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Taric Build Guide by ate62

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ate62

Gems to the Face, Jungle Taric

ate62 Last updated on October 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction To Taric

Now why would you want to Jungle Taric he is out of the meta slow and chunky and seems to be rather useless in the game at this time, well everything I just said can be throw out the window. Jungle Taric is a fresh and new jungle who relishes on his great utility and cooldowns (given by his passive).

Taric's Kit

Lets talk about what Taric brings to the table as a junglier and a Champion.

Passive - Tarics passive is a 30% Damage increase after every spell cast, (so in short it is a less affective sheen proc) but it also lowers the cool down of every spell cast by Taric if the proc is used on an enemy after casting, so if one was to use a full combo on the enemy going in with E Tap, W Tap, R Tap and lastly Heal Tap (tap being a basic attack with proc) you can reduced all cooldowns by 12 seconds (not including real time or cdr).
Pros To Passive: Gives Lowered cooldowns and increased damage
Cons TO Passive: If the passive proc isn't used (especially in early levels) then the cooldown on skills is still very high.

The Q
- Tarics Q as we all know is Imbue (his Heal) it scales off AP (at a 30% ratio) and also Tarics Bonus HP (5%). Now this skill is one of the things that makes Taric jungle truly, truly viable since it gives great sustain and allows Taric to PEEL and 1v1 for longer.
Pros To Q - Tarics Q gives health (straight now awesome), It allows Taric to be punished yet stay healthy, Increase Tarics 1v1 sustain, gives Taric awesome jungle sustain even when there's only a point in it.
Cons To Q - If the heal is not used on the right Target (such as the Carry) it can be pretty much wasted, It has long cooldown and good ignite can make his heal pretty much useless.

The W
- Now the W on jungle Taric is your bread and butter. Tarics W is shatter which is an armour buff for Taric until released (Taric looses his armour buff once released) at which point it becomes an area of effect burst and a armour rebuff for your enemies. This skill is awesome for 1v1, Camp clear, Wave clear, Team fights… Pretty much every situation Shatter is amazingly strong and makes Tarics jungling potential as the AOE makes creeps take increased Damage gives out a good amount of damage (+5% of Tarics Armour). To me I see shatter as being a Chain vest and Brutiliser at the same time which it as we all know strongest when its free.
Pros To W - In any (fair) fight situation whether you are being focused or not shatter will give you and your teammates increased damage on enemies, Shatter gives fast jungle clear speed, Out of all of Tarics skills shatter has the lowest cooldown.
Cons To W - The Range on his W isn't that large so you have to get close to use it, it gives Taric an amour debuff.

The E
- Now this build is called Gems to the face and this skills is why. Tarics Stun is Tarics main ganking tool (well really his only one). Smashing someone with this puppy late game can change entire teamfights. The E is a 1.2 second stun (at level one)(with a 40% AP scaling) and can be used as a great tool for escaping, fighting, ganking or focusing down on a hyper Carry (or other problem children).
Pros To E - This skill can lock down enemies, Open opportunities for chase and save allies from the raging undead (Sion, Tryndmere and Yorick).
Cons To E - High Cooldown and only natural ganking tool.

The R or Ultimate
- Now Tarics Ultimate is a awesome piece of kit, it gives off a high bit of burst damage (higher if used after W) and then gives Taric a Damage Steroid and the rest of his teammates a damage buff. This skill is awesome for team fighting since it gives a rather large AOE burst (which scales 50% off AP) and hands out at level 3 a pickaxe and long sword to your team makes and pretty much 3 pickaxes to Taric now that is a huge damage spike making Taric into one scary little bejewelled man. (Team total damage output for damage buff at level 3 is 70+35n were n is number of teammates, this is for both AP and AD. The max damage is 210)
Pros to R - Gives great burst, gives huge steroid to Taric, gives good buff to teammates, also as a Ult it has only 75 second cooldown (the passive also works with ult, so every passive proc equals less time of Ult CD).
Cons to R - The total possible damage is decreased if the ult is not done in a good team fight scenario so for damage to be maximised.

So Taric's Kit as depicted does have a couple of holes in it and this is mainly because of Taric's age, he is a older champion and this is why he's kit is very point click with simple AOE but as I have pointed out Taric isn't useless either he does have his own special qualities to bring to the table.

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Runes and Masteries


(This part has nothing to do with Taric it is just my Runes but it don't really matter so if you have your own thing by all means use that)

Now I run four different rune pages one pure AD, one pure AP but I have two jungle pages of my own creation for the jungle but today we are just going to be talking about the AD jungle Rune page I run. One day while on reddit I was reading an article that said the highest constant damage out put one can have (only through marks and quints) is by having 8 attack damage marks 1 attack speed mark and 3 attack speed quints (all greater) (this is subject to change and I could have got trolled you never know with reddit.

