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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Gragas Build Guide by Ragnarson

Gragas-He's a tank??

Gragas-He's a tank??

Updated on August 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragnarson Build Guide By Ragnarson 4 2 11,466 Views 5 Comments
4 2 11,466 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragnarson Gragas Build Guide By Ragnarson Updated on August 24, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Hey Guys! This is the Tank Gragas build that I promised way back when I made my AP Gragas Build! In my personal opinion, Gragas was meant to be played as a tank. He’s just way too good at soaking up damage. Hopefully this guide will show you exactly what im talking about!
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Pros / Cons


  • Great Damage Reduction!
  • Can Displace Multiple Enemies!
  • Can Initiate with the best of them!
  • AoE Damage Galore!
  • Incredibly Difficult to Kill!
  • Great Farming and Last Hitting!


  • Not the best spell damage
  • Usually has to be at the front of a fight to do well(as with most tanks)
  • Difficult to Focus Damage onto one enemy
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there are several things to look at with this rune build.
  • greater mark of desolation: this gives you the penetration to be dangerous early to mid game. with the extra damage from Drunken Rage. last hitting minions should be no problem for farming.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: the armor is always helpful with you being the tank. the more damage you take, the better! :)
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: the magic resistance works the same way as armor, just that it blocks damage from ability casters like Annie's burst.
  • Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction: the cooldown should be enough that you will always be able to keep drunken rage up, or just about close enough to matter.
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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells:

Great for tanks in my opinion! they tend
to be slower than the rest of the team, so
this lets you jump right to the edge of the
fight, then initiate!
SPACE I like this for the same reason i like
Teleport. the only difference is that
you can also use this as an escape spell.
This is the last spell i would recommend
as a tank. you can use it to chase enemies,
or top try and escape from them.
Non-Viable Summoner Spells

i will be honest. i have never seen this
used outside of trolling in normal games.
kinda the pointless summoner spell.
You shouldnt need this as the tank. you
arent the jungler and you have no reason
to need it.
if you are getting hit with the stuns...
GOOD!!! one of the jobs of the tank is
to take the stuns and slows away from
your squishies!
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this is just a great passive to have on your side! it works well with spirit visage to gives you a suprising amount of health back from using any of your abilities.


this is your signature ability. how you use it is the key to your laning game. Barrel Roll is incredibly useful because of its very long range! you can roll it past minion waves to force ranged opponents back. you can even roll one right under a tower! that way you force the enemy to keep moving and dodging.


THIS is what makes you such a great tank! an automatic damage reduction from basically all sources and an attack boost just for kicks! it allows you to last hit early, be much less mana hungry, and the biggest thing...SURVIVE!!!


this ability can be used multiple ways. you can chase effectively mith it, run away with it, cause AoE damage and slow, heck, you can even go through walls! this is what lets Gragas adapt to almost any situation he runs into.


Your Ultimate is what makes you a great initiator. while Amumu gives you a large stun, Gragas lets you displace entire portions of the enemy team! this should allow you to pick up a few kills early in the team fight and give you a clear advantage.
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This will be a tricky section because, as with all games, you must build entirely for that particular game. the biggest things to watch out for are the options of boots, as well as what goes into the final slot. Ninja Tabi works well with any tank, let alone Gragas. the reasoning is that they can damage you if they cant hit you! this works very well against strong, DPS foes such as Xin Zhao or Ashe. if you find you are facing a lot of magic damage and stuns, the best route to go would be mercury treds. the magic resistance decreases damage, while the Crowd Control Reduction keeps you moving. this works well if you are facing champions like Annie or even other tanks with stuns like Amumu. As of the final item slot, i gave you 2 viable options. i personally like to have Spirit Visage because it is a bit cheaper and works hand in hand with your passive. if you find yourself wanting a bit more damage, i recommend Tiamat. it not only gives you damage, but a bit more regen and a large amount of slash damage! combine this with your Drunken Rage damage buff and you are dealing an extra 100+ damage as a tank!
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Gragas's gameplay changes with the stages of the game. he is not the kind of champion you can play the same way both laning and in teamfights.


  • When you are laning, your main goal is to focus on last hitting minions with your Drunken Rage attack buff. When not focusing on the minions, use you Barrel Roll and Body Slam to harass the enemy champions away from the minions. the best way to thing about this is that Minions=Gold. if they can get in any kills, they get far less gold. and dont be afraid to throw the barrels freely, the mana buff from Drunken Rage should be able to keep you going with the harassment.

Team Fights:

  • in team fights the biggest thing to remember is that YOU MUST BE FIRST IN!!! you are the tank, you are the initiator, you are the one who gives your team the biggest edge possible! DO NOT be afraid to jump into the thick of it again and again with Body Slam. the best way for you to initiate is, of course, your Ultimate Explosive Cask. this displaces enemy champions, allowing your team a distinct advantage by being able to pick off one or 2 enemy champions, rather than face 5 at once. the other thing to remember is that YOU CALL THE FOCUS!!! be sure to remind your team occasionally that they need to fucus the people blasted away from the enemy group, rather than the larger section that stayed in one clump.
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I Hope this guide helps you in your Gragas Journey! Please feel free to comment with your suggestions and advice! and please, no troll votes! thanks in advanced!
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Special Thanks

I'm throwing out a special thank to jhoijhoi! thank you so much for the outline i used! your guide really was a great help!
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