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Lulu Build Guide by Lustboy

Support Give Enemies a Ticket to Lulu Pain Train

Support Give Enemies a Ticket to Lulu Pain Train

Updated on January 7, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lustboy Build Guide By Lustboy 93 23 266,254 Views 60 Comments
93 23 266,254 Views 60 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lustboy Lulu Build Guide By Lustboy Updated on January 7, 2013
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Lulu’s potential completely depends on her user’s level of experience and control. To sum it up, Lulu is a “fire supporter” who has enormous damage capacities prior to hitting level 6.

Lulu is superior to Janna in regards to blocking enemy carries. She can also carry a supporter’s role in teams fight for most general compositions.
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Skilling Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Regarding tips on skill order, I previously wrote that you should master Glitterlance as your first skill but you can also put 1~2 points into Help, Pix! depending on opponent and ally compositions. This can also be helpful not only at team fight but during the laning phase as well. However, Help, Pix! has a short range and it’s effects don’t increase rapidly so it generally isn’t recommended to spend points on this skill.

The gist of the skill portion is to focus on mastering Glitterlance first as it is an excellent attacking/CC skill.
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... Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration
Greater Quintessence of Gold

I used an attack speed marks instead of magic penetration with some trial and error involved. Eventually, I realized that magic penetration runes are more effective than an attack speed rune and generally stick to that formula.
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Starting Items:

sight wardsight wardsight ward

These are my preferred starting items. Since I take the increased starting gold masteries I have 40 more gold to spend. The Faerie Charm allows me to harass more due to the increased mana regeneration. sight wards are necessary to watch out for ganks and stop some supports from having lane control due to occupying the lane brush.

Core Items:

philosopher's stone

These items are core to playing support Lulu and should be your first priority. You at least need Boots early to avoid being caught / keep up with your team. philosopher's stone is great for the health for surviving better.


I prefer Mobility Boots because combined with Whimsy Lulu is extremely mobile and able to ward up the map. This also makes her very difficult to catch and kill. However, depending on the composition you might want to consider Ninja Tabi, Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Mercury's Treads. Ninja Tabi is very good when you need survivability in lane, and Mercury's Treads are great against teams with high amounts of CC that tenacity reduces.

Aura Items:

zeke's herald

As a support you will want to get aura items that will best benefit your team. My most often bought aura items are Shurelya's Battlesong and zeke's herald. Shurelya's helps your team engage / disengage teamfights which is an invaluable asset. That makes this item good in virtually every game, the only question is when to consume the philosopher's stone to build it since you don't want to lose your gold gen too early. Zeke's is also a good item in many compositions since team compositions more often lean towards more AD / Bruiser champions than AP, and Zeke's is a great item for buffing AD / Bruiser champions. I especially like getting this item when I'm ahead to push the advantage.

However, there are other good aura items for Lulu. Aegis of the Legion is a great general defensive buff for you and your teammates. If another teammate also gets this item the aura will stack only on the champions that own aegis. Will of the Ancients is a good buff to AP champions, but also benefits AD spellcasters such as Renekton since spell vamp works on any spell, not just magic damage. Locket of the Iron Solari is a good option, and its active will help protect your teammates from aoe burst damage. Randuin's Omen is another option, and is better if you're for whatever reason being focused and having trouble with your own survivability. The active ability is also great for peeling / reducing the damage of bruisers when they try to engage you or your carries.
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Team Composition

Lulu’s team fight role is heavily affected by her team composition. There are 3 criteria to determine whether the composition is ideal for Lulu.

Enemy Team

1. Are there many enemy champions that can be contained by Whimsy? Champions whose ultimates can be interrupted or forced to use them at a less opportune time are good candidates.

Ex: Katarina’s Death Lotus, Skarner with Shurelya’s Reverie and Crystalline Exoskeleton, Galio who breaks through with Flash, Kennen rushing in to use Slicing Maelstrom

Other good candidates are bruisers who dive in to kill your carry or have an activated ability that can be interrupted by not allowing them to hit their target.

