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Ashe Build Guide by komapp

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League of Legends Build Guide Author komapp

HARASShe - Support and Harass Ashe

komapp Last updated on August 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, if you pressed this link you're probably curious, whats HARASShe? Let me explain in a few words. Ashe has only one skill that uses AD as a modifier. All other skills don't. As a ranged character Ashe is weak in mobility - movement speed is slow comparing to other champions and any gap closer / escape mechanics just don't exist for her. Ontop of that she even has a skill that just adds gold when she kills a monster and reveals area.

So i was wondering, why not lower all the cooldowns to the max, and just spam the skills and see how goes? Ashe starts to grape towards late game with slow on autoattacks, so why not avoid stacking single target dps in early-mid game and concentrate on maximising aoe slows with 1200 range, minimising ultimate cooldown to excell in team fights and have reveal map on such a small cooldown, that you barely need wards around?

This guide is a fun guide to a different playstyle of Ashe i've discovered and haven't seen a guide for. I haven't played any ranked games yet so not sure if this is even a viable build for ranked. I'll try to make it as short as possible and informative. Hope you enjoy it when you try it out.

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Pros / Cons

Comparing to AD carry builds,

- Frost Shot + Volley spam
- Low cooldown on epic gamechanging Ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow
- Mass non stop crowd controll
- Faster mob aoe clearing
- Great at keeping enemy at distance
- Sometimes able to go solomid due to long range harass
- Extra survivability

- Low dps

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Your goal is to get ~6% CDR with glyphs. 0.65%x9 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction are expensive, so i grabbed 0.05% Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction per lvl ones. Although if you have tons of free points, grab the expensive ones x9 and enjoy 9.85% CDR at the start. Instead of 4.3% with x6 cheap ones.

Movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed balance out the speed of ashe to be on par with other champs.

Grabbed raw armor Greater Seal of Armor for and AD per level Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage runes for some survivability and higher damage to minions on lanes.

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Went for damage oriented masteries and avoided critical damage and lifesteal masteries, grabbed Butcher and Sorcery to compensate. Survivability masteries from Defense tree needed now to compensate for lost magic resistance from runes and improve Heal.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Self explanatory: Escape and chase.

Heal - Survive a gank, save teammate from death, counter some enemy damage in teamfights.

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Skill Sequence

Nothing serious. Before you Volley an apponent or any target at all, make an autoattack first, then Volley. That will allow you to maximise the dps inbetween the autoattack cooldown gaps.

Try to save your Enchanted Crystal Arrow for a chase or a squishy opponent. Don't throw it in all the time its off CD. If your enemies are getting surrounded by your team and you need a fight initiator, move further away from the enemy and just throw the arrow in to make a first move for your team to advance and simply chew the stunned target away.

Reveal the sides left and right of mid with Hawkshot when you push to avoid getting sandwitched and your squishies stomped on if you might get in a position where you retreat.

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Gameplay Expectance


You will Volley alot, when it's off cooldown, pop your Frost Shot on and scare enemy opponents when they are out of position.


After acquiring Enchanted Crystal Arrow, make a plan with your laner to assasinate one enemy or if you are in mid, wait for a good moment to destroy your opponent.


Now you have your Volley max rank and your CDR should be at 25-35%, you should have Manamune up and here when you just keep your Frost Shot on which gets better every level and your Volleys will let you do pretty much scary things to the enemy.


Getting your Hawkshot range for further scouts, deciding to go hybrid or full slower support should be done, and you start building your endgame plan while assisting your team, pushing off lane monsters and occasionally clearing jungle for more moneyzz.

At 18

play smart, catch enemies that make positioning mistakes, let your team shred stunned or slowed targets, win.

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Items / Gameplay

Lets go. Sapphire Crystal + 2 Health Potions are essential for Harasshe. 3 extra volleys on the lane helps you harass like mad without going to base after 3-4 volleys. As yout get your slow arrow it allows for early pressure or securing a kill.

On first return to base, grab some Boots of Speed, base movement speed of ashe is dire. If you have enough gold, grab a Sight Ward if enemy team has a jungler.

Next step is to finish the Tear of the Godess. After tear is ready and starts building up, continue to upgrade your shoes into CDR Ionian Boots of Lucidity. After this harass gets a massive boost and you have much more mobility.

Now you will probably have around 83 AD. Finish off your Manamune and enjoy 128AD. At this point i don't even turn off my Frost Shot to avoid future fails with it, just have it on, spam Volley and occasionaly shoot autoattacks. If It's still a lane phase and enemies don't gank, You're jungling or you are completely sure no champion fights will be involved and you are not planning to go back to base within 10 mins, sure, go ahead and turn it off. But even then i don't :)

Next step is to buy Kindlegem for more CDR and later finish it off into Zeke's herald. Not only it will buff your survivability and push you to almost 40% CDR, but your allies aswell. Small boost in lifesteal and attack speed never hurts your phisical damag dealers in a teamfight.

Now you've built base Harasshe, grats! At level 18 your Volley will have 2.4 second cooldown , which will let you kite enemy team at long distance and reapply the slow with a gap of only 0.5 seconds inbetween slows. Your Epic Enchanted Crystal Arrow will have only 48 seconds CD. Hawkshot scouting skill will be at 35 seconds and you can forget about wards.

After this point, You can decide what to buy. I am building Aegis of the Legion, Frozen Mallet and The Black Cleaver. Being a full support with a bit of a kick towards the end to ensure the win. Frozen Mallet slows your targets to be slowed by around 45%, it also boosts your health pool to 3k+ health at level 18 which lets you kite / 1v1 for longer without getting 2shotted. The Black Cleaver obviously reduces target's armor by a fair ammount which will also buff your phisical damage dealer's dps on the target you're focusing.

You might also want to build a hybrid after you've collected 3 core CDR / Mana items. Go for Infinity Edge, 2 Phantom Dancers / Phantom Dancer + The Bloodthirster / Phantom Dancer + Last Whisper and melt faces with them.

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Wall of text is annoying but essential, explains the reason of every choice. Overall Harasshe imo is much more fun to play than usual AD Carry ashe, just because of frequent Ultimates Scouts and Volleys which are situationally very useful. Choose this build when you have some proper Damage Dealers in your team so you can help em out or if you're just bored and want to try something new.

Sorry for a lack of illustrations and eye candy effects to make it bling, just wanted to get it out for people to see. Played this and other ashe builds for a week while she was free and found this one the most fun one.

Good luck with harassing with Harasshe !

This is an example of a long game as Harasshe. Last 5 deaths were pretty dumb by going straight on like a baws without any backup. You feel so fearless when you harass at 1200 range :)