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Nautilus Build Guide by SinSeven

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SinSeven

God-Like Tank Assister Nautilus

SinSeven Last updated on April 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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  • Tank-Assister? What is that?
    My build, is a tank build, my guide is an 'assister' guide.
    Let me explain, Nautilus has GREAT Crowd control passive and abilities, He doesn't always get the kill, but I'm not building him AP or AD so I don't expect to get the kill, he is a great 'assister' nonetheless, and I mean he gets the kill for his teammates so he would get an assist, and of-course, that means he has to gank, A LOT.
  • 'Why would I wanna do that?' You would ask, well... you don't have to get a 21/0 score to have fun on LoL, so why not have fun by dominating team fights and make your team win, selfish-less.
  • Nautilus is a lot of fun when his build is complete or half way through, and in late game, Trust me, if you follow this guide you will see how fun it is almost not dying and having enemies run to other lanes just to avoid you.

Last note: I play Nautilus in blind-pick normal games the most, because he is weak at solo top most of the time, and he won't farm well early game if hes solo. so if u plan to solo top with him make sure he isn't against a range or a 'ton of damage'er.

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Greater Mark of Scaling Health

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Health

Greater Quintessence of Health

  • This Rune page is all health, because that will help him survive and it stacks with his W, maximizing it's ability to save your butt when you need it the most.

  • Nautilus is also weak at early game, specially below level 6, and guarantee, with his slow movement and how players think he sucks, you will get harrased a lot early game by your lane enemy and might suffer early jungle ganks, that's why I picked health runes.



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I Wouldn't get a point here, because improved ignite won't do you any better, So if you're not planning on choosing Ghost for your Summoner Spells, Summoner's Wrath would be useless.

& Basic tank masteries, you need them both for early game.

& You need movement speed since Nautilus is a slow bastard.

Everything else is just my opinion of a good tank mastetries page.

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Like I said before I pick health over anything else for early game, because he is weak early game.

Do not forget to buy Health Potion and Sight Ward just because I didn't put them in the build doesn't mean you don't need them, I just leave it up to you to decide when you need them

I picked Ruby Crystal over Boots of Speed and Cloth Armor because Boots of Speed are next in-line, and the damage that you would reduce from Cloth Armor isn't far from the '180 health' that Ruby Crystal gives, and Ruby Crystal would build into something bigger later on, and finally it stacks with your W.

are good for their Tenacity and magic resistance, every team you face will have a magic damage dealer and almost every solo-toper you will face will deal magic damage on you, or have a stun/slow.
Another reason I picked them is because my build is more focused into armor later in the build.

It gives exactly the amount of armor you need also the regeneration that you might need, and it's passive would even out the movement speed between you and the attacker since you're very slow.
  • If you're being dominated/killed or damaged A LOT by a spell caster (Magic damage) I might
    get a Negatron Cloak/ Quicksilver Sash/ Banshee's Veil before the next item, depending on how much damage you are receiving or how much you need.
If you are getting a good amount of magic damage by only one enemy, then get Negatron Cloak and leave it there until it builds into Force of Nature, if you're still taking a lot of damage from magic damage, upgrade into Quicksilver Sash
This is if you're taking more damage than a Negatron Cloak would reduce and less than a Banshee's Veil would reduce. Meaning A powerful Brand or Cassiopeia

If you're taking HELL A LOT of magic damage skip this and move forward to forces of nature, Why? Banshee's veil is for if you're either taking moderate amount of damage, or taking not that much damage and cc from 2 or 3 magic dealers, like Morgana's Dark Binding
This if you're taking 'TONS OF DAMAGE' from magic , or if the enemy team has more AP than AD champions, if this doesn't reduce enough magic damage then get Negatron Cloak or even Banshee's Veil

1-High amount of Health given.
2-Health regeneration.
3-Bonus Health and regeneration on kills.
4-Stacks with W.
5-High amount of health given.
6-Did I mention the high amount of health that is given?

When your build reaches this point you would at-least have 100+ health bonus for your W, That's not much comparing to some other abilities but it's awesome.
and this would give health instead of the lack of magic resist that you have.

it's about time to have a magic resistance item and this is perfect for all champions, also this will give you health + mana that you need.
And don't forget the passive.

I picked this item because you already have the Warden's Mail that you need , also:
1-75 Armor, 3rd highest armor item in-game.
3-Health regeneration
4-Active, that slows your enemies around you, imagine your Q then your Passive then E then this item's active.
their carry won't have a chance to escape!

Next items are optional, I doubt the game would reach this far.
I picked Force of Nature for the magic resistance given + health regeneration.

, for the mix of armor and magic resistance + life after death effect.

Getting 2 more Warmog's Armor isn't bad! this will surely make you GOD-LIKE

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Skill Sequence

This was hard for me to chose, I didn't know which would benefit you more TITAN'S WRATH or RIPTIDE, but I'm sure of this sequence now.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This passive is just awesome, the only bad thing in it that ruins the whole thing is the 12 seconds cooldown.
I use this Passive for last-hits on minions, Nautilus' AD is poor/low/poorly low, so this passive would grant you the last hit kill on the minion.
I also use it for harrasing melee enemy champions, when they go for the last-hit kill a minion I hit them and walk back.

