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Veigar Build Guide by forfor

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author forfor

Hardened Veigar

forfor Last updated on February 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my first build, so please be patient if I miss anything and give good feedback. Veigar has a strong ability set with good ap ratios, a powerful utility spell, a godly ultimate, and an infinite growth potential. he can get 170 Ap in late game just from his Baleful Strike passive. As such it is easy to build him with godly burst damage. This build takes advantage of this to give both survivability and ridiculous burst. The main advantages of this build are that you can survive being bursted by just about anyone, meaning that once your enemies realize this they will stop trying! once they stop focusing you in teamfights, you are free to kill with relative impunity. This build gives you survival while leaving your damage intact, meaning they cant burst you but you can burst them, and thanks to Liandry's Torment, and Ignite you can kill just about anyone.

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Pros / Cons


easy farm
can farm with abilities from level 1
high mana regen
massive burst
unbelievable ult
strong cc
infinite scaling
high AP ratios
single target abilities for nuking
aoe ability for team-fights and farming
can kill a whole minion wave in one hit, including siege minions
even if you don't get the kill event horizon gets lots of assist gold
sounds like a little bamf.

Slow movement
Item dependent
Sometimes vulnerable to overly aggressive enemies

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When playing League, I designed an across the board mastery page for standard ap mid use. This is what I use when first learning a champ or if I just don't feel like creating an individual mastery page (I usually don't) it synergizes well with most ap mid champs such as veigar, annie etc. it gives you all the ap based masteries available, and some good survival mid lane. See my above mastery page to view it.

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I recommend taking flat magic pen runes for your marks, and quints. this will give you substantially more burst late game, and will still help in fights early game. If you want you can take AP runes for the early game snowballing, however, early game you will want to focus on farming your q and avoiding enemy attacks. If you are focused on fighting the enemy champ in lane, your late game will suffer. even if you win, you will be missing a lot of your q farm that gives you your burst later on.

For seals, i recommend taking armor seals. They synergize well with the overall build and help to minimize damage from ganks, minion agro, turret agro, or the occasional ad midlane. They are mostly useful later in the game though, for team-fights, where you may need to survive a bursty ad champ.

Finally the glyphs should be magic resist glyphs. basically the same reasons as the armor seals except it helps early game as the midlane is usually reserved for ap champs.

note: this is what I personally use every game, I'm sure other runes fit with other play-styles, and really I simply haven't bought different runes because I've been focused on buying champs. if you think something else would work better let me know.

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I highly recommend flash. It gives great utility for escapes, baits, or surprise attacks.

You are a burst based champion so ignite makes sense. secure kills, reduce healing, etc.

Honestly I never use any other spells on Veigar so if I try something else I'll add my thoughts

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Skill Sequence

Equilibrium is a great passive on Veigar. Basically it gives you a free chalice of harmony effect from level 1. This is what makes his q farming possible early game.

This is your bread and butter spell. Simple single target spell with a low cool-down at later levels. This is your spammy damage spell. Max this asap. It allows you to last-hit minions, and for every minion you kill with it you get 1 AP. farm this efficiently, and you could leave lane with 60-70 extra AP, totally gold free! Not only that, but you get the gold earned from effective minion farming making this a win win situation. some people prefer to max his W for the quick aoe wave killing, but if you do this you will end up way over-pushed and out of mana very quickly. I recommend focusing on last-hitting with this ability. Note: you will eventually run out of mana doing this but don't be discouraged. thanks to Veigars passive, he recharges enough mana just a few seconds after it comes off cool-down every time you use it.

After 1.2 seconds, this ability brings the fist of fury down on anyone stupid enough or unlucky enough to be standing in the aoe you chose. figuring out where to put this ability is the key to its success since most people will get out of the way before it hits. This ability is not really useful early game except for 2 situations: your jungler has come to gank or your enemy has pushed you to your turret and you need to quick push to even back out. otherwise this ability doesn't see its true awesomeness until mid-late game when team-fights start up. It has a relatively large aoe, so it is easy to hit several enemies with it. It is also great for mid-late game cs because once you have rabadon's dathcap you can use it to instakill the caster minions, and eventually the melee and even the siege minions! max this second but put an extra point into event horizon first so that the stun is long enough to use this ability to full effect.