Ex: Irelia utilizing the Hiten Style, Xin Zhao using Three Talon Strike, Udyr using Bear Stance

Allied Team

2. Does your team have suitable ally champions to use Whimsy? An AP Mid champion with high AP ratios such as Anivia, Swain, or Morgana is a good choice. Bruisers who need fast movement speed such as Irelia and Jax are also good. Another important target is an initiator that can use movement speed buffs to open up a team fight such as Amumu, Malphite, and Morgana.

3. Are there any capable champions for using Wild Growth? Initiators or bruisers that get in the fray are good targets for Wild Growth. Targeting these champions with Wild Growth will knockup / slow the most targets and therefore be the most disruptive to the enemy team. Shyvana, Olaf, Irelia, Nocturne, Jax, Malphite and Xin Zhao are some good examples.

If your team satisfies all three conditions, this would obviously be the ideal situation for Lulu. Satisfying even two out of the three will still enable Lulu to make solid contributions to the team. If none of these are met, pick another Supporter to assist in team fights.
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Laning Phase

Lulu has poor base health, armor, and movement speed stats. To balance out this deficiency, she possesses awesome skill effects and base damage that enable her take an active role in the laning phase.

Her passive Pix, Faerie Companion really shines during the early game as it enhances your basic attack damage just as effectively as an AD Carry’s. Glitterlance has a short cool down so if an ally AD carry responds to your basic attack and Q harassment, you can deal more damage than Sona during the early stages.

As aforementioned, Help, Pix! has a pretty short range and a very basic shield ability so if you do utilize the skill, focus on absorbing the enemy’s damage exchanges, securing sight, or for increasing the range of Glitterlance at the lane phase.

My favorite combo is B.A (Basic Attack) - Q - B.A - E - B.A - Q while hiding in the brush. You can use the Q + E combo and then utilize Pix, who will pursue the enemy while Help, Pix! will effectively increase Glitterlance’s range since the projectile fired from Pix will hit them while Pix is on the enemy.

If your skills are still on cooldown or you lack the attack speed or appropriate situation to
deal B.A, I recommend using E. That way, you won’t need other cooldown reductions or B.A for a Q - E - long range Q combo.

Lulu is a supporter who is better at choking with frequent harassment and poking than killing an enemy with strong CC or outright damage. If the enemy is aiming to take cs while hugging the turret due to Lulu’s strong push ability and harassment, use Help, Pix! on an ally or enemy minion and harass with your long range Glitterlance. Finally, if you cancel your motion after checking a basic attack missile for a clear moving shot, keep in mind that the passive won’t activate.

After level 6, Lulu still possesses considerable damage but Wild Growth is better at countering the enemy’s action than initiating, so it will be difficult to excel in the lane phase after level 6. Lulu also gains a defensive support ability with Wild Growth.
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Team Fighting

Remember to utilize Help, Pix! on your bruiser. If you follow the appropriate skill tree included my guide, Help, Pix! won’t have enough shielding to save an ally. You should put it on an ally tanker of bruiser to increase your Glitterlance’s range. If the enemy has Shaco, Khazix or Vayne you can secure sight for invisible champions with Help, Pix!

Use Glitterlance for enemy bruisers to reduce his dashing abilities on your ally or slow the enemy AP Carry or AD Carry to delay their formations in team fights. Also, use Wild Growth on a struggling ally at a team fight, or use it for an ally bruiser to utilize the slow aura, knockup, and health bonus. If the enemy is outfitted with several bruisers, use it on an ally carry to help counter the enemy bruiser with a slow aura and health bonus.

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To be honest, I probably forgot to write many things due to being exhausted. If you have any questions about my guide, please send me an e-mail, write a comment, or ask me on my broadcasts. I will do my best to answer any questions the fans may have. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more LoL guides.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lustboy
Lustboy Lulu Guide
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Give Enemies a Ticket to Lulu Pain Train

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