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Gnar Build Guide by nahhr

Top Gnar Patch 7.20 OP TOP BUILD

Top Gnar Patch 7.20 OP TOP BUILD

Updated on October 18, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nahhr Build Guide By nahhr 2,684 Views 0 Comments
2,684 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author nahhr Gnar Build Guide By nahhr Updated on October 18, 2017
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Gnar is certainly a unique champion when it comes to the top lane. His ability to punish tanks and other hyper-carries with his powerful boomerang dmg and the slow it provides makes him a destructive pick for the top lane. Not to mention the fact that you can just rush Frozen Mallet and then no one can ever escape your never ending auto attacks. Overall, Gnar is a great pick to delete tanks from the game while also providing a nice front line when you max out into mega form.
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Frozen Mallet, IMO, is the best item to rush on Gnar in MOST circumstances. The only time I wouldn't recommend rushing Frozen Mallet is when the enemy scales off AP. Against AP the best thing to rush is normally Spirit Visage, replacing Blade of the Ruined King, then continue the build starting with Frozen Mallet. The build in this guide is geared towards getting you fed which allows you to then take the most damage while also doing the most. The reason why Blade of the Ruined King is included in the build is because the attack speed and damage help you constantly proc your W passive. Also its active is always nice for catching up to people who are just out of aa range.
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Full AD runes are best on Gnar because the scale greatly with his Autos and his Q. Especially with Gnar's recent buff to his boomerang. Standard mr glyphs and armor seals are what I also recommend.
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The two main keystones people normally take on Gnar are Grasp of the Undying or Fervor of Battle . I like Grasp of the Undying more than Fervor of Battle because it helps you sustain more in the laning phase of games, and Fervor of Battle does more damage based on consistent autos on champions. This isn't always good for Gnar because most of the time you need to conserve your auto attacks in order to not max out your rage at the wrong time.
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Skill Sequence

Always max his boomerang(Q) first because it gets to be a 2 second cooldown as long as you catch it on its return. For what to max next it really depends on what you need more in the game you're in. If you need more damage then definitely max W second, otherwise max E second.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nahhr
nahhr Gnar Guide
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Gnar Patch 7.20 OP TOP BUILD

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