting a group of mobs.Everyone knws when to use a gank :/

Demacian Justice:The biggest Gank of em all.This spell makes garen OP(All spells of him are op but this is the OP'est of all)Remember the damage increases for each hit points the enemy is missing.You can use it on a fleeing enemy..NEVER use it when ur opponent have more than 25% or more than 20% HP.

Perseverance:One of the most Best passives of em all.At beginning in Summoner's Rift..Champions recall when they have low HP..but u dont really have..Just wait 9 seconds..and you will get a massive HP regen..remember we also used Perseverance mastery in Defense tree so more HP regen.This passive will turn off if u got attacked by a enemy champion,turret,or jungle monsters.Be Smart!

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Just Ignite/Flash..If enemies flee,then flash and rape em.On early game opponents try to run from u when they have low HP.Just ignite.IGNITE.

Other Optional Spells:
Ghost:Increases your run speed.Good in some situations.

Heal:Garen's passive is kinda cool.but this is also a Good spell.

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Pros / Cons

Pros/Cons that i know about him:

*High Damage dealer
*Also is kinda Tanky
*Escape Specialits
*Executes quickly when u have low hp
*Hard to kill

*No Range spells(Demacian Justice is a bit ranged but still its range sucks)
*Judgment can be stopped by snaring.

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So I hope this guide helps u a lot.I am in North America server Summoner name is Silenttoxin.I always play Garen and gank opponents.Thanks for using the guide.I dont know how to insert the images of spells/items lol.Have a Nice day!...And dont forget...Dont rate..........For DEMACIA!