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Yasuo General Guide by Meeyun

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meeyun

Guide to Mastering Yasuo [Season 6]

Meeyun Last updated on August 10, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Yasuo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ahri Easy at the beginning because she is all skillshots. WInd wall her E q w but her R is tricky. Try standing in the middle of your windwall, and whichever direction she goes, just go on the opposite side of your windwall.
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Hello I am here to teach you what I did to master the champion Yasuo. I would not say I'm the best Yasuo as he has unlimited capabilities, but i know what im doing. My main is Plat 3 on NA server, and Yasuo was my go to champion for climbing my smurf up to Plat 5 before the season ended. HE is extremely strong in the meta atm too with the new 50 crit build, people are going to want to learn him. He is a much harder champion that he looks and mastering him will take many games and dedication.I fed so hard for like the first 20 games i played as him but trust me it is worth it in the end. THis is my first ever guide so open to any critiques and such..

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You can start Dorans Blade for the extra lifesteal,with masteries you will start the game with 5 percent lifesteal which is great for trading and then just gaining around 6 health per q and Auto. IF you are more confident in the matchup you could start cull for more gold efficiency in the mid game.

With the changes to items. Stattic Shiv is rushed for the 30 crit, then Infinity Edge is rushed for the raw damage and 100 crit chance. After you build stattic shiv get the cloak of agility for 100 crit chance, as the cloak gives 20 now. After getting the core you could either go for merc treads or ninja tabi. I generally take merc treads if 3 or more enemies have some type of cc, but if the adc is fed, and/or if the mid laner or jungler is ad i would take ninja tabi.

After the boots, get the recurve bow before buying Blade of the Ruined King because the recurve bow will bring your Q cooldown to 1.33, and BORk is good as you need the attack speed to lower your Q cooldown and for dueling tanks and such, and over all it is just a great item that synergizes with Yasuos kit.After Bork you could either go Death's Dance or The Bloodthirster as both are great lifesteal items. Death's dance is great on squishy champions as it makes the damage be done as a bleed, and if you can life steal it back in time then you pretty much take no damage. The Blood thirster is great because his Q is also an auto attack and 20 lifesteal is always nice to have, plus the shield is very nice so you can pic whichever one you want.
Consider buying Quicksilver sash if they have some annoying cc.

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Pros / Cons

Pro: If you get good with him you can carry Solo Queue easily. Even if you fall behind late game is always going to be strong. Strong at all phases of the game, but early game may rely on outplaying and/or opponents making mistakes. Knock up wombo op. High skill cap impress can impress friends with mechanics.

Cons: If you're bad then, you're bad. High risk but high reward. iF you get ganked and die then you pretty much lost lane.

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Cheeses, Strategies, and Mechanics (swag)

Try to push early with Q or E and you should be able to hit level 2 first. Instantly go in with E, autos, Q, autos and they cannot fight you at all no matter who it is if you hit level 2 first. Ignite and a flash Q aa could secure a level 2 kill, or waste their flash and make them back.

AT level 5 when you are about to hit level six, stack up your tornado. If you see them standing next to a low Hp minion, E and kill the minion, which will cause you to level up to 6. As you dash to the minion, if they are close enough you can Q with the knock up midair on them. AS they are in the Air for the 1 second, level up your R right away and ult them. This is a very hard cheese to do as you must land your knock up, level up your ult in time before they fall, ult them, and do tons of damage. Most people will never expect this and it requires fast fingers to do. Mastering this level 6 cheese is extremely hard but will almost for sure result in them having to back, use flash, or die. Keep in mind the level 2 cheese, and the level 6 cheese are powerspikes that will result in you winning the lane.

Another way you can suprise them with a knock up is after charging up your tornado, E Q to a minion , then immediately flash onto your opponent. The animation of the knockup will start at the minion, but when you flash onto your opponent right away they will be knocked up and they wont expect it at all.

Always have your shield up when trading to make the most out of it.

