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Warwick Build Guide by Jungle Angel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jungle Angel

| Guaranteed Diamond | The Best Warwick Build |

Jungle Angel Last updated on September 30, 2018
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Dark Harvest Warwick

Warwick Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Dark Harvest
Dark Harvest
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Ghost Poro
Ghost Poro
LoL Rune: Relentless Hunter
Relentless Hunter

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

+14 ability power or +8.4 attack damage, adaptive and +5.5% attack speed

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Win 53%
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Why Use My Build?

Cause it's the best one there is. Only here you will find detailed information on how to play this champion well while most other guides only cover basic stuff that's common sense anyway without providing actually helpful gameplay advice. I created a new account and got to Diamond 2 (SoloQ Euw) straight in its first season with only 162 ranked games played (interrupted by Season 7 ending), using almost Warwick only.
Currently playing on EUNE a little bit and I'm already Diamond 3 with a pretty good win rate on Warwick (profile of that account).

Played the right way, Warwick is really strong and the only reason he doesn't have a lot higher win rate is that almost everyone is playing him wrong. Warwick beats lots most every other jungler 1v1 at every stage of the game, having no truly weak phases.

Click me (Screenshot of my progress on rushing to EUW high elo with Warwick at the end of Season 7)
(I didn't play any DuoQ Games in Diamond btw)

Patch 8.19 Situation: I'm back, I tried out a lot of stuff and I'm proud to say that this guide is up to date again.
Warwick is in a really decent spot again, being able to compete with almost every other jungler at any stage of the game. The only phase we have to be really careful about is before we reach level 3/4 because we can't win a 1v1 to champs with a stronger level 2 skillset until then (e.g. Lee Sin, Graves, Kha'Zix, Xin Zhao, Jax, Kindred etc.). So try to avoid contact with the enemy jungler in matchups like or similar to that.


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Precision as main path is only nice for a slightly faster first clear, with everything else Domination (with Precision as secondary path) is better for a couple of reasons. First of all we both want the attack speed of Alacrity and the extra damage and utility from Sudden Impact and Ghost Poro, forcing us to take Precision+ Domination anyway. Taking Domination as our main tree (and being able to use Relentless Hunter) however, allows us to make up for the loss of movement speed due to not taking the Sorcery path. On top of that the damage dealt by Dark Harvest is unmatched by the other keystone-runes. You will never see another keystone-rune deal more damage than Dark Harvest on Warwick.

However, Press the Attack is very viable as well if you don't find yourself being able to maneuver around the enemy jungler in the early levels on a regular basis, giving you a stronger 1v1 early in the game. Nevertheless I'm convinced that Dark Harvest is the better option for most SoloQ-Games for the above mentioned reasons (mainly the clearly tangible extra chunks of damage you get to deal).

Everything else should be self-explanatory. For the second Precision rune you can choose from Coup de Grace and Last Stand. I like Coup de Grace best. If you got questions, feel free to comment and I'll answer.

Evidence screenshots of Dark Harvest's op damage (collected during pre-season, date on each image):
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Warwick's Abilites

My comments on the abilities require you to already know what's written in the tooltip, so read the ability-tooltip first. I will only give additional information, helping you to adequately understand and use each ability.
If you are new to the game and don't know how Warwick works at all, just enter a training game, read his ability-tooltips and try everything out for a bit.

Passive Eternal Hunger:

Gives us a nice upgrade to our insanely strong duel-potential. Also giving us the opportunity to heal up in the jungle when we get low on health. Eternal Hunger together with Blood Hunt allows Warwick to easily solo-kill Dragon in the early game, too (Cloud Drake can be hard at early levels (attacking very fast) while Mountain Drake is the easiest one to kill due to his slow attacks).

