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Garen Build Guide by crashstash5

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League of Legends Build Guide Author crashstash5

Garen the massacre tank

crashstash5 Last updated on June 25, 2013
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Garen Build

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This Garen build gets a mix of high health armor or magic resist but still having great offense allowing for counter to high burst assassins even if you are taken off gaurd or dont have your W off cooldown. This build is tanky enough to run into all out 1v5 fights and not die and deal incredible amounts of damage to any noxian who's askin for it.

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Unique Skills

Garen has a passive on his W this grants him 20% bonus armor and magic resist allowing Garen to become tanky without much health armor or magic resist items. Also Garen has incredible offensive power later on allowing him to melt even the tanks without taking too much damage himself.

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Garen is a very powerfull farmer especially in solo lanes or the jungle. simply wait until a group is moderately low run in with your decisive strike and pull a spin to gain large amounts of cs and get you fed even if you don't have too many kills.

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Team Work

In a minor scale teamfight early on you need to let allies initiate first with burst damage to get themselves slightly focused then to leap in with your decisive strike and finish the combo with a spin if they focus you activate W they will lose much of there effectiveness when someone tries to get away when they are low Q them then ULT FOR THE KILL this is very effective because if they are tanky by health they will take more total damage but if they are squishy they will melt from the base damage and since this awesome ult deals true damage armor and MR cannot stop you from the kill. In a large teamfight EX: 4v5 3v3 5v5 or at least 3v3 or above it should be later in the game go use your Q on the spell caster then target the carry or support you want to do this all before your team fully arrives use your spin and W to deal maximum damage crippling the enemy team without taking much damage yourself and escaping with a well timed Q speed boost. See he result? GG

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Pros / Cons

-Garen can sustain quite a lot of damage late game but early game can be tricky
-Garen has high burst power and survivability but relies on his ability's from then on in fights
-if things don't go very well for Garen you can get served but this is unusual
-this is a smaller core allowing you to go any way you want but you can't get other items first
-Garen has a high burst but less sustain

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Ranked Play

In ranked play you want to go either solotop,jungle,or bot (I recommend Sona support with you having hymn of valor on to boost your defense) jungle is good but don't forget that monsters don't count as minions so they will counter your passive so this can slow your Regen while farming. Garen's ganks are not successively well since you have no crowd control but your burst make up for this.

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Garen is a powerful offtank that is capable of several positions and is very useful in teamfights since he can do large damage and survive late into the fight still dealing his damage and has a good execute for 1v1 also garen counters Darius who a lot of people find annoying.