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Jinx Build Guide by Get Jinxed X

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Get Jinxed X

Get Jinxed!

Get Jinxed X Last updated on October 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is a work in progress and will be updated over the next few days,

For now I wanted to get the bare bones up ~

Feel free to toss up feedback, this is my first guide, and there are still a lot of things I need to patch up.

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Pros / Cons

So you are thinking about playing Jinx, well here are some pros and cons to help weigh your decision.


- Can play any role, ADC, Mid, Jungle, Support or Top
- Great control over your attack style from single target shot to AoE burst
- Rounded off kit with some strong combos
- Great CC for an ADC, slow and root
- Great escape and push potential upon destroying an objective or champion
- Global Ult
- Super Mega Death Rockets!


- Low mobility, yes this counters the above pro, however it needs to be noted
- Squishy / glass cannon
- Requires teamwork to hit her full potential
- Low sustain
- Destroyed by gap closers

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Runes & Masteries

For masteries I go for the all out offense providing strong execution styled gameplay, which fits Jinx's kit the best in my opinion. Then a bit of survival tactics are placed within the defense tree.


I personally prefer using Crit chance, crit damage and cooldown reduction runes. This is based solely on my gameplay style, other notable mentions are flat AD marks for a heavy start and armor if you are feeling less confident about your lane.

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Build wise I find Jinx to be extremely straight forward, depending on the enemy team your build will change significantly.

I personally believe the best build I've played is crit-Jinx which starts with a cleanwhich is quickly followed up by an .

Other Items to note on Jinx,

This item is fun if you are playing troll-Jinx however even if it works best with Jinx out of every ADC out there, it is still a horrible item, and it is recommended you avoid it at all costs. A fun fact however is the secondary shots from runaans actually create AoE's when used in combination with fishbones.

Another fun item, if you are looking for a bit more damage and a tad bit less mobility you can replace this with PD, I personally prefer PD over shiv, but it is a great alternative.

Great when the enemy team is stacking health, not a great item in my opinion unless the enemy is heavily tank/bruiser based.

Enemy team stacking armor? Not a problem, grab a last whisper and create more dents in it than teemo after a general laning phase.

Love fishbones? You need this. I don't use it much as i feel it is a much slower power curve, but this is a viable choice.

Perfect for jungle Jinx, trust me, it just works. Once fishbones blasts the small creeps just swap to your secondary gun and finish off the main creep. Jinx is one of my favorite junglers at this point for both ganking potential as well as her unique play style.

I had accidentally left this out as a mention in my first version of my guide. This item is great if your team is heavy on health regen. Can destroy a Mundo, Aatrox, tryn, heavy life steal builds ect.

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Summoner Spells

Depending on your opponents team comp you'll want to adjust your summoner spells accordingly, here is what influences my choices.
This is a basic choice for re positioning and escape. If you are uncomfortable with your positioning in fights this is a must have.

When the enemy team sees you coming, they are going to pack on the CC. This spell is your bread and butter for escape when the enemy initiates onto you. This is almost always a must have in my books.

A suitable replacement for flash, ghost adds more mobility and lets you run through creeps if you are planning on ditching the Phantom Dancer.

Is their team comp based on heavy team fights? Teleport helps you get back to lane quickly, or do some nasty backdooring late game. This can make or break you depending on your team comp vs the enemies comp.

A notable mention if you want a bit more clean up potential. I'd only really recommend this vs champs such as mundo. I don't generally like getting into range of ignite in teamfights, and generally sub with executioners blade.

Self explainable, if you plan to jungle, this is a must have.

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Team Work

This section is simply to discuss the best teammates to bring to the fields of justice along side a Jinx.
Taric is my favorite support for Jinx currently for the following reasons,

- His sustain compliments Jinx's wreck less play-style
- His stun in combination with Jinx's snare grenades are a great combo, no one will escape
- Lets face it, he is just outrageous

While Lux is a nice CC/kill lane support, along side Jinx I don't actually enjoy having her as a support. I find lux supports to be very aggressive, more so than myself which is surprising. It's a very dangerous 50/50 combination where you can either get fed or starve.

Everyone likes a good blitz, he isn't the best support as he can tend to pull enemy champs towards you causing dangerous close range encounters, however he isn't the worst. His CC helps deal with more mage based ADC's like twitch or Lucian.

Same as lux but worse...

Leona is a great asset, but only in a skilled partners hands who understands how you play. More often I see Leonas dash to their deaths over using patience to punish the enemy's mistakes. This is what makes her risky for Jinx who relies on their mistakes.

Yes. CC, sustain and a small movement speed buff. No enemy can escape a good nami+Jinx combo. Picture Nami's ult, followed by her bubble, jinx's grenades placed behind the enemy, while you both AA them to death.

Similar to nami however he offers less sustain with the cost of more CC. A good thresh can get Jinx out of some very nasty situations with his lantern.

Sustain from Soraka is amazing, however she lacks in CC. I love Soraka, but not so much in combination with Jinx.

Sona is a choice I would place between Soraka and Nami as a middle ground. I'm fairly neutral on her.

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Keeping your farm up is a key portion of playing Jinx, she becomes item reliant late game in order to keep up her massive harass potential.

Using Pow-Pow is a great way to swiftly last hit and keep a lane frozen, while swapping to fishbones to quickly fire off a large lane harass missile at the enemy team.

When you feel it is time to push a lane, gather minions in a cluster and use fishbones to clear them out in 2-3 shots. Late game fishbones will be doing crit splash damage and single clearing waves.

It should be noted that Pow-Pow is one of the best turret pushing methods in game currently in my opinion, while other champions can get the job done well, Jinx can clear a turret in a single wave if left alone with a huge escape bonus from Get Excited!

** Screenshots will be added here in the near future