This ability is what makes Veigar work. enemy comes to gank? slap this down and troll merrily away. getting rushed by a nuker during a team-fight? pop this on them, and back off while they get killed by your teammates, or nuke them yourself. This ability will create a large circle which stuns anyone who touches the edges for a length of time dependent on the level of the ability. save this ability for special occasions, namely team-fights and escapes. you want this to be up when you need it and the cool-down is significant, so don't waste it for safe poking! otherwise have fun with this. Most people will say that you should use it so the edges spawn on top of your target. This is only sometimes true. this is true against champs like ezrael, Shaco Kha'Zix etc who have flash-like abilities, or anyone who may have their flash up, or significantly long-range abilities they can kill you with. However, most of the time it is actually better to pop it slightly in front of them. This is because one of 2 things will now happen. They will react by stopping inside the circle to avoid that stun, giving you a free target/extra escape time, or they will rush toward the edge to get it over with, and you will have gained a bit of extra time to set up your dark matter. Or they wont react at all, and the same thing will happen, aka you having extra time. Also good for isolating an important target during a team-fight, preventing them from rendering aid, escaping, etc. Finally remember to combine the stun with Dark Matter

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Start with this rather than boots. You should be focused on safe farming rather than brawling with your mid opponent. If you find theyre especially aggresive just turret hug, and last hit things when the turret brings them low enough. This item is important however, because it gives you necessary mana regen and survival to help you q farm, and effectively reduces the cost of every q farm hit by 5.

More movement speed is always important. Take this no matter what because you will need it to evade ganks and skillshots, and take advantage of event horizon stuns.

Blasting Wand Needlessly Large Rod Doran's Ring
Once you have your boots take one of these. preferably you should come back with enough to get the Needlessly Large Rod but if you cant then buy whichever one of the others you can afford. The goal is to get to Rabadon's Deathcap asap

You need this to give you your burst and enhance your ap throughout the game. It's a pretty simple choice.

Get these sometime after Rabadon's Deathcap but the timing is up to you. just dont wait till lategame because you need that spell pen. When you feel it's appropriate get Enchantment: Alacrity

This item will add good survival and mana, as well as a good amount of ap. This will be the first of your items that makes this build what it is.

This item makes this build work. It gives you more health, good ap, and the slow allows you to be extremely useful in teamfights where you can spam baleful strike and secure kills for someone (including yourself), or slow someone to more easily use Dark Matter. It also synergises with Liandry's Torment, and makes Liandrys work with this build. Remember: this game is not just about getting kills for yourself. Just like with Event Horizon once you have this item you can use it to help your teamates secure kills. if youre in range of a fleeing enemy cast baleful strike, and watch them take good damage and slow down enough for your allies to catch up and tear them to shreds. You still get assist gold, and your team is that much better off.

By this point you will likely not be focused. your damage will be pretty good but you will be durable enough that your enemies have stopped rushing you. Now make them pay! With this item, you will see a bit of extra durability, and a massive damage boost. great for sowing discord in the enemy ranks, as they will not understand the danger they are in, and will start blaming each other. I have seen it happen many times while using this build. You may argue that veigars job is to nuke squishys, and as such the passive is wasted. But the spell pen, and natural ap of this item is well worth it for nuking purposes. In addition, you can now cause significant problems for tanky champs after youve finished your nuke. the 10% damage thanks to Rylai's Crystal Scepter means you can now be a great asset to your team after youve expended your nuke. cast Baleful Strike on that off tank or even full tank, and watch them melt away. This completes the core build for veigar. Other situational items will fill that last slot.

Situational Items:
These items are a matter of choice, situation, and personal preference. Please note that you likely wont need more survivability, and as such the normal meta of rounding off the build with a last item survivability based item such as GA doesn't apply here. There are still some options however, if you find yourself needing more survival.