Also as for Seals and Glyphs I just run flat Armour and Magic resist simply because it is what I run on everyone… because I am lazy and poor and don't invest heavily into runes.


The Masteries I run are 9/21/0 and (as seen above) it wasn't tailored to Taric it just fit him when I put it on him so I didn't really change it. A couple of good armour buffs the heals buff also works well with Tarics Q so yeah it all just seemed to fit real well. If you want to mix it up in anyway be my guest but this is what I like to run on Taric to make him into a Bruiser with scary burst.

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Items on AD Jungle Taric

Why I get the Golem

I know what you will all be thinking when you look at my first Item 'Spirit of the Ancient Golem' and you will be all like but this says AD Jungle Taric yet he is starting with a Health defence Item what a lier. The reason for 'Spirit of the Ancient Golem' being my first item on Taric even though I dislike the item it is because it works. Taric as a jungler is a fairly Mana hungry kid though early his damage isn't high enough to make back the mana he is spending and this is why the new 'Spirit Golem' is good on him it is less damage but it gives all the things Taric needs early on like Armour, Health, CDR, Wards and good Mana/Health sustain in the jungle. This is the most important Item you can get on Taric in my eyes it is just that good for him in the early and mid game, late it drops off a bit but is still useful

Core Items

-Trinity Force
-Blade of The Ruined King (Botrk)
-Frozen Heart

Starting with Trinity like the description says this thing is TONS OF DAMAGE the 200% damage from just the added Damage of his ult is 140 + his passive plus all the rest of his damage so if you get your base damage to 220 (with ult) one trinity and passive love tap is equal to 440+66+220= 726 Damage and if its a Critical (which you get with Trinity) It is possible to hit 440+440+66= 946 Damage which as little taric is rather scary (This could be wrong I am not one with the rules of league so these numbers are subject to change). Trinity also has the passive speed boost and all over mobility buff which means you can chase and escape since you are relatively slow.

Blade of the Ruined King is just a great Item on Taric because of how much it gives him the main point being its slow. The Stun Slow combo can pretty much stop anyone from escaping you and the health that it steals never goes unnoticed either.

Frozen Heart:
I feel Taric does need some Gems in his life and this one is the best for him 100 armour just adds ridiculous damage to Shatter, 400 means that you can give up blue buff to your more mana hungry APC (ability power carry), a passive attack speed debuff to deal with those pesky ADCs (Attack Damage Carry) and the best part of the item 20% Cooldown Reduction, Oh Lordy that is nice on Taric.

Boots are something that is situational but I usually suggest getting them about the time you are building trinity. Here are the four I suggest.
-Merc Treads
-Ninjas Tabi
-Boot of Swiftness
-Boots of Mobility

Last Item and Honourable Mentions

For Last item it is 100% up to how the game is going nothing in this build is a must it is just what I think works best on Taric in the jungle because of the stats and stuff it gives to him but now here are the Honourable Mentions for last item or other possible items.
-Rabudons Omen
-Spirit Visage
-Banshees Veil
-Ravenous Hydra
-Maw of Malmortius
-Zhoyha's Hourglass
-Frozen Mallet

There are many more pretty much anything is Viable but just be smart in what your enemies are built like and just do from there this build can flex and bend to the way you wish it

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This is the last part to my AD Taric Guide it is just my early sequence for jungle and it all depends on your team you might not have to bank till 6-9 or you might have to gank at level 3 my suggestion to you is
Start: Blue, Wraiths, Red, Wraiths, Wolfs Gank Blue side or mid first
Start: Blue, Wolfs, Red, Wraiths, Wolfs, White, Gank.
(I usually go out to gank whenever there is a pushed lane close because you are pretty slow)

This is all up to you on how you want to approach it the general combo with Taric is get close E, W, R, Q(If need be) and with taps through out to maximise the passive proc.

Since you are Taric make sure if you are going into a lane with a low laner (on your side) you always pop them a heal (could save a life) and ward if you have followed the build you should have the 'Spirit Golem' So try and ward high traffic areas.

And Lastly what are the Pros verse the Cons of jungling with Taric
-Has awesome heal sustain
-Can run into fights like they were nothing
-Has good armour
-Buffs for allies in teamfights (thought R and W)
-Debuffs enemies in fights (thought W)
-Slow clearing speed pre BOTRK
-Slow running speed
-No escapes if stun is on CD
-Requires help early in 1v1s

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This is my AD Jungle Taric Build please feel free to give this a read and a like, I will take any feed back as this is a RAW build and Guide. I am no Pro player I simply Love Taric and want everyone to give this game style a try. (P.S. I am sorry for all the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes I make, I am not the best writer)

and if you want to get a message in or have a laugh like my Page:

Much Love Kawaii Sif.