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Gangplank Build Guide by 2woYaajz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 2woYaajz

GOLDPLANK Always Pays His Debts

2woYaajz Last updated on May 1, 2012
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Welcome welcome!!

I decided to write this build because during its inception I thought this build would never work... but boy would I be damned, it does work!

"Exploiting Gold Earnings" is the main idea to this build.

Gangplank is especially good for exploiting gold earnings because of his Parrrely. In addition with runes, masteries, items, skills, and even with other champions e.g. Twisted Fate, Gangplank is King at earning gold. Even though he's encountered a few nerfs on how much he earns from Parrrley, it still gives enough to make a difference!

Let's get the show on the road! For the road is Golden, full of booty! =D

And remember, GP Always Pays His Debts!

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Pros and Cons


    Don't need many kills in order to become powerful
    Able to gain items rather fast
    Almost fail proof. Even if you die a few times, you still earn gold while dead and can comeback in late game.

    Fails if other lanes feeds. The team must be able to hold at least 30minutes in game.
    Takes up inventory slots. Won't have room for wards.
    Meant for mid-late game.

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Rune Selection

For Quintessence and Seals:
x3 Greater Quintessence of Gold
x9 Greater Seal of Gold

With these two combined, they total at 5.3 Gold per 10 seconds

This is very important because once the game clock strikes 1:30, you now begin to earn gold as if you had an 5 Gold per 10 second item. 30 minutes in game and you would have earned gold for 28min30sec

5.3 x 6 x 28.5 = 906.3 bonus gold from runes

This may not seem much, but this bonus gold is equivalent to getting some kills.

For Marks and Glyphs:
x9 Greater Mark of Critical Damage
x9 Greater Glyph of Critical Damage

With these two combined, it totals to 25% increased critical damage.

Others however may argue that Armor Penetration is superior, which is fine, but remember this build is focused on a mid-to-late game build, which is where critical damage usually shines brightest! In addition, since this build is able to get an Infinity Edge rather early in the game, usually before the clock strikes 20minutes, Critical Damage runes is further able to be exploited!


I've been trying alternative marks and glyphs and figured out that Attack Speed works out pretty good for the purpose of this build.
Greater Mark of Attack Speed
Greater Seal of Attack Speed

The extra 20% Attack Speed really allows much better last hitting.

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Mastery Choice

In masteries, I have 17/0/13.

It may be a bit awkward to not have a offense tree of 21pts, but remember, we are trying to exploit gold earnings here.

The reason why we cannot go full 21pts in offensive mastery is because We need at least 12pts in the Utility tree in order to max out Greed . What we gain from greed's gold earnings will surpass the meaningfulness of what we gain in a full offensive mastery tree. The items we gain from the gold will make up the difference.

In the Offense part of the tree that we do put points in however, we want to be able to get to Lethality . This mastery is great because it'll stack with the already 25% critical damage runes totaling to 35%. With Infinity Edge, that's 285% critical damage, almost 3X's the damage!

We also want to get to Vampirism , this works okay with Parrrley and auto attack. It regenerates some health back, hardly noticable, but it can save you!

When the game clock strikes 1:30, you will now earn 2 additional gold per 10 seconds. 30 minutes in game, you will now have earned gold for 28min30sec,

2 x 6 x 28.5 = 342 bonus gold from masteries

When adding masteries and runes gold earnings we get:

342 + 906.3 = 1248.3 bonus gold earned from runes and masteries

Again, this may not seem like much, but this still worth a couple of kills, and it really adds up onece we start adding gold per 10 seconds items.

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Item Purchases

Start with Regrowth Pendant, this allows for sustainability while laning. You don't need to get a Health Potion, however if you're dealing with heavy range, it may be wise to grab one, but not getting one would allow for a quicker return to base to grab the gold per 10 items.