So you would immobilize your enemy on hit, for 0.75 seconds give or take, well... That's not bad! even though it's once every 12 seconds.. which means 5 hits every minute if u don't waste a split second, and 200 hits an hour, If you don't waste time on recalling, them recalling, going back, running away, ganking, minions, monsters, dragon, boran and such.
Seems legit.
No really, I was just kidding :) it's 300 hits an hour.
Back to being serious, I use this passive right after my Q for preventing escapes, and scare the hit enemy, also to give time for my teammate to cast his spell.
I would also use this if my friend is running away, I would hit the enemy following him then hit my E after the stun is over, he will be stunned and if your in a safe area (Near turret, teammates and such) he would be scared enough to go back.

This is just a gap closer, no need to max it before every other skill.
It's a poor combination of Blitzcrank's and Amumu's abilities, Instead of dragging the target enemy, or dragging yourself to them, you both get dragged to the middle.
Good thinking riot games! way to figure a fast solution for abilities copying!
This is still a good ability, I would get a point in it at first so I could drag the enemy from their brush (you know how at the beginning of the game, players at top and bottom lanes would go to their side brush and hide).
You use this to drag the escapers, begin a team fight, or if there is an enemy between you and another teammate and your teammate has low health, you use it on that enemy to get him away from your teammate, after you use it you auto attack to apply your passive, then when the stun is over you use your E, He won't fight back, his reaction would be to flee as fast as he can, since you surprised him.
If you're thinking to use ability on terrain to escape, then don't, the casting time is enough to get you killed, Unless:
1- You have a good amount of health.
2- The nearest enemy to you isn't in range to hit you when you are casting this spell, or stun you.
3- You know how to use it to hit the terrain in a point that you will be dragged all the range not just an inch. practice makes perfect.

I Would max this ability first because of it's shield that stacks with your health and vice versa.
Also because of it's farming ability and minion dominance.
I don't know where to start! let me just put it this way:
-You gain a shield that absorbs up to 280 damage + 10% of health, this is would be good since you initiate first -most of the times- , good for tower dives and last-hope-save out of no where.
-You would deal bonus damage to the target you're hitting, That's always good.
-You would deal damage to enemies near target which makes it perfect for farming minions if you use it with your E.
-And you can just activate it, hit the minions that the enemy champion is hiding behind and he will be dealt damage to, if he decides to rage and attack you, just hit your passive,E combination that I talked about earlier (Hit Passive then E after the stun is over), you might deal enough damage to scare him off, or you if you think you dealt a good amount of damage and there is no way that he can kill you, just keep hitting him till he wanders of, if u still think u can get the kill, use your R on him, hit him Ignite and he should be dead, if he hides behind turret, you can pop your W use your Q between him and the turret -if you miss him you will be dragged to the turret- kill him then run or flash out of turret range.
AND DON'T FORGET: Use this ability when you initiate against other champions, because it will deal bonus damage to them, not just protect you from their damage.

I'd max it second for it's Crowd control effect and damage.
You should use this after your passive's stun is over, or if your teammate is with you, flash to the enemy champion then use it, he will keep running, you can ulti him, or just use your Q
and he is dead.
This can also be used when you and your teammates are fighting two others, they both run or they are a far from each other, since your team will attack the nearest one, just go to the other one who should be farther, stand between them two and use your E, this will hit them both, slow them both, might get you the kill of the near enemy, and it will scare them both.

This will hit the target enemy champion, and everyone on the way, so make sure you hit the farthest enemy in line or take an angle that would hit them all, or most of them.
This can be used to Initiate, Scare, Stun, Time-make, Isolate or prevent your teammate of getting killed.
Initiate: Use this with or without your Q to start a team fight, make sure you target the enemy in the back/the enemy that is in position to make your R hit all of his teammates OR the dominate enemy champion.

Scare: when they see the underground shock wave that's following them, no wonder they will run , and when they do, just hit your Q on the nearest enemy champion.

Stun: if the enemy's team is an inch apart from each other, the stun will be used to its fullest, since they all will be stunned at the same time.

Time-Maker: using the stun to give your teammates time to cast spell or get near the target.

Isolate: Sometimes when both teams are facing each other but still not in fight, A brave but stupid soul will use his skill shot on the other team, to do this he will have to step out of his team 'safe-area' and get a bit far from them, like Dr. Mundo, this is where you use your R, his team won't have enough time to save him, your team will mass spell-cast on his soul, and when his team sees that his health drained more quickly than riot making a champion (I just mean really fast) they will all fall back, or one of them might try to attack your team while others fall back. Doing this will make the team fight an easy 5V4.

Prevent a kill: simply when your teammate is getting followed by 2 or more, or even just 1, using the ulti + a combo of passive, E, will damage and stun him giving your teammate time to not only escape but to also cast a spell himself.

