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Amumu Build Guide by king boo311

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League of Legends Build Guide Author king boo311

He only wanted a hug...

king boo311 Last updated on December 27, 2012
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Hello fellow summoner's,I'm king boo311 and today I'll be giving you a guide on how to play tanky Amumu,who said he can only jungle? Keep in mind this is my first guide,but I hope all you summoners find it useful!

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Great teamfighter
+ Disruptive
+ Is huggable
+ Cries to deal damage
+ Gamechanging ultimate
+ Awesome chaser

- Mana hungry early game
- Bad early game
- Not many viable escapes
- Has to be in close range (Can be kited and killed)
- Often forced to jungle
- You'll die if your team doesn't come in right after you Bandage Toss the enemy team.

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This is a pretty standard tank runes set. I take magic penetration on Amumu because all of his abilities scale on AP,his only AD move is his basic attack,the other runes should self explanitory. All in all,they give a nice balance early game to help dominate your lane.

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I feel a 0/21/9 mastery page is the best pick for Amumu,the 9 points in utility helps sustain mana and reduces your summoner spells' cooldowns. But if you like playing an AP Amumu you could always 9/21/0. Anyway the 21 in defense basically denies AD carries early on,and since you're on top lane,the bruisers can't scathe you with basic attacks.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport and flash are the most effective summoner spells on Amumu,to be quite honest. Teleport gives you a way to catch people off guard by teleporting to a turrent,ward,or minion. It's like an instant ganking spell. And of course flash because Amumu literally has no escapes aside from his ult,and you don't want to waste that to escape unless you really have to. Exhaust is okay if you're bad at landing bandage toss for the chaser,and it helps lock down one champion,however flash is way better for escaping,for it can outrun more than one champion.

Enemy AD Carry: I'm gonna push top lane while you guys push mid.
An Enemy Has Been Slain!

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Now here's my explanation for these items. Doran's shield + your masteries really block alot of basic attack damage,and it gives health. Boots for the speed. Warden's Mail for the core of Frozen Heart,upgrade to either Ninja or Mercury depending on the enemy team comp. Finish up Frozen Heart,it helps make the difference in wether or not your teammate lives the enemy AD Carries flurry of attacks. I take Negatron's Cloak for a better magic resist. And Giant's Belt for the added tanky value. I then upgrade my N-Cloak to Abyssal's Scepter,really great item for Amumu,tankiness and damage output,and it can help your AP carry/caster (Assuming you have one) destroy the enemy team with Abyssal Mask's passive. I then get Sunfire Cape for health and armor,it's passive isn't that great but he's always gonna be in close quarters,thus adding that extra damage.
Rod of Ages and the Enchantment:Homeguard are completely optional. RoA can be replaced by either Void Staff or Banshee's Veil,and the Enchantment can be changed to Captain to help your fellow teammates or Disortion since it helps BOTH of your spells.

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Skill Explanations

Bandage Toss - Type:Skillshot Amumu throws out a bandage,if it hits an enemy minion,passive monster,or enemy champion,Amumu will pull himself towards them while they're stunned.

Despair - Type:AoE Magic Damage Amumu cries,dealing a % of enemies maximum health while dealing extra magic damage as well.

Tantrum - Type:AoE Magic Damage Amumu throws a tantrum,unwrapping some of his bandages,dealing magic damage to those around him,if Amumu is hit,tantrum's cooldown is reduced by X seconds.

Curse of the Sad Mummy - Type:Aoe Magic Damage Stun Amumu wraps all enemies around him with bandages,stunning and dealing magic damage to them.

Bandage Toss has many usages.
    Used for initiating
    Used for chasing
    Used for flying through walls to nearby jungle camps
    Used for scaring the opponent away from their farm

Despair is Amumu's scaring skill.
    Used for scaring the opponent away from their farm
    Drains a % of their health + AP dmg
    Too good for jungling

Tantrum is Amumu's main disrupting ability and poke.
    Reduces physical damage on Amumu,making him that much more tankier
    Spammable in teamfights
    Nice damage output
    That cooldown reduction whenever he gets hit :3.

Curse of the Sad Mummy is Amumu's ult,it heavily disrupts and destroys teams.
    Destroys enemies in teamfights
    Only possible escape when there are no jungle camps nearby
    AoE Stun
    Fun to see people just get annihilated during the stun.

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Laning Phase

In the laning phase,Amumu should be taking hits from the enemy champion(s),and returning it with tantrum,of course,not taking damage is nice too. If you're with a partner,let them last hit,and you can farm when they aren't there (A.K.A. Recalling or in another lane to assist a teammate.)
You could try to harass and poke with your Q+W+E combo,but it would only work if they let you land your Q.

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Creeping / Jungling

Amumu shouldn't be getting alot of last hits if he's laning with someone,which I like laning with friends,jungle wise,you just use despair and tantrum,bandage toss to initiate. Despair and tantrum does clear minion waves awfully fast,allowing you to push if unattended,and even still you can push. Just don't let them farm under their turrent,but if it's late game,RAWR AMUMU TAKES 10 TURRENT HITS,MURDER ENEMY CHAMPION BY HUGGING,AND THEN GETS THE FUDGE OUT OF THERE.

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TEAMFIGHTSSSSS! Amumu is probably one of the best teamfighters I've seen,here's how it goes. Bandage toss an enemy champion or minion to initiate or get closer respectively. Have despair on when you bandage toss. Start throwing tantrums,and when the time comes for that teamfight,ULTIMATE!!!!! Stun all or most of their team,and proceed to destroy.
Here's the thing,they either don'tfocus you and take all that despair and tantrum damage + Sunfire Cape damage. If they dofocus you,you can spam tantrum and murder them quickly. Thus puts opponents in a predicament.

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So basically,Amumu's a tanky little mummy who can take damage,gank,deal loads of damage,chase very well,and can overall win teamfights. There isn't much to him. Although I play defensive early game,aggressive mid game,and whatever I feel like lategame. Don't initiate without your team close by,if they can't get to you in time,welp,you should know how a 5v1 works out and they all focus you. You'll only be able to throw out 1-3 Tantrums depending on how they build.

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Some Combos to help FORCE your enemies to give you hugs.

Basic Combo: Q + W + E

Initiating Combo: W + Q + E (+ R if teamfight)

Poke: W + E

Harass: E + W + Q + E + E

Chasing: W + Q + Q