Learn how to move in between attacks to make kiting/ chasing easier, and it also generates your passive shield more when you move, so basically its like playing a meelee adc in the sense that you have to move in between attacks.

Also watch this video by Redmercy (not me)

he teaches some nice mechanic and tricks in here

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In the mid lane you will probably be playing vs Mages (Ahri, Orianna, Annie,Leblanc ect.) Or other Assassins ( Zed, Talon, Diana, Leblanc, Fizz, ect.)
I will also go over how to play vs meelee assassins(talon, zed, diana, ect.) Ranged Ap mages/assassins (ahri, syndra, annie, ect.)

Vs ap Assassins like fizz you should rush a hexdrinker as he will destroy you level six. Vs skillshot reliant champions like Oriana and Syndra, if you time your windwall and use it correctly they will not be able to do damage to you and the hexdrinker rush is unessessary.

Vs ad assassins get an early cloth armor. Take advantage of cooldowns to go in. If talon uses his W you have like a 4 second window to trade before it comes back up. If zed uses his W E Q combo you have like a 10 second window to trade with him. Take notes of enemy cooldown and tha is the best time to trade. Most AD assassins you will lose 1v1 if they have all their abilities, so going in when they have cooldowns, and try to hit level 6 first and either kill them or make them flash, back to base.

Yasuo is all about quick thinking and finding the best opportunities for you, as his cooldowns are very low and his kit is strong when your enemies abilities are on cooldown.

Always ward properly and think of where the jungler is before trying to fight.

Vs Ranged Mages your windwall will be devastating. IF ahri or something walks up to you all you have to do is wait for them to use an ability, and your windwall will pretty much negate all their damage, and their auto attacks will do no damage to you while you kill them with you auto attacks Qs and E. YOu can also use your E during lane to dodge their skillshots and your tornado is long ranged harass. ranged mages are pretty easy to win lane vs in the early game, even if you get ganked and die, as he can dodge their abilities and take no damage.

Remember to look at the map, know your opponents cooldowns and damage, and you should be able to win the lane.

If you are winning the lane you can push up and try to roam bot or top, but it is recommended that you roam bot to secure more kills and dragon. It is extremely hard to gank if there are no knock ups, so either tell your jungler to come if they have a knock up, or if your adc is Vayne or Kalista who have a knockup or Alistar, Thresh, Naut, ect. tell them to save the knock up for when you come down. This will almost always result in a kill.

If you see them backing off when you roam you know its warded and there is no point in coming so just go back mid to not lose Xp or Cs.

Note: vs ap mids you dont have to rush hexdrinker right away, but always get it later on and maybe qss later on because they will deal a ton of damage during teamfights and some mids like syndra can oneshot you later on if you get caught by their cc.

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Early game with Yasuo can be easy or hard depending on who your opponent picks.

Start with cull or dorans blade. Vs the bruiser lanes start Q and always poke them at max range. It is very easy for yasuo to hit level 2 first, as his Q can hit a lot of minions. After hitting level two first immediately level up your E and E to a minion beofore using your E Q combo on your laner. After throwing an auto attack or two E back as you need your shield to trade. With your lifesteal runes you will be able to sustain back up to full in no time. do not forget to always check your mini map as yasuo is easy to gank due to his pushing a lot. If you can avoid ganks it will waste their junglers time from doing camps or ganking other lanes. Before attempting to trade always look for the jungler, because if they come your lane will be lost and it will be hard to come back.

After level 2, the lane will become harder as your windwall is practically useless vs these champions. Always farm up with your Q from max range and try to poke your opponent with your Q. A neat trick to do is after charging up your tornado, you can E Q to a minion near your opponent and knock them up, and while they are in the air you may use your E to retreat. Your E is your main outplay ability and really learning the range and which direction you want to dash is important. Learn your opponents cooldowns. For example, if you see Zed use his W E Q combo, or if you see Riven use her Q or W, you will have like a 5 second window until their skills come up. The only thing they can do during this time is auto attack, and since your q has around a 2-3 second cooldown, your autos, Q, and e will do a lot more damage than their autos. During their cooldown window, simply E in, auto attack Q them, and then they try to run give them one last E and auto attack. IF your Q is up you can stab them before retreating back through their minions. Keep in mind that your shield should always be up before attemping to trade. It takes a lot of experience to get this down, but abusing your opponents cooldowns is key in winning the early game.