On average, at around 7-8 minutes in game, sooner if I was able to farm minions really good or got a few kills, I am able to reach 1,115 gold. This amount of gold is especially important because with this amount, we can now return to base and purchase two items

Philosopher's Stone
Avarice Blade

Philosopher's Stone is great for GP because it grants further sustainability. Higher health regen and some mana regen will allow GP to get up closer to minion waves inorder to Parrrley and last hitting. In essense, it allows GP to be more risky when farming. Philosopher's Stone doesn't necessarily allow GP to spam Parrrley, especially since that nerf to increase the mana cost of Parrrley, but if you don't activate other skills, Philosopher's Stone should allow you to use Parrrley repeatedly.

Avarice Blade will allow higher critical chance, so that when GP parrrelys or auto-attack, he may do critical allowing better last hits potentially, and therefore earning more gold.

And of course! How can we forget that these two items also earn 5 Gold per 10 seconds. When combined, they earn 1 Gold per second!

Assuming that I am able to get these two items 8 minutes in game, when the game strikes 30 minutes, I would have earned gold for 22 minutes granting me:

10 x 6 x 22 = 1320 bonus gold from two 5 gold per 10 second items

I say this again! 1320 gold may not seem like much, but when combined with the gold earned from runes and masteries:

1320 + 1248.3 = 2568.3 bonus gold earned from runes, masteries, and items

the gold earned can really add up and make a difference!

Let me remind you that this amount of gold, 2568, is all just BONUS GOLD.

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Skill's Significance

The most important thing to lvl up is Parrrley. Level it up pretty much everytime you can. The higher the lvl of Parrrley, the more bonus gold is granted and the more damage you can do in order to last hit minnions more successfully. The only downside is that it costs more mana, but cooldown is also lessen.

Again, remember we are trying to exploit gold earnings. The bonus earned from Parrrley may not seem like much, but they add up! The more gold you have, the quicker you can achieve powerful items to dominate!

Raise Morale should be lvl'd up when you cannot lvl up Parrrley. It raises your attack damage slightly on passive and when activated, raises attack damage and movement speed a bit more, which creates a great skill trigger for Trinity to use on top of Parrrley!

Once you have Infinity Edge and Trinity, you can do as much damage as 800!

[icon=Remove Scurvy size=128

Remove Scurvy is a great skill to remove crowd control. This is a great skill especially if you're in solo lane. If jungle or mid ganks, you can Remove Scurvy to get away! This skill on top of Philosopher's Stone is great for lane sustainability.

Like all Ulti's, lvl up Cannon Barrage whenever you can. It is great to use in team battles as well as some duels. If you leave your lane to gank and turns out your tower is getting hit, you can clear minions by using Cannon Barrage, forcing enemy champions to layoff the tower for the meanwhile. Cannon Barrage is also great for initiating ganks as well as team battles. Use it wiseley! Lastly, when using Cannon Barrage to clear a minion wave, you get a whole lot of gold!

On average, I am able to kill 160 minions per game. Of these minions, I estimate that about a quarter of these minions are killed by Parrrley.

Averaging the bonus gold earned from Parrrley, I estimate that I am mostly earning 7 gold per minion kill since I max out Parrrley first.

40 x 7 = 280 bonus gold earned from Parrrley per game

Of all the gold earning methods, this way is by far the least effective. In addition, this amountof gold was earned for the whole duration of the game, not the 30minute mark like the other gold earning ways.

Assuming that most of my games end at the 40minute mark, we need to do some converting.

280 x .75 = 210 bonus gold earned from Parrrley when gameclock strikes 30 on average

210 + 2568.3 = 2778.3 gold earned from all gold earning methods

2778.3 means, on average, the amount of bonus gold you get when the gameclock strikes 30minutes. This amount of gold, now that you think of it, is enormous! This amount of Gold goes on top of everything else that you've already accumulated, like kills, minion farm, towers, and the jungle.

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Summoner Spells

For Spells, I get Teleport and Exhaust.

It's especially important to get Teleport for Gold-GP because once you hit 1,115 gold during the beginning laning phase of the game, you can return to base, buy philosopher stone and an Avarice Blade, then Teleport back to lane, allowing you to gain experience and farm as if you never left. Teleport gives you more opportunity to farm minions and gain experience, thus, maximizing gold earnings.