If the enemy is stacking Magic resist (which any smart enemy will have done by this point) this is the way to go. Good AP and magic pen make this a good late game item.

If you find that you are somehow still getting taken down by Nuke based champs, buy this. respectable armor, massive AP, and the active will further nullify the enemy pursuit. However, only use the active if you think you can get away afterward or you need to stall for time.

Building this last you miss out on the mana building process early game, and probably wont have time to do so, but you still get a good 150ish AP from this item. It also synergizes well with your Rod of Ages as part of the AP is based on your max mana.

I don't recommend this item, since the passive range is too short for Veigar's needs, but if you need more magic resist, by all means take it. I recommend just getting Zhonya's Hourglass and using the active though.

deathfires grasp
The active makes Veigars single champion nuke even more insane. Use then dump your ult on that champ. Since the active makes AP damage get multiplied by an extra 20%, they should be dead just from the 2 hit combo. Send in baleful strike if you're not sure. Also gives good AP and cool-down reduction.

Another good way to boost your nuke, effectively doubles your Baleful Strike damage. cast
then auto-attack. also useful for that extra movement speed which will help you get in and out of fights faster, and some extra AP.

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Team Work

Coordinate with your allies. In lane, if someone comes to gank throw down an Event Horizon to help them. if you're out of mana and they want to gank let them know, so they don't waste a lot of time on it. If your ally is chasing, and you have the chance, put dark matter in the enemies path. even if the enemy dodges around it, they've lost some ground from course correcting. Or throw down an Event Horizon to help secure the kill. Ask your jungler to help you get blue if you need it. Sometimes in a team-fight you may want to just Event Horizon the whole enemy team because all of your teammates benefit from this. Remember: 1 fed person can turn the tide in a fight, but a fed team wins hands down.

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Early Game

Just stay safe and farm. last hit minions with your Baleful Strike. Stay behind your minions if you need to in order to avoid skill-shots. If your enemy gets overly aggressive hang out by the tower and avoid pushing. If you get tower-dived throw up your stun and and trap them then unload as many spells as you can. If your getting attacked by melee, cast your dark matter right on top of yourself so they have to decide between attacking you or not getting hit. Otherwise just try not to push and as long as you don't push you likely wont get ganked. if you do get ganked follow aforementioned rules. Remember: your purpose here is to farm your q not to get kills in lane. any ability you use on an enemy champ is a q you could've used to last hit a minion.

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Mid-Late Game

By this point you should have a respectable q farm of around 60-70 extra AP, and at least a Rabadon's Deathcap. If you don't then go farm somewhere because you need good AP to really function as Veigar. If you cant farm, just try to bait them and use your e to help in team-fights. while adding what damage you can. Don't go out on a limb trying to secure kills. If you are fed then hang back until the fight has begun, pick your target and take them down. You can also be the one to start a team fight by using your e if you see someone squishy in range and you have some teammates nearby. This is the only situation where you should do this though. Even if you are fed, wait for someone else to start the team-fight outside of that specific scenario. Once you have nuked your target, hang back and throw in your abilities wherever they seem useful. This is entirely at your discretion. I recommend choosing the person who you think would be easiest to kill or who is having the biggest impact as a second target. This is especially effective once you have your Rylais/Liandrys combo

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Just in case you need it, early-mid game focus on using your q, get a feel for how much damage it can do to a minion and plan your shots accordingly. by 4th-5th rank you can probably one-shot a caster minion, but you wont be able to one-shot melee minions for a while. Also try to q farm the siege minions if at all possible. Killing a siege minion or other larger enemy such as dragon/golems gets you 2 ap instead of 1. Later in the game when youve got a few points in it, use your dark matter to farm. Kill a caster minion and take out the rest of the wave with a well placed dark matter.

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Pwn noobs with this epic build. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know, and I'll check them out. As I stated this is my first build so any advice, even just pertaining to the general look of the build would be appreciated. Also if you haven't actually tried the build don't start flaming me for being an idiot until you do. Now go have fun :)