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Graves Build Guide by GaliciaSp

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GaliciaSp

Graves: The Outlaw Quick Guide

GaliciaSp Last updated on June 21, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

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Threats to Graves with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Ashe's slows do not affect Graves signifigantly. Her damage is negated by Grave's Passive, and Ashe has no dashes or blinks to avoid Graves's Skillshot burst. Using E to avoid Ashe's ult will allow Graves to almost always come on top.
Corki Corki's Q+R deals a considerable amount of Magic as well as Physical damage, but by attacking minions before the fight, Graves's Passive can negate some. By using E out of Corki's combo, Graves can heavily poke Corki with an E+Q. The best time to fight Corki is when his W is down. Being Corki's only dash, Graves's chance of landing a point blank R skyrocket.
Jinx Jinx's laning phase is her weakest, and Graves can take advantage of that. Poke her in lane with auto attacks and Q's, and use E to either escape Jinx's W, E or R before contact is made. Since Jinx has no escapes, Q and R are easy to land.
Kog'Maw Personally, Kog'Maw is a very easy match up. Again, with a lack of dash, Kog'Maw has nothing to stop Graves of bursting him in a swift combo. If Kog'Maw E's, dash to the side to get out of the slowing field, or in it to get a more direct Q or R.
Tristana Tristana's scaling range as well as her E's burst and Q's buff makes Tristana a well respected LATE game Hyper Carry. Tristana's early to mid game however, is horrific. Take trades by using Q, and E to follow up her W and to stick to her. But remember that the more auto attacks Tristana gets in while her E is counting down, the more damage the burst will be. The plan is to poke down Tristana in laning phase, and blow her up in teamfights before she can reek havoc.
Varus Varus's damage comes mainly from detonating his W's passive with other spells. The issue for Varus is that those spells to synergize with the W are all skillshots, which Graves is excellent at dodging. Just E to the side when Varus Q's you if you have stacks on you, or if he's going to ult. Blow him up when you can get a close ranged Q. All-In on Varus almost always comes out benefiting Graves.
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Graves is a Champion with burst, sustained damage, survivability, mobility, and a slight amount of CC. Though Graves currently is not a top tier META ADC, he is still a somewhat safe pick due to a medium risk, high reward play style. Graves's kit allows him to muscle his way through laning phase, and become a hard Carry in the middle to late game.

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Grave's Passive gifts him scaling Armor as well as Magic Resistance, the longer he is in combat. Due to this passive, Graves is naturally tanky. This Passive however, does not protect against True Damage, one of Grave's core weaknesses. By stacking Health towards the late game, Graves is able to more comfortably fight true damage champions like Vayne and Twitch.

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Don't stress on Masteries too much. Running a standard 21/9/0 will give Graves additional states of all kinds, and he can benefit from most of them. If still unsure about how to acknowledge good Masteries, these are the basic ones that most AD carries can use with high success rates.

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- The sole stat is offers is too unreliable in laning phase.
- Backing to just get the cloak is a waste of time. If you already have a B.F. Sword and Pickaxe, but you don't have enough money for the Infinity Edge, either save up or buy a Dagger or Tier 1 Boots.

- B.T. - Generates a shield from lifesteal and offers more survivability
- B.T. - More lifesteal than B.o.t.R.K.
- B.T. - More raw damage to use in spells
- B.o.t.R.K. - Better against mega tanks
- B.o.t.R.K. - Active is much better in 1v1s
- B.o.t.R.K. - Attack speed to go on top of Youmuu's active

- G.A. - Offers Armor and Magic Resist, good against hybrid teams
- G.A. - Second life passive keeps Graves in fights longer
- G.A. - Becomes a discouraging target to the enemy assassin
- B.V. - Negates hard poke from high damaging spells
- B.V. - Devastates spell casting assassins
- B.V. - Offers health, the counter to true damage

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Skill Sequence

Smoke Screen is a utility spell, used to cut the vision of enemies standing in the radius as well as applying a very small slow. Smoke Screen is best used in large team fights and defending against flanks. Since jungle pressure is low and minimal in early levels (1-4), Smoke Screen's point is best saved for later. Damage on Q and Cooldown on E would be much better early on.

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Not much to this. Flash is a must, as with for most Champions, simply to capitalize on aggressive plays and to reposition or escape bad fights. Take heal usually to survive close calls in laning phase, and to save a dying ally.

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Pros / Cons

- Intense Burst
- Spell-Casting Carry
- Increased Survivability from Passive
- Q and R are AOE, great for Teamfights
- E used to engage and disengage

- Skillshot Oriented
- Can be HEAVILIY countered.
- Short Range
- Relies on an engage support to set up plays
- Evil laugh makes him sound like a bad guy

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Unique Combos

Bullet Riding:
Crediting this to an Imaqtpie stream, Graves is able to ride his Q, by using E in the same direction right after the casting time of Q is up. Though this looks nicer than it is effective, use this tactic to damage an enemy as you reposition, so more auto attacks can be dished out in between Q Cooldowns. The Combo: Q+E

Another stylish play involves blowing up an enemy in Graves W with his Q and R. Though the W is only truely effective when the enemy stands in it for a prolonged duration, by throwing a W on an stationary enemy, use either Q or R, E to reposition to A DIFFERNT angle, and use the other damaging spell. The reason to try this is to mislead the victim of where Graves is. The first skillshot Graves throws out is where Graves is, so the enemy will walk towards it's casting origin. By repositioning with E and then damaging again, the enemy will waste more time in the slowing field trying to locate Graves again. The Combo: W+Q(or R)+E+R(or Q)

Tribush SmokeScreen (Blue Side):
There's never a better feeling when the ally support wards the tribush, and the jungler sits in it for a duration. One thing to do is W the whole bush to either flush out the jungler or to discourage him/her. Though this will alert the enemy there is a ward in the bush, it will eliminate all current threats of a jungler flank. The Combo: W+Walk

SmokeScreen Farming:
If it's one of those games where before buying a B.F. Sword, and Graves has to hit the caster minions twice under tower, drop a W down so enough damage will be layed down to auto atatck the minions once after the tower shot. The Combo: W+T.S.+A.A.

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Feedback / League Info

Suggestions for this Guide in general? Leave a comment, private message, or Friend me on League: GaliciaSp. On the NA servers, I am GOLD V and play primarily Assassin Champions and ADCs of all kinds.