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Skarner Build Guide by metalhydra273

Jungle Grandmaster Skarner Guide for Season 11, My Way

Jungle Grandmaster Skarner Guide for Season 11, My Way

Updated on July 7, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author metalhydra273 Build Guide By metalhydra273 46 3 69,889 Views 4 Comments
46 3 69,889 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author metalhydra273 Skarner Build Guide By metalhydra273 Updated on July 7, 2021
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Runes: Predator Style

Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
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Jungle Role
Win 54%
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Jungle Role Ranked #9 in
Jungle Role
Win 54%
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Video Guide
Come check out the accompanying video guide for additional demonstrations/explanations.
If you haven't done so, make sure you're looking at the notes for each section as most of the information about them will be included there.
Build Disclaimer (Isn't chemtank just better?)
Keep in mind that chemtank is more popular due to having higher consistency as it is meant for you to act as an ult bot. I like to stray away from that playstyle, but that can give mixed results. Against certain comps or when you fall behind, it can make your life much harder as you won't have the gold to get tanky enough to use your ult effectively while also not doing any meaningful damage. Meanwhile the opposite is true if you get fed, which can also open up more options to get damage items earlier, like steraks or black cleaver. Because I have to replace phase rush with predator, you can't ult enemies as far out as you could with chemtank, but you will get to utilize "chemtank" earlier in the game thanks to predator's earlier access. If you want to be completely optimal then I recommend swapping builds as needed, but as I advertise my style, the sunderer build is what I represent. Make sure you understand the potential weaknesses and strength in this build if you plan to bring it to high elo. I personally find it most fun to utilize everything I can about Skarner's kit and make it work, and the build has served me well outside of the cases I mentioned earlier. I do hope you enjoy the build if you try it out!
red - raptors - krugs - back - blue - scuttle - wolves - gromp
You want to get a leash at your red (not necessary but helpful since you're clear is unhealthy) and then transition into krugs. After taking krugs you want to look for a reset to get your predator boots early, which opens up early ganks opportunities and gives you access to the rune as early as possible. You can also look for a gank before backing though if they enemy is pushed up. This is most reliable on red side since the enemy top laner isn't likely to ward too early and you can motion your top laner to manage the wave so that the enemy pushes up if they don't do so on their own (which happens relatively often anyway). A quick punish in the top laner can net your laner a good advantage in a volatile lane, which you can either use to snowball or leave alone to help the rest of the map. When doing this though, the enemy jungler could be in position to take your blue so keep track of what side they'll be rotating to. If you know they're taking your blue you can look to vertical jungle by taking their blue camps assuming they started red. If you want to do this safely or can't stay very long, use your e to drag the blue golem out to the edge of your spire and you'll be able to take it using your river spire rather than going deep to take the spire in their jungle. Knowing where the enemy jungler is is very valuable in the early game as it can help you make these game to game decisions, so try to judge where they are correctly based on who leashes for their team if your team isn't able to get early jungle vision. Normally though you'll just drop a ward in the tri bush as you're backing and pick up your boots, control ward, and oracle lens. From here you should have time to take your blue and transition into scuttle, and if no ganks are available, return to clearing the rest of your camps. If you don't get a leash a raptors start is viable with your q, just keep in mind you'll be pretty unhealthy regardless. Try to kite around them when clearing level 1 to mitigate some damage.
Knowing who and when to ult can be very crucial in some fights. Try to analyze the situation the best you can and look for a good target. Carries are your usual targets but other times you may want to open up the enemy team to go for a front to back by ulting a bruiser or tank. Use your game knowledge to make the best judgement. At this moment, Skarner is not a great front liner as he's kind of a jack of all trades, master at none in terms of being an off tank. He's ok at dealing damage and ok at tanking, but doesn't excel at either and can often be lacking. As a result, I often find myself trying to hit and run at times with my cc. If you can front line, great, but if the team is counting on you to be the tank, you likely won't do a great job. Work with your team to secure kills with your cc, and go for picks when possible. You can catch a split enemy pretty easily with your speed and you can potentially 1v1 a lot of squishier champions. A lot of knowledge comes form experience so learn your limits with whatever build you use and adjust accordingly.
Skarner is very good at getting early game dragons and rift heralds. Look to sneak them if you spot the enemy jungler somewhere else or try to get priority with your team. Your spires are very handy in keeping pressure on the objectives so try to grab them before the enemy gets to the objective to give you the option to fit in it. If you get ahead, you can easily keep objective pressure and snowball it into a dragon soul and usually, a win. Remember that one of Skarner's main advantages over other junglers is his objective control and base speed under spire. Abuse this to be the first to set-up.
More champions can access qss than ever thanks to the new silvermere dawn opening it up for bruisers to take it more easily. Be sure to check the enemies items from time to time to make sure you don't waste a flash ult on it as it can lead to a lost fight or at least put you at a disadvantage. If locking down a target with qss is a must, look to tag them with e before ulting and choose which cc to use first. Qss can only block one type of cc so layering it gives you a way to stun them with the other cc they don't absorb. You may even be able to bait it out if you have time to wait and they're trigger happy with it.
I have been playing Skarner since Season 3 and have slowly risen up as time passed by until reaching a steady rate of consistently ending in the master+ echelon of play. With my time I have experience playing all 3 iterations. I just thought he looked cool and I ended up liking playing him. To be honest a lot of Skarner's potential relies on game knowledge, though you have some flashy options when using flash to spice up your game. Ultimately, my style of play is likely not the most optimal, but it's still an effective way of playing him that suits me best I feel. If you are looking for more tips regarding Skarner, there are several other big one tricks around the world that can be found who have their own ways of playing. If you prefer the top lane, players such as Merthos (shoutout to him for making the banners for me btw) would be a better bet to look at. Look around and you will see the many ways of how Skarner can be played effectively. Whether you prefer the meta full tank chemtank build, a full ad style, or something in the middle like mine, just go with what you like best and find a way to make it work. It's how I'm finding success with my build. Just remember to have fun playing league, and if that's with Skarner, I hope that I helped in that with this guide.
League of Legends Build Guide Author metalhydra273
metalhydra273 Skarner Guide
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Grandmaster Skarner Guide for Season 11, My Way

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