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League of Legends Build Guide Author flynn#52833

Godmode Trynd [80% Lane/20% Jungle]

flynn#52833 Last updated on May 14, 2011
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First, I'd like to start off that my build is HEAVILY based off of this build here (Check it out!):

90% of this guide is his with slight modifications and extra explanation on some basic things, combined with some knowledge I picked up from watching h4ckerv2 (another idol of mine). I posted this guide here basically because I think bitterz's guide deserved more than to be buried at the bottom of the forums, never to be seen again, despite it being the core build that I heavily rely on and have had great success with.

Which heavily inspired my build, and in fact remains the basic premise behind the rest of my build. I saw a ton of other builds with Tryndamere, and they were fine, except they required you either get fed or do amazingly well to get to that "fun" period of what I call god Tryndamere, and most of the time they were "too good to be true" builds, to be honest. I've seen tons of Tryndameres try and do this, they either end up doing poorly because they never get to their god phase, or they do average (nothing special), but still, they never get to their carry phase.

Here's just a few matches I've played recently.

That's my previous 5 matches as of today at about 4pm [May 1st, 2011]. As you can see, it's been pretty successful recently. Now...on to the guide.

Also, please, if you rate down, leave a comment so I know why!

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v1.0 * 5-1-11 - Guide written.
v1.1 * 5-2-11 - Pros/Cons section added and completed to about 90%, Tryndamere vs Tryndamere Guide coming soon, Teamwork section coming soon.
v1.2 * 5-3-11 - Added the game where I totally wrecked but didn't win because of user end errors with my teammates :[
v1.3 * 5-4-11 Added item options! Not complete though.
v1.4 * 5-6-11 Finished item options, Teamwork, and a small jungling explanation.

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Pros / Cons

-Relies around 3 items, Beserkers Greaves, Last Whisper, and Infinity Edge and doesn't waste time with 500 Avarice Blades, so it's not extremely spendy
-Isn't "too good to be true" like most of the Tryndamere guides out there that suggest you will get 3 Bloodthirsters and 2 Phantom Dancers every game.
-Because of it's generally inexpensive build, you can be a lot more helpful early game and mid game instead of being a late game fluke.
-Balances all aspects required to be a good AD carry, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Movement Speed and Crit Chance.

-Like most AD carries, is heavily countered by far that's been the only counter to this guide I've found.
-Sometimes no matter how hard you carry you just can't carry AFK's + lesser skilled players

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Greater Seal of Critical Chance
Greater Glyph of Critical Chance
Greater Mark of Critical Chance
Greater Quintessence of Gold

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

The crit runes should be self explanatory. They are the life blood of a Tryndamere. Because not only do his crits heal him through Bloodlust, they are his reliable form of damage output.

I chose the gold runes over any other rune because it saves you from having to buy an Avarice Blade, which in my opinion stalls the core item build and just increases the time you can get to your fun phase, but with a little crit bonus. Also, this build starts with Boots of Speed and three Health Potion instead of Brawlers Gloves, which I also don't find too necessary if you have the crit runes.

Also, some people say you should go for Crit Damage Quints, which I find to be pointless, and they are.

Read it and weep, Armor Penetration Quints will benefit you more than Critical Damage Quints.

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I go with 21-0-9 masteries...basically because he's a DPS carry. He's heavily offense based. But I make sure to max Sunder for extra armor penetration, which makes up for not having 2 Greater Quintessence of Desolation in favor of your gold runes.

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Items, the fun stuff. Your core items are:

First, I start out with 3 Health Potion and Boots of Speed because it's a great opener for him. First, he doesn't have to rely on being in the middle of the minions 24/7 getting those critical hits to heal. Second, he can more easily dodge skillshots and chase better before he gets Mocking Shout, and that speed advantage is awesome early game.

Having Boots of Speed will bring the price of Berserker's Greaves down to 570g, so if you make some really horrible horrible mistake and somehow manage to die very early, you can get your Berserker's Greaves, but preferably you want to wait until around 1600g so you can go back, buy Berserker's Greaves and a Pickaxe. This will give you a little more AD while at the same time building for Last Whisper.

If things go well, you should lane long enough to recall and get Last Whisper, the armor penetration makes up for ArP Quints and scales well most of the game. Now, usually around Level 8-10 I start going into the Jungle and taking 2 Golems/Wolves/Wraiths for that extra gold and Bloodlust stacks, while giving your laning partner that extra experience. If possible, you want to try and go for blue buff for the CDR on your abilites.