If you only return when you have your Teleport avaiable, assuming that mid-lane carry doesn't have Teleport, it's probable that you may be an equal level to them during mid-game.

Once you're back in lane and are able to achieve 1750 gold, this should be enough to get you berserker's grieves and agility cloak. I try not to go back until my teleport has cooldowned, and usually I would have made 1750 by the time I make my second return to base and teleporting back in lane, minimizing farming opportunity and gaining experience.

Teleport is a must have spell for Gold-GP.

My other spell that I like for GP is exhaust. It works well for me, granting me almost gurantee kills, but it may not work so well to other people. If you feel flash or ignite or another spell better benefits you, go for it. But for me, I recommend exhaust.

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How to Play Gold-GP - Farming and Teamwork

Take a look at the following image:

From this image, we can see here that I have less than half of my team's carry's kills, however I am still able to earn more gold than they did. Take a note also at the numbers of assist provided, my GP's assist was nearly as much as my team's tank's assist.

In order to play GOLD-GP right, you have to be patient. Minion wave after minion wave, you have parrrley minion after minion, last hitting them and farming.

Once you get your two gold earning items, it's okay if you can't last hit minions as much if enemy champs are harassing, for you are still probably earning more gold than they with all of the gold earning methods stacked. In addition, once you get your two gold earning items, allow your lane partner (if any) to get a bit more last hits on minions than you.

It's important that mid-game to late-game, that you allow your carry/s (not you) to get kills so that they too can earn some gold too. If you take all the kills for the team, you won't able to carry everything if no body else on the team has been fed. It's your job as Gold-GP to feed your team. With this build, you are already increasingly feeding yourself with gold per 10 sec stacks, and it is now your goal to help feed others by not taking the kills.

Taking a look at the image above, it's plain to see that you don't need much kills in order to become powerful. Matter of fact, allow me to restate this message to further emphasize that you do not need kills to become successful in a game:

"I had less than half the kills of the team's carry,
but yet I still earned more gold than they did."

Take a look at this image too, with an alternative build if you prefer survivability:

The kills are more equalized in this game, but the assists provided here from GP are still superior. As you can also see in the image above, it's especially important to farm minions, and even more important, to farm them with parrrley. If I can guess how much I parrrley'd kill those 233 minions, I'm going to have to guess 35 of them were last hit by parrrley. Averaging out the 6 bonus gold earned, 6 x 35 = 210. Again, this may not seem like much, but 210 can make the difference of winning the game. Have you ever waited at base for you money to slowly rise to your desired amount so you can buy an item? As you wait, you're team is getting decimated, and when you finally have enough and run into the team battle, you end dying because you came too late because you were still waiting to have enough money to buy what you wanted. Well ladies and gentlemen, this scenario is unlikely with this build. And with parrrley, this scenario is that much less likely from occurring.

In this game in particular, with the right amount of kills and minion farm, I was able to achieve twice as much gold as two enemy champs. This is definitely significant, because as I mentioned before, the more gold I can exploit and earn, the quicker I am able to finish my build and dominate. When I finished IE, enemy champ talon still only had brutalizer. Now what does this tell you? I say "OP".

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This build blew me away on how successful it was. Though it doesn't win all games, it comes close to it. Take a look at my MAtch History.

I've only tried it for a few weeks now, and so far I have only encountered a few losses, mostly due to how the other lanes fed too early and the they started to gank and tower dive, interrupting parrrley farm and impacting my gold earnings over time. If however, the team is able to defend until and do okay until 40 minutes, I am able to earn enough gold over time to make comebacks.

Now why don't you guys find out for yourselves how good this build truly is.

Got any questions? Ask away and I will try to address them in future edits.

Got suggestions for improvement? Don't be afraid to voice your opinion.

Be sure to also comment letting me know how it went for you.

Good Luck. =)