The top lane is usually harder for Yasuo as he is an assassin vs fighters and tanks, but early game he does a ton of damage and with Ignite can cheese and kill most top laners like Riven, Malphite, Maokai,Gangplank, Gnar, especially Nasus, Fiora, Ryze ect. The only lanes i would not pick Yasuo into is Irelia, Garen, Darius, Olaf, Wukong, Tryndamire, or Pantheon.

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Mid Game/ Teamfighting

With the new changes to towers having no armor, splitpushers like Yasuo are getting even stronger right now. By now you should have at least 2-3 items and 100 percent crit so you should be able to 1v1 anyone on their team if you are not behind. When splitpushing remember to always ward properly to look for their team coming toward you. If one or two people come to stop you, your team should be able to win a 4v3 and maybe a 4v4 and they can grab an objective afterward. Yasuo is extremely good at fight ranged champions as he is extremely mobile, and his windwal can block all 4 abilities from some champions. If you bring teleport you can tell your team to do dragon, and if they send someone after you, you can just TP down and it will be a 5v4 at dragon if the person they sent does not have teleport.

If your team has any other knock-ups like Vi, or especially Malphite, it is advised to group with your team and do dragon, baron or the standard mid push because your teamfight combo is probably way strong than your opponents. Teamfighting with Yasuo can be tricky. You DO not want to ult the tanks, you do not want to try to ult only one person unless that person has been caught out and you want to secure the kill. When the teamfight starts, stay in the back and let the tanks go in. If you see at anytime the enemy ADC is knocked up then this would be a great time to ult, as with your 100 percent crit and high damage should assassinate the carry quickly. But in the meantime, try to stay in the backline and attack whoever is closest, staying away from their carries because you will get blown up. The only time you will dive into the backline is if you know you can get a chance to knock up their carry/ies and assassinate them.

Positioning is key to surviving and knowing when to go in is essential for winning a teamfight. All of these things must be learned through practice and is not easy to do.

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Late Game

Pretty Much the same as Mid game, except now with 5-6 items you should be doing a TON more damage. Try to teamfight instead of splitpushing if you can, as your team will not be able to win a 4v5 if they get caught, which most teams tend to get caught in lower elo. And with Guardian Angel you dont have to play as safe and can dive early since you do a ton of damage to everybody, and since the enemy team will most likely focus you you team will be able to follow up with a ton of damage. Once you revive, if your team is not bad or dead the fight should be won. If they dont focus you and you dont die, then the enemy team should be dead because of the insane damage you do. Yasuos is basically a Meelee Adc and should never be underestimated as his ult is also very game changing.

last hit the nexus for 50 gold.....

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Learn your E, always use your right when it comes up during a fight to get the knock up quickly. When your target is suspended in your R, you can Q them in the air for more damage. This is shown to be extremely strong in the mid/late game as most adcs are blown up with an Ult Q aa E aa, as you will be dealing tons of damage.

Learn how to autospace like you would do on an adc. yasuos range is 175 and he can kite some meelee champs for a short amount of time with his bonus movespeed and Qs. Autoatacking, then canceling the animation to move and then Qing and moving right after you Q is necessary for chasing, outplaying your opponent (dodging skill shots). Also it looks stupid to stand still and autoattack or q, and most importantly doing these little movement commands not only help you be smoother and kitey, you can also stack up your passive shield quicker by doing these movements. This is a high level mechanic and will require practice.

If you want to get better PLAY TO IMPROVE. I started bronze 2 season 5 and ended Platinum 4

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Thanks for checking out my guide i hope you learned something... if not then whatever lol.

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