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Udyr Build Guide by DotaCloneMuch

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DotaCloneMuch


DotaCloneMuch Last updated on June 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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This is HE-MAN UDYR!

If you want to farm your jungle and play all safe like a little wimp, go find another guide! This guide is for the manliest of Udyrs. You are going to go into the other jungler's jungle and slap him around from the moment you get your first buff.

These are some patented noob rolling secrets, so strap yourself in and admire the balls on this tiger bear man!

This guide does not build tank items. Real men do not care for that silliness. Real men want to hit things. Hard. They want to hunt in the jungle, this guide will teach you how to be the dominant predator of the jungle while also making protein shakes out of the enemy jungler's soul.

Activate hidden stance: Honey Badger

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ITEMS - Stuff your gonna smack people with

HE-MAN UDYR uses a very select set of items to maximize his ***** slapping potential. feel free to deviate depending on how massively fed you are getting throughout the game.

+ Ya, this is a boring start but you pretty much have to do it, not much potential to show your manhood on your first buy.

again, boring but do it because your jungle clear time is going to be molasses without it. You could also go for Spirit of the Elder Lizard as well, this is an acceptably manly choice. Spirit of the Ancient Golem is not.

This is where your massive balls begin to show. You aren't getting some silly Mercury's Treads like all the other Udyr.

HE-MAN ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!! Your spending the game hunting people, not jungling like a punk, so you need some speed and burst. Trinity Force is your best friend for catching and slapping people around. Don't skimp on this item.

Once you get this, you will see that Udyr clearly squats and keeps up his cardio. No one is out running you with Trinity Force + Boots of Mobility + Zephyr, your just way too ridiculously fast!!!!

Not only does he run like a crackhead, Udyr can also wield a sword that drinks blood. Your getting this just to slap people harder once you catch them with your insanely MANLY legs. Blade of the Ruined King works as well. It brings less attack damage to the table but the activate ability can add even more to the ripped legs of Udyr and help him catch fleeing prey.

Once your too fast to escape and hitting too hard to fight some might stop and buy something silly like a Locket of the Iron Solari to help out the team and be all safe... This is unacceptable for HE-MAN UDYR! He man Udyr uses his last slot to pretend he is Volibear and start shooting lighting out of his paws. Ge also goes even FASTERRRRRRR!!!!!!

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Your looking to get as much damage as you can while also putting 9 into utility. The purpose of this is clear, to hit harder and kill people faster (as if Udyr needs help with that).
This is a central mastery because it gives you more move speed and augments the HE-MAN UDYR item setup. Do not skip this for a little extra HP/armor in the defense tree, its simply not worth it if your going to be playing like a CHAMPION.

is also key because it keeps your buffs on longer. Because your going to be hunting people down and mauling them to pieces you are going to be spending a ton of mana dancing between stances, a longer blue buff will be a great help. Also a longer red is great for slowing and free damage. Do not skip this mastery.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

The goal with these runes is to maximize your ability to duel in the jungle. Your going to show your enemy jungler that you can jump him at any time and 1v1 him down with ease.
are great to help you out run an enemy jungler before you stack up a huge load of move speed items, and they just make you a little faster in the late game.

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Summoner spells

This is preferable to the manliest of Udyrs because it helps you keep up with an opponent while continuing to attack while stutter stepping (hitting and moving in between your attack timers). Flash is not preferable because it causes your character to lose a considerable amount of testosterone.

You will have a terrible time trying to jungle without smite. Your lost jungle clear time is considerable without this spell. Additionally without smite you will have buffs stolen from you and be unable to ensure baron nashor or dragon . This will hurt your team massively.

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How to play HE-MAN UDYR - The cool stuff

step 1 - buy your starting items and move to your blue Buff spawn location.

step 2 - get your teammates to help a little bit.

step 3 - This is where things deviate, you must know the starting buff of most junglers and plan your route accordingly.

If they start blue: kill their red buff and then take their big wraith , you will hit level 3 off their red buff (thanks to the XP increase in patch 3.8 on red and blue buff camps). By this time they will have killed their wolves and be heading over to take out their wraith camp. So run to the bush that they will be passing through to go to their wraith camp and wait a few moments until they come.

As they are approaching the bush you are in (about 2 seconds before), use Tiger Stance stance to line up the huge damage over time effect from this stance. Then as you land you first strike on them switch into Bear Stance right after your first attack lands. This will use your massive Tiger Stance damage while also using your Bear Stance stun almost simultaneously. With the stun and damage from this first attack it will be almost impossible for him to fight you, which forces him to flash away or be killed by your combination of Tiger Stance + Bear Stance + Ghost + Red Buff.

If they start red: then move into their jungle after completing your blue and check their wraith . If they are there kill them. Remember to communicate to your mid in case of their mid lane coming to assist their jungler. If you end up in a 2v1 situation even the manliest of Udyr will have some trouble. Have your mid lane follow and jump their mid lane with the help of yours if they try to come into the jungle.

If they are not at wraiths steal the large wraith and move to their golem ; again kill them if they are there and steal the large golem if they are not. If you cannot find the enemy jungler move into the lanes and begin ganking as much as possible. HE-MAN UDYR does not concern himself with silly jungle monsters, he is out for BLOOD!

After the first few levels: Hopefully you have either killed the opposing jungler or gotten him significantly behind on items or XP, either way, he is now scared of you and wants to peacefully farm his jungle to let him get back into the game.

He is weak, and HE-MAN UDYR hates weakness! keep farming his jungle rather than yours and take any opportunity that you get try to kill him. This will push him farther and farther behind.

sight ward his blue and red buffs a few minutes before they come up (if he starts blue/red that buff will re-spawn around 7:10).

HE-MAN UDYR embodies the art of wrecking the other jungler's day with his massive arms and speedy legs!

Your goal past level 3 is simply to ward and hang out in the enemy's jungle as much as possible. If he gets a large Golem/Wolf/Buff you have failed at becoming the true HE-MAN UDYR!

TEAM FIGHTING: This section is merely a formality because there will be no team fights. HE-MAN UDYR has a special passive which increases the surrender chance of enemy teams by 100%. Once their jungler is several levels behind and you have ganked the hell out of all 3 lanes, they will merely surrender. Tanky items have been avoided because the lack of team fights makes them unnecessary.

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But HE-MAN UDYR why don't you rank up Turtle Stance sooner to avoid damage?
- because he is too busy killing people and finding the gold in their heads.

But HE-MAN UDYR why don't you have aura items like to help out your team?
- HE-MAN UDYR has an insatiable thirst for blood; shields and armor are for Udyrs that want to run and hide with their teammates.

But HE-MAN UDYR what happens if something bad happens and you fall behind?
-DONT! embody the power of the tiger-bear-man and do not hesitate or fear. Charge your enemy and show him your muscles!

But HE-MAN UDYR what do I do if the enemy team rage quits at 10 minutes?
- You challenge baron nashor to a duel at 15 minutes and prepare for your ultimate feat of strength!

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You have seen the awesomeness, now go into the world and roll noobs faces into the ground with these legendary techniques!

You will be fast like a bird.

You will be strong like a moose.

You will be annoying like a troll.

You will be HE-MAN UDYR!!!!!

(disclaimer: this guide not intended for ranked or competitive play)