Like I suggested in the title, I don't recommend you LIVE in the jungle, you should be roaming, laning, and jungling, and you should quickly be able to rotate between the three.
Right now you are just trying to build up to your Infinity Edge, and going back to get a B.F. Sword or Cloak of Agility when you can.

Basic guidelines to try and beat is:
Try to have your Infinity Edge at 25 minutes into the game.
Try to have your Phantom Dancer at 35 minutes into the game.

This was a suggested guideline by Bitterz in his guide he posted on the forums, as stated in the introduction.

Afterwards I try and jungle and kill a few lane minions and you'll have enough for your Zeal, then I'd just play it out and make it to my Phantom Dancer, which will put you at 75% critical chance, more than sufficient to do well.

After that you can just stack The Bloodthirster, because you should be outputting massive amounts of damage either way.

Optional Items:
The Bloodthirster is optional, and so is a second Phantom Dancer. The second Phantom Dancer would put you up to about 1.7 AS, 480~ movement speed and 100% critical damage, and I prefer it over a Bloodthirster because I'm impatient, like to roam, and wanna be in the fight at all times. But a Bloodthirster would be a little more practical for AD.

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Item Options

Obviously, things don't always go the way you want. Sometimes you can't just out DPS everything as a solution, instead you may need to counter some stuff.

First, let's start with boots.

First off there's two choices here. Berserker's Greaves are mainly the way to go. There's ONE other option here, and that's Mercury Treads. CC is the main killer of Tryndameres, and when you get a matchup against Ashe, Eve, Cho'Gath, Gangplank and Teemo, Merc Treads are the way to go.

But other then that, stay with your trusty Greaves.

What To Do After your First Phantom Dancer

Okay, let's assume you got this far and want to know where to go. You just finished the build and have some spare gold, and you ask me "WAT DO!?!?". Well, this doesn't matter a whole lot, but you have two options after your first Phantom Dancer, Either:

A. Another Phantom Dancer
B. A The Bloodthirster

Both are fine options, the Phantom Dancer will bump you up to 100% critical chance, and The Bloodthirster will give you a little more AD.

All in all this doesn't matter too much, and it's really dependant on what you want to do.
With the Bloodthirster's lifesteal, it's possible to solo Baron, and makes teamfights and killing multiple people a little easier.
With a Phantom Dancer, you get the crit chance, movement speed up to 480~, and about 1.7 attack speed.

So this is really your option. I mean, at this far into the game you should have the game sealed.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Priority: R>Q>E>W

I prefer to max Bloodlust first out of all your normal spells (Q,W,E). It's overall one of your safety nets. At max level when you are doing almost constant crits, it's basically a free heal for 400~ health every 12 seconds, assuming you are in combat with something.

Then you want to prioritize Spinning Slash as it is not only your engagement ability, you can also use it do dash through walls/up cliffs/etc, and it does some decent damage on hit, also a great late game farming ability.

Lastly, I put one point in Mocking Shout early so I have some form of chasing CC. This is invaluable early game when you are so close to a good kill, but I don't find it 100% necessary to max early.

Your ultimate should take priority above all others, obviously. Undying Rage is basically the one thing about Tryndamere that makes opponents rage the most and inspires the most QQ threads on the forums. It is basically invincibility for 5 seconds + a good heal afterwards. Although it's not foolproof, you need to understand how to use it. Two things can counter your ultimate; burst damage and Ignite. First, burst damage. I always tell people to counter Undying Rage by getting him to 500~ or so health and then bursting him to death, giving him not enough time to pop his ultimate. Usually late game I counter this counter by popping around 500HP or so, because in 5 seconds you should be able to kill the person who is attacking you, get your teammates involved, and slip away with however much health you have left with the Bloodlust stacks from Undying Rage.

Secondly, I've killed Tryndameres with Ignite when we both ulted, and as a result I strategically use my Bloodlust stacks when my ult is about finished. I like using the stacks with around 1 second left on my ultimate, which will negate any possibility of being Ignited and dying from it, while at the same time giving you another safety net vs. any late stupid stuff you may encounter the second you come out of your ult.

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Summoner Spells

For my Summoner Spells, I went with Bitterz on this again. Cleanse and Ignite truly are your only two options here. Cleanse, because CC shuts down Tryndamere so much, Cleanse is basically just awesome.

And Ignite, because it has many uses. Getting solid early game kills, getting the upper hand when you know you may die, negating heals, all sorts of that good stuff.

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This section basically outlines how you should play him, with benchmarks, some of which are stated in other places in the guide.

