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Taric Build Guide by leipetaco

GayTaric Support

GayTaric Support

Updated on June 17, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author leipetaco Build Guide By leipetaco 15 6 42,285 Views 34 Comments
15 6 42,285 Views 34 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author leipetaco Taric Build Guide By leipetaco Updated on June 17, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Once there was a time, gay-taric ruled the support lane. This is the build for it. I hope you enjoy it!
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Phase Rush
I prefer these runes just for more health early-game. When you've got your Shatter you have more armor and more survivability. Till then more health is very nice.


Phase Rush
Especially for early game, armor runes are for more being a tank. It is way more easy to go into fight and hit your enemy with your basic attacks so your CD of your Imbue will go off. The passive of your Imbue is awesome but I will tell you more about it in the Skills.


Phase Rush
Magic resist just for late game to have more survivability against AP carries.


Fleet Footwork
Health is just handy for early game. That's why I use them.
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Tree One
I just give Taric some CooldownReduction for his Imbue. Some Magic-penetration is nice late game for your ult.
Tree Two
YEAH!! Here is your tank-page. It gives some nice extra armor and MagicResist. And ofcourse some extra health generation. Besides that also 30 Health :D. Just awesome for Taric.
Tree Three
MANA REGEN. Yes you see it right, mana regen. You have to have some mana regen from the beginning otherwise you're mana will be gone in a couple of Imbue. Especially when an AD-carry doesn't want that you hit minions, stupid people who don't get the passive of Taric.
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In this chapter I will explain the items I buy with Taric.

Early Game

philosopher's stone SPACE This is a must have for taric early game. It give you the extra money to buy wards and some more defensive items for your team and ofcourse for your own. You should really rush this items before your boots. You will probably have this item at level 5. If you got some assists on your lane you can buy this earlier. But it should be your first item to build.

SPACE This item could also be another item. It's just what is necessary. If they have a have ad carry and you are losing your lane you could better buy Ninja Tabi. If it is a bit equal and they've got some cc's, Mercury's Treads are very awesome cause of the tenacity. For late-game Mercury's Treads will help you more then Ninja Tabi. With this build you already have a nice amount of armor. Because I don't really buy a magic resist item I prefer the Mercury's Treads for that bit of magic resist.

SPACE This item gives you some nice amount of health and more money. With this money you are able to buy more wards and Shurelya's Battlesong faster. After this you can rush to your Aegis of the Legion.

Mid Game

SPACE This item gives you even more health, health regen and mana regen. Besides that it gives you a speed-bonus for 3 seconds for your whole team, who are in range. This is very effective for chasing somebody or to escape.

SPACE This is the perfect support item. It gives your whole team more magic resist and armor and some extra damage. Really awesome for in teamfights.

Late Game

SPACE The aura of this item is awesome for in teamfights. The active is also very handy. Just go in teamfight, activate it and you shield everyone. Besides that, it only has a cooldown of 60 seconds. So use it when you can! Beside the team fact, it gives you some nice health and armor.

SPACE Armor, armor and more armor. And reducing attack speed from your enemies. Just awesome for in teamfights. The reduced attack speed for your enemies could make a teamfight to a win or lose. It gives some CooldownReduction too which is nice for your Imbue.

SPACE You will probably never able to buy this item because most of the time the game will be ended already. I think force of nature is the best option for the extra movement speed, magic resist, which you haven't bought earlier, and health regen.

Optional/experimental items

SPACE I think this item will be pretty nice late game for the teamfights. It does a lot of damage and you get some more armor and health. You could buy it instead of Force of Nature.

zeke's herald SPACE This item can be very usefull. Give your ad carry more attack speed and lifesteal. Besides that, it gives you Cooldown Reduction and even more health. And it's not that expensive. So if they don't have a good ad and ap carry buy it. Otherwise you should buy Frozen Heart for their ad carry and Force of Nature for their ap carry.
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In this chapter I will explain what the abilities of Taric are and how to use them.

Taric's passive is awesome. Hitting minions for free mana. Sounds like a win from the beginning. But there are some people who don't get the passive of taric, they are whining like: "why are you hitting minions?", "I can't last hit this way" etc. etc. If your lanepartner is whining like this, just hit every minion one time. And hit the big strong minions multiple times. You will probably get enough mana back for a heal. And that makes your lanepartner happy because then he can go in like stupid again, and you can to exactly the same for the next minion wave :D

Imbue is the heal of Taric. It heals pretty nice if you up it to the max as your first ability. But there is a but, your Imbue's cooldown is reduced by 1 second when you basichit a minion and 3 seconds if you basichit a champion. This is what makes taric a very good support. You go in with your Dazzle, walk to the enemy champ, use your Imbue, your carry will do damage to and you can heal him/her too, and keep hitting the enemy champ. You will probably hit him like 3 or 4 times, that is equal to 9 - 12 seconds off your Imbue's cooldown!. Also in teamfights you have to be in the middle of the fight and you should keep hitting those champion's to keep reducing your cooldown so you can keep spamming your Imbue on you and your mates from your team.

Shatter is a very nice ability which gives tons of armor to you and your teammates. When you activate your ability, your armor will get reduced but so does the enemies armor. If you are chasing somebody, this is the time to use it. You could use it in teamfights but when you are losing a fight, never activate it. When you are winning a teamfight, use it so the kills will come faster cause of the armor reduce of the enemy.

AWESOME, a stun on GayTaric!! This is my favourite ability. Let your enemies rage like: "That GayTaric with his pink-skin keeps stunning me, soooo annoying". Your stun is just awesome for teamfights. Stun the one who does the most damage, your carry is able to kill him and the rest of the team will follow. There is one but, your Dazzle has a big cooldown and you waste a lot of mana with it. So only use it when you really are able to kill someone or just to get away from a gank or something like that.

mm. Taric ult. What to say about that, I know it: AWESOME. It does some nice Magic damage and gives you more Attack Damage for in the teamfight. There comes the but: Your ult is only usefull in teamfights. But is that so bad? I don't think so. Just use it when you go in teamfight and try to use it when there are as many enemies around you. Keep hitting and stunning and healing and you will pown them all!
Beside the teamfight advantage of the ult, it's also a very good minion killer. If there are a lot of minions pushing your base, go and stand in the middle of them and use your ult. IT WILL KILL THEM ALL, WHAHAHAHA.
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I made a picture with possible warding spots. I have got one tip for warding: Always have one ward with you so you never have to face-check a bush. Especially late game.
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More will follow but i've got to go!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leipetaco
leipetaco Taric Guide
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GayTaric Support

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