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Summoner Spells

So? Why ignite? it's really a basic spell, I mean this can help A LOT in team fights, this demolishes the carry, since most carries have lifesteal and most carries have low health, they depend on their lifesteal to keep them in-fight, so an Ignite will deal true damage that will effect them crucially and reduce their healing effects be 50%, But DO NOT start a fight with an ignite, because you're not sure that you and your team will initiate or fight that champion, and you won't be sure that your target won't run unless you've been in-fight for a few seconds.

This is a God-Like spell for a God-Like champion build, this is very awesome for a ganker, it can get you in-fight, and out of a fight in a flash, get it?

1- First, This is used to flash over walls, or to get out of a bad situation, like getting ganked.

2- Second, This can be used to get a last hit, in your case, you can Flash-Ignite, Flash-Q or Flash-E if you flash close to the target, I wouldn't recommend Flash-R because R is pretty slow unless you are in close range with the target.

3- Third, This is used for tower diving, or getting out of tower range, and since you are supposed to be ganking a lot, you will face a lot of situations which the target will flee to the turret or the gank will fail and the target will escape to tower with a low hp, then you should Q to turret (Like I've said before, you Q at the turret's edge and at his edges when he is standing pointblank-near the turret, so if you miss him you would hit the turret and be dragged to it, and get 50% less cooldown)

4- Fourth, Flash when enemy team is standing together , W > E > R then Q who runs away if they run, BUT: Don't do this if you will die without getting a kill or assists, notice the S at the end of assists ?


This is amazing for ganking, I would recommend getting this instead of Ignite if too many teammates have Ignite, or if you're not a Flash kind of person.

This is also good for escaping and initiating and you can never go wrong with Ghost.

This can also be used because it's also a good ganking tool, and it's an awesome farming tool, because with this you won't miss the minion wave when you recall for the first time, and you can teleport to a huge minion wave when you see it, or protect your turret from dying and since you're solo top you need to protect your turret at all costs, and this is also good for recalling-> buying items-> getting back to team stand-off (the phase where both teams are in a lane -usually mid- where they both just stand across each others killing minions, waiting to initiate, I talked about this in Depth Charge part: ISOLATE) before a team fight begins.

Not bad for beginners, but people who are more experienced don't really need this, and for me this doesn't heal much health, and you have your W which is a temporary Heal.

I used to pick this along with Ignite, but I didn't use it much since I'm not the kind of mana spender kind, but if you're sure that you and your partner (if not solo) will dominate your lane enemies then you can but don't have to, pick this.

Only if you're facing a lot of CC champions, and you think that you won't gank well with being CC-ed the hell out of, and remember this can remove Ignite and Exhaust.

Useless, doesn't really matter if you are revived earlier or not.

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C-C-Combo and how to fight.

There are different ways to fight, I use this: -=use Ignite when you think you need it=-

1- Start with your Q to drag the champion close enough for your teammate to attack and cast abilities on him, After Q is an auto attack passive, then immediately use you W, This will reset the basic attack (Swing) timer, making you hit him twice in a time of one, after he the passive's stun is done, you use your E, if you want to save it for later, then go behind him, (closer to his side) or the direction he would run to, then keep hitting till he starts running to use your E, if he gets away enough, you can use your Q if he has low health, or R if you're sure that your teammate will still attack him.

2-a- Start with your R, then your Q , passive , E.
2-b- Start with your R, passive , E , then Q when he runs away.

3- Start with passive, E to harras.

Just make sure when you team fight, specially when you initiate to not focus the tank, because your team will hit who ever the initiator hits first, which makes you in this case.
And if you can, make sure that you use your E in a position that hit all or most of the enemy team when you are in a team fight.
Use your R in an angle that would hit all of the champions or most of them.

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Farming and Ganking

Always remember to get the last hit kill on minions, Don't use your passive on the minion unless you can get the last hit kill.

Using your W then E on minions can get them all.

Remember that your role as an assister is to gank as much as you can, that doesn't mean you can't go to an empty lane and get some minion waves, or get the blue, but if you get the blue make sure you use your W and E on minion waves and jungle monsters as much as you can.

Try to gank after you get your Ulti or Mercury treads.

When you see the enemy dominating a lane different than yours, go and gank there, or switch lanes with your teammate (If you think you can do better, and only in Blind Pick (No jungler))

Even if you don't get the kill, a gank is useful, you will push your lane, and make the enemy champion(s) recall.

REMEMBER! Your W not only absorbs damage, but it also deals bonus damage, so use it with minion waves.

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I'm not going on detail I'm just going to remind you, since you're solo top you NEED to ward!
Doesn't matter how much you cost, warding can save lives, and even yours.
Warding can give you a kill, It happened a lot of times where i caught the enemy jungler in the brush, my jungler when from one side and I went from another, and we ended up killing the jungler and the solo top-er.
Warding is also very important even if you're bot, you MUST WARD! don't say "Support should ward" or "Jungler didn't ward noob" You do it!
i usually buy 2 wards when i recall first and get the boots, ya it will effect my build time, but it always saves the jungler or me, and I usually ward in the jungler hiding spot in brush and at the middle brush for the mid.

If you need a specific warding guide, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the following guide:

Warding helper - More than your eyes can see By: Panglot

That guide is a must-see.