0-10 Minutes:
In this phase you should basically last hit minions like crazy. Between Bloodlust and Health Potions, you should be constantly healed up, but stay cautious, you are heavily vulnerable right now. I'd recommend laning with a ranged champion or a champion with a great early game who can support you and keep you from dying early.

Also, you should try for a couple early game kills, and if not, pressure them back hard enough to get free farming and dominate your lane. If you can't do so, just remember not to get your health too low and tower hug, luckily your gold runes will be sort of a small safety net in case you can't farm as much as you need.

10 to 25 minutes:
After you get your ultimate you should start tower diving low health opponents and getting as many kills as possible, but still remember you aren't god Tryndamere yet. If you can, try to get in and Ignite very low opponents, it's far more effective than truly tower diving and wasting half your health. You should get your Last Whisper and Infinity Edge in this time frame. Start playing a little more aggressive during the latter of this time period.

25 to 45 minutes:
At 25-30 minutes you should buy your Zeal, and have your Phantom Dancer by 35 to 40 minutes, farm any random creep build ups you may find around, or jungle. You should be taking blue buff as often as possible, and red to help with chasing opponents. If you are behind on items, be constantly roaming looking for places to farm. You should have your Phantom Dancer, and maybe a B.F. Sword at 45 minutes, and quite possibly your The Bloodthirster. At this point you are truly in god mode, you should be able to kill anything you want in 3-4 hits, so start playing really really aggressive. If you've made it this far it's most likely instant win for your team. With a The Bloodthirster and a little bit of it's lifesteal you should be able to solo Baron with how well you are doing so far, and I've actually done that a couple of times this late into the game. Be looking for any stray 1v1's you can find, because at this point it's a free kill.

From there on it's a crit filled cake walk to victory.

Tryndamere vs Tryndamere: A Mirror Matchup of Stoicism.
*In Progress*

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Okay, for the jungling part of this guide.

As I said, this guide is 20% jungle or so. You may be thinking "WAT OMG, WHY U NO SMITE", but calm down! It's okay! Stay calm, prepare as I like to say, prepare...

First, your jungling isn't like most other "jungling" as most would call it. You want to start out by playing your first 7-9 levels in lane. Normally when I see an opening at around level 8 I inform my laning partner and sneak out to the forests.

I do this at level 8 for two reasons:
A. If you already have a jungler on your team, your build isn't screwed. Because this isn't a 24/7 jungling build, your dedicated jungler can already get their first 6 levels then go out and gank before you even think of jungling.
B. If your teammate is going to be put in a 2v1, it's a little easier for them to have their ult and be at level 8~ or so.
C. This allows you to ROAM. Laning with Tryndamere isn't so hot, and roaming from place to place allows you to be much more of an asset during this phase in the game.
D. Reliable source of gold when laning phase ends and you can't reliably push up anywhere.

Actually jungling will be easy, no routes necessary. Just kill stuff, really. You do it mainly for Reason D, Gold. And by all means, do not live in the jungles. Go out and lane a bit every chance you get, if you feel you will be of more use.

Yeah...that's basically everything with jungling in this guide.

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Team Work

Early Laning: Get a teammate that can be aggressive. Tryndamere, although can score very easy kills in lane around level 3 or so, does not do well laning for his first 6 levels, it's just a fact. So, that said, play with an aggressive Tank, ranged DPS'er, etc; my best example would be laning with Jax or Xin Zhao, people that can be very aggressive early game and get away with it.

Obviously the other end of this is you shouldn't lane with people who also have weak early lane phases.

Mid Game: Mid game is when you should start to be able to hold your own. Not much to say here other then make sure you follow a format of engaging after your tank in teamfights, and pick of strays/roam.

Late Game: You are pretty much independent at this point, being able to 3-4 shot everything you see and moving at 440 move speed. There isn't much to say here except DO NOT to be cocky. You have to fully see the extent of your damage output in relation to your health. Aside from popular opinion which is that Tryndamere can run into a team, guns blazing, pop Undying Rage then walk out with a small but badass looking scar underneath his eye. Don't try that. It will be maybe 2 to 3 kills MAYBE depending on how the enemy team plays it, then a nice 60 second black and white overview of the map for you. You can dominate and ace teams, get your quadra's and penta's, but still, play it smart.

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Special Thanks to Bitterz

Again. Most of this guide is based off the knowledge of Bitterz, he deserves a ton of credit for this guide.

Basically that's the end of the guide, I put it here so I could spread my previous knowledge.

Also special thanks to h4ckerv2, a 2k ELO Jungle Trynd, he also influenced my playstyle a lot.