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Skarner Build Guide by WinningEpicWinning

Geh ova heah!

Geh ova heah!

Updated on August 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WinningEpicWinning Build Guide By WinningEpicWinning 2,361 Views 0 Comments
2,361 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WinningEpicWinning Skarner Build Guide By WinningEpicWinning Updated on August 14, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Skarner
  • LoL Champion: Skarner
  • LoL Champion: Skarner
  • LoL Champion: Skarner


After playing Skarner for a little bit I came up with a build that works very well and some other builds that support the other role Skarner can fill. The first guide on Team 1 is my favorite and the one that works the best for me, it focuses on jungling. The second one is more of a magic damage build and is focused on laning. The third build over on Team 2 is a tanky jungling autoattack-for-the-win build. The last build is a magic damage tanky laning build that lets you Q all you want and not take much damage. I will go into all of these builds in the sections below as well as the jungle paths and play styles, read on and I hope you enjoy.
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Jungle Routes

The best route I use for just about any jungler is quite simple. First grab Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion and put a point into Q. Kill blue with the leash of your team member and protect it if they enemy also has a jungler. Take W and head to wolves, use W at the start and spam away your Q, make sure to health pot so you are full when you hit wraiths. Next go wraiths, focus your autoattacks on the big one and your Q should take down the little ones. Take a point in your Q again and head to double golems, Smite one and take them down with Q and W. Now you can head back, remember just because this is your jungle route doesn't mean you can't gank a lane in between, say you just got double golems and there is someone low on bot, by all means go for the kills. After your first back get a Long Sword and as many health potions as you can, if you have to wait 5 seconds for your last one, do it. Then head to wolves, it might take a second for them to spawn, after they do DPS them down as usual and head to wraiths again. You should reach level 4, take a point in Fracture. Make sure to hit all the wraiths with your Q by aiming it in the center. Go over to red buff and pop a health pot if you want, make sure that before you take red you it will make you level 5, other wise you messed up somewhere. The reason for this is because you start ganking at level 5, you don't need red buff before then and will just be wasting the duration of it.
Back if you are low, however I prefer to stay and gank, but if you purcahse Mandred's and boots if possible. If you don't back continue on to gank a lane. How do I know which lane to gank? Which ever one is overextending. Skarner has a difficult time before level 6 ganking people that aren't, as does any jungler. Make sure to pop your W and Q on the first enemy that is in range, minion or champion. This allows you to Q again shortly for the slow, making them have a much harder time getting away. That is it for the jungle routes if you already know what you are doing and simply want a picture look no further:
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Build 1

This is the build, as I stated earlier, that I just about always use, it is a very powerful DPS build that also has some beefiness. The most important part about this build is that it is for jungling, obviously. The Section above, however, will cover for your route, no matter the build. The runes I use in this build, again, are the same for the other 3. Greater Mark of Desolation allow for early game damage with your Q and auto attacks. and increase your early as well as late game beefiness by a noticeable amount. Finally give you more survivability in the jungle. For masteries I like to go 10/10/10 making sure to take important ones like Cripple, Plentiful Bounty , Archaic Knowledge , and Utility Mastery as well as some defense to make me strong in the jungle and later in fights.

Now that all that is out of the way lets get right into the build, grabbing a Cloth Armor first and 5 health potions is the traditional jungler starting items. make sure to later upgrade that to Madred's Razors These will help your jungling and build into something later. Here's a run down of the core build and some situational items.


- Allows you to really stick on a guy early game before your Q slows for a lot as well as lets you escape easier.

- Gives solid AD and AP for your Q and auto attacks and gives some lifesteal and spell vamp that helps a lot on auto attacks and spamming your Q.

- As your Q will have a very short cool down you get the proc from it every time you can, an extra is 200-300 damage every 2 seconds is amazing.

Additional Items/Situational Items

- I prefer this over Wriggles, it doesn't have as much early game power but the attack speed as well as the on hit is very useful. It balances out the hybrid-ness of Skarner giving you more reason to auto attack and lowers your cool downs because of the auto attacks.

/ - Rab's is usually my last item as this build is very expensive and most games don't last long enough to finish it. It helps a lot with your Q all around and gives even more damage on Lich Bane. You can skip this and get Nashor's Tooth instead.

- Getting slaughtered by AD carries? Not any more.

- Annie wrecking you every fight? I have a solution to this!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WinningEpicWinning
WinningEpicWinning Skarner Guide
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Geh ova heah!

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