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Akali Build Guide by Shrik11

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shrik11

Green Ninja

Shrik11 Last updated on July 7, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hey there! This is my first build, so there's bound to be some errors, just say it, or type it and I'll try to fix it - Names Shrik11, Akali use to be my main champ, before the "team with the most hp wins" meta. You want to know why she was my favorite, and currently one of my best champions? Mobility, stealthiness and ultimate bombs made to look like Kamas. That's the secret.

This build goes for tanky-ness and a tonne of ability power while having guardians angel, because who doesn't like the Guardians Angel?
Rhetorical Question.
AD = Attack Damage ADC = Attack Damage Carry
AP = Ability Power APC = Ability Power Carry
CC = Crowd Control AA = Auto Attack
CD = Cooldown

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Pros / Cons



-Amazing Mobility -Pretty Weak in HP
-Insane Burst -Countered by Oracles/Burst
-Almost Impossible to Escape From -Low Escape Abilities
-Can 1-VS-1 Amazingly Well -Weak Against Tanks/High HP champs
-Is Green, has Ninja Buff! -Enemies might get taunted from Color
-Can become Invisible. -Must have a Good Engager in Team
-Lee Sin Kicks x3, Low CD -Cant Engage properly

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Runes...RUNES. You have NO IDEA how much these help you! Having, even 20 extra AP is the difference between a kill and an enemy left with 10 hp! (Use to happen to me so much).
Or the ultimate 1 hp. I choose Armour Runes instead of HP Runes, because you only get 180 health with the HP runes, at LEVEL 18! Whilst Armour Runes give a strong amount of level 1.
Notice the difference? I find hp runes overall useless.

The rest? Typical APC runes.

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Typical. APC. Masteries.
Lets go through it in order, Shall we, you little ruffians?

Offense - Cooldown Reduction (4/4)
Well, as an APC, you'll need to do the most amount of damage as possible whilst also
surviving. This does both. 4% CD means - Q + E + R will go on CD faster, resulting in
more damage! Your W, the shroud, ALSO gets less CD. (Mostly to move up tiers)

- Blast (4/4)
This is a scaling mastery, it's more useful later into the game. Also, how does
getting 1 AP every waste your mastery points? (A must-have)

- Havoc (3/3)
Useful. More bombs. 1.5% More damage is insanely good, it may not seem much, BUT MAN,
IT'S GOOD. (Mostly to move up tiers)

- Arcane Knowledge (1/1)
8% Magic Penetration is really good, it'll help you go through tanks/anyone who buys
MR items. Or just to do more overall damage. (A must-have)

- Spells Sword (1/1)
You'll get lots of AP throughout the game, so why not making it into some AA damage?
5% of AP converted into your AD is good...GOOD! Goes will with your Q. (A must-have)

- Archmage (4/4)
Ultimate AP mastery. The mastery that makes the APs actually do some over-the-average
damage late game! 5% Of ALL your AP turns into EXTRA AP! Insane mastery, get it.
(A must-have)

- Executioner (1/1)
The one mastery...that makes your damage just, blow up, is this and the previous one.
5% of your damage to Below 50% HP champs, and as Akali is a very good "Low-health
Picker". Demolish them like twigs.

Defense - Durability (4/4)
Getting a permanent 6 HP per level, to level 18, is good enough for a few seconds
More in a fight. Or just scare your enemy from a tanky Akali. (A must-have)

- Hardiness (3/3)
Grants 5 Armour, good against ADs, lots will most like appear at top lane.
(A must-have)

- Resistance (1/3)
Only 2 MR, but it'll have to do. "Best to get something then nothing"
(Mostly to move up tiers)

- Veterans Scar (1/1)
You get a free Battle-scar and can brag about it. It gives you 30 hp, just so you
can brag about it MORE! (A must-have)

Holy, this ALONE took 30 - 35 mins

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Skill Sequence

Pre 6 - Q, W, AA, E, Go out (In Lane, Harassing)
Pre 6 - W, Q, E, Go out (In Lane, Enemy Engaged)
Post 6 - Q, R, AA, W, E (In Lane, Engaging)
Post 6 - Q, R, E, W, Repeat (Out of Lane, Following Enemy)
Post 6 - Wait, Q, R, E, W, Wait (Out of Lane, Allied Team Engaged)
Post 6 - Wait, Q, Wait, R, E, W (Out of Lane, Enemy Team Engaged, Allied Counter-Engaging)
Post 6 - Wait, Q, Wait, W, Run (Out of Lane, Enemy Team Engaged, Enemy Winning)
Post 6 - W...If you're even alive (Out of Lane, Enemy Team Engaged on You)

Hope (And Pray) they don't have any Oracles.

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Team Work

Teamwork. TEAMWORK is needed so bad for Akali. Since her Engagement is like 0.2% Possible without Dieing or getting so badly hurt, you can't go back in (Guardians Angel, People!), having an engager in your team is insanely good. Wait for your Engager to Engage whilst any other melees (Should hopefully have 1 more melee, so 3 melees) to follow up with him, you shall finally go in with them.

Aim their ADC, but make sure you pay attention to anyone targeting you! Try not to die.

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Farming is probably the single most important thing other then Brain/Keyboard/Mouse/Targeting/Positioning. If you are a master farmer, well congratz, you just won yourself the lane...hopefully the enemy laner isn't a strong level 6 guy though.

If you can Farm the first 20-25 minutes (Laning Phrase) into the game, you will get ALOT of gold, and more gold means more AP, more AP means Snowballing is much easier.

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The End

Hey, thanks guys for anyone who read this entire thing...if any of you did.
Its been really REALLY fun writing this, about 2 Hours and 15 mins, but MAN IT WAS FUN!
See Ya Guys
Music I was listening to while making this...make it more adventurous.
Rouge - Adventure Time
Rouge - Dreams
7 Minutes Dead - Delayed Friend Request
Tut Tut Child - Hummingbird
Tristam + Brakel - Flight
Rameses B - Pulsefire Ezreal SO MUCH SONGS, I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE