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Gragas Build Guide by Mintleaves

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mintleaves

Gragas, Hold My Beer And Watch This (Sneak Peek)

Mintleaves Last updated on July 21, 2012
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Change Log

1. Created Guide 7/20/2012 11:02

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Hello Everyone My name is Mint this is my second guide and i feel that you should get to see it ASAP so this is only a rough draft those of you that have seen my Ryze Guide than you for your feedback. This guide is only temporrarly short it will be updated a LOT so keep and eye on the change log.

This Guide covers

  • Change Log
  • Introduction
  • Items Explanation/Alternative Starts
  • Runes
  • Summary

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Items Explanation/Alternative Starts

These Items are a basic idea for which to play Gragas.

Alternative Starts

1. Amplifying Tome Health Potion This start is a realitivly simpler start for those who can win in almost any situation but due to his Drunken Rage he kinda doesnt need a pot.

2. Meki Pendant 2 Health Potion 1 Mana Potion This start is more easier to manage seeing as how you can keep to your lane and then fight back, start is a basic solo top start.

Item Explanation

2 Doran's Rings are good early game they give health and mana regen easier for you to stay in and not back out for mana.

Boots of Speed First! The reason you get these first is cause you really don't need Sorcerer's Shoes untill mid game so for now we'll get these.

Fiendish Codex This book is not that bad when you need mana regen or cooldown, plus it builds into your first item, Athene's Unholy Grail

Sorcerer's Shoes Mostly I get these for the Magic Pen. but the other reason is... I don't know.

Athene's Unholy Grail This newest item is not all that bad if you need some mana regen or ability power and magic resist, but wait there's also some cooldown. So getting this to help out your AP/Off-Tank Gragas will work.

kage's lucky pick This item is extremly helpful fro two reasons: 1. The GP5 is helpful for building your build faster. 2. It builds into your morelloe's evil tome.

Morello's Evil Tome This item gives you ability power, mana regen., and cooldown reduction. All of these is what we are focused on, so obviuosly we gunna get this. It also gives you a Grevious Wound.

Rod of Ages This item gives you mana, health, and ability power over time.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter Use this when throwing your barrels, to slow your opponents. This also gives you health which we need.

Rabadon's Deathcap This item gives you 140 ability power and 40% more ability powe r and all of these items add up to: 317.54 ability power plus 40%.

Works out

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These marks provide more punch for your punch, allowing them to penatrate any magic resist.

Greater Seal of DefenseGreater Seal of Defense
These seals apply more defense against those ADC's, plus adding more to your tank build.

These glyphs, just like the marks allow more punch for your punch.

Quintessences like these allow you to get to your lane after Recalling, or chasing your enemies when they're running.

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Hope you enjoyed the Sneak Peek for my "Gragas, Hold My Beer And Watch This" Guide.

For now Mint is in the wind, keep an eye on the change log people.