Q ( Jaws of the Beast ):

There are 2 possible ways to use Warwick's Q Jaws of the Beast. For the first one, you just tap "Q" on your keyboard and release your finger from the key right after the tap. Doing it this way, Warwick just leaps forward and performs his bite. Nothing special happening here.
The second way to use Jaws of the Beast is to press the "Q" key on your keyboard and keep pressing it for longer, causing Warwick to dash through the enemy and appearing behind him. While Warwick "dashes" through the target, he is immune to any displacements (knock-ups, knock backs; e.g. Blitzcrank/Thresh hooks, any airborne abilities etc.). In addition, if the enemy performs a movement ability while Warwick is dashing through the target, Warwick will follow the movement and still appear next to the enemy, no matter where he went. This works on almost every movement ability in the game, including Flash, Blast Plant, Bard Tunnels ( Magical Journey), Ryze Ultimate ( Realm Warp) et cetera.
You always want to use the second way of pressing "Q" when ganking, so you will follow the enemy's Flash if he uses it.

W ( Blood Hunt ):

Tooltip explains it. Two things that ain't in the tooltip and lots of people think it's a bug (it's not, Riot wants it to be this way, otherwise the ability would be too strong):

  • If Blood Hunt triggers on a low life enemy and another enemy (with 50% or more health) stands in the blood line between you and the low health target, you won't get the speed buff. Try to maneuver around that.
  • When you die and later get back to life, Blood Hunt will not automatically search for low health enemies and trigger on them. They need to take damage from your team while you are alive to trigger Blood Hunt (minion hits and tower shots work as well)

E ( Primal Howl ):

Tooltip explains it. Try to use Primal Howl when the enemy is trying to burst you down, to avoid as much damage as you can. Also when ganking, try to activate E ( Primal Howl), then Q ( Jaws of the Beast) behind the enemy and then re-activate E ( Primal Howl) to make the enemy run towards your allies when he gets feared.

R ( Infinite Duress ):

When Warwick performs his R, he is immune to EVERY(!) CC in the game while flying through the air, not only to knock-ups/backs but also to stuns et cetera.
Easy example: Twisted Fate is throwing his stun card ( Pick A Card) at you while you run towards him. You just press R when the card is flying and it will hit you while(!) you are jumping, making you immune to the stun, applying your R's damage and CC to him.

If you use your Q ( Jaws of the Beast) and R ( Infinite Duress) the right way, you can deny almost infinite amounts of CC from the enemy, giving Warwick insanely high outplay-potential. Getting into playing Warwick is easy, but his skill cap is very high, making him by no means a "noob champ".

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Jungle Paths

For jungle pathing in general you just need common sense and some practice. But what's most important is your first clear. Let me provide you the best options for you first clear in the following. (Click on the links to see each route).

BLUE SIDE (Left Corner):

Route 1 (best option)

Route 2 (emergency + safe option)

RED SIDE (Right Corner):

Route 1 (best option)

Route 2 (emergency option)

LULW! Isn't starting at the enemy's buff fu**ing risky? To be honest with you, it's not risky at all. In at least 80% of your games the enemy top laner won't cover his teams jungle and let you take the buff for free. If you get detected (not happening too often), just go for the emergency option!
This works too good to not try to do it every game. Stealing a buff from the enemy jungler at level 1 can put him quite far behind.
Important: Don't let your top laner help you! Most often it will just reveal your sneaky plan to the enemy. If he wants to help, ping him away! As Warwick you don't have problems killing the buff alone. You can ask your bot lane to fake leash your botside-buff though, adding some extra confusion to the enemy team, but that's not mandatory.

Keep in mind that you can (rather should!) always interrupt your jungle clear or skip a camp, if you see a good gank (or counter-gank) opportunity. Warwick's Passive on W ( Blood Hunt ) helps a lot with that. Try not to force ganks on targets that are hard to gank (safe position, too healthy, too much mobility), because it's too risky. Just clear your jungle and use good opportunities on vulnerable targets (overextending / low health / low mobility (e.g. no Flash))!

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Have Fun!

I'm aware of my guide not being super good looking (visually), but it contains all the important information you need to get into the rift and dominate the **** out of everyone with Warwick. That's what you wanted, right? Have fun climbing :)

If you want to watch me performing with Warwick and other jungle picks, catch me live on!