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Master Yi Build Guide by pdt1558

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pdt1558

Headhunter YI

pdt1558 Last updated on July 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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"The art of Wuju lives on in Master Yi, and is plunged through the hearts of his foes."

-Soraka, the Starchild

Keeper of the ancient art of Wuju, Master Yi is a mystical warrior from the isle of Ionia. He descended from one of the few tribes dedicated to the preservation of Wuju, a martial art founded with the principles of absolute spiritual awareness of one's self and one's enemy. When the armies of Noxus invaded Ionia, Master Yi joined in the Ionian defense to fight the craven enemy, bringing his village honor through his unparalleled mastery of the blade. The ensuing battles ravaged the land, but no conflict inflicted as much horror as the day the armies of Noxus closed in on Yi's village. Left undefended, the village became the unfortunate test subject of the latest invention by an up-and-coming chemist, now known as Singed. The remains of the village that Master Yi returned to were so horrific that it remains a festering scar on Ionian history. To this day, no Ionian will ever publicly speak of what occurred.

After the Noxian invasion was contained, Master Yi fell into a deep isolation. For years, he trained morning to night, speaking to no one and refusing offers of consolation by fellow Ionians. The only thing stopping him from madly charging into Noxus battle lines headfirst was his pledge to keep the Wuju style alive. Even though he seethed with impatience, his rage became a tool for sharpening his practice of Wuju, developing stronger and deadlier skills for his eventual vengeance. The only thing that roused him was news of the League's formation, and Noxus's subsequent enrollment in the League. Master Yi now brings his mastery of the blade to the League of Legends with unflinching purpose: to avenge his kinfolk and end the predations of the Noxus once and for all.

"The art of Wuju lives on in Master Yi, and is plunged through the hearts of his foes."

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Okay so there are a ton of master yi builds but i have played him alot when i was new and used alot of builds but never found one that worked for me, i went back to playing him again a while back and found my own build. The first part of my build starts with his speed, i like to be able to get anywhere on the map fast, be able to gank at my will and flee when trying to be ganked. The second is the AD/AS i know that AP Master Yi can be fun and dangerous but not near as OP as this build. Also anyone who spamms Phantom Dancers is ridiculous. The last is the Lifesteal, I can get in a nasty team fight go to the jungle kill some minions, be at full health again and be back before the fight is over and clean up.

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With the runes that i have chosen there is only one toss up, Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed boost early on is insane, you can get the from the jungle, gank a lot more and get the last hit on the guy who is running away without having to buy boots as your first item, with Greater Quintessence of Life Steal you can stay in lanes or jungle forever and only go back to buy stuff. the Greater Mark of desolation is a no brainer and the others are just to jump the attack speed early on and get kills fast and feed your Sword of the Occult

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The masteries have a small give and take because i chose to not put a point on smite and insted went 21-0-9 to get the movement speed and get the buff duration.

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along with any build there are alot of in game changes that will need to be made but most of the time i stick with this sequence because the movement speed, but if there playing super d or find that there slow go ahead and grab B. F. Sword before Zeal and put Infinity Edge before Phantom Dancer other than that its solid. there is not any defence items in this build and it is simple, if they cant catch you they cant hit you and even with a ton of defence if its 3v1 or more your prolly dead if you get cc'ed anyways. If your in good position this doesn't happen.
I have noticed that some if your playing a game in which you notice your not getting alot of the kills or the team is super tanky so you cant get the kills or you are not jungling, i skip the Sword of the Occult and go strait to Berserker's Greaves

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Skill Sequence

Most people like to go with wuju style first and lvl it up as fast a possible but i think its not a needed as some think, with it being my number 2 i always get more jungle crits with alpha strike and with that extra jungle damage you lvl up and get gold so much faster, with going with alpha strike then wuju then alpha again i can clear the first half of the jungle with only a vamp scepter. said and done

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Summoner Spells

there is only one thing to change if you are using this build. if someone else is jungling then get Exhaust instead of Smite, the other are pointless for master yi,unless if you know that you are the solo top then you can get Teleport for him so you can get back but its not really needed if you get your lifesteal

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i have noticed that alot of people are auto attacking all the time, its pointless unless you are one hitting all of the minions, move around alot and last hit, you take less damage and get secured kills on all the minions insead of dealing all the damage and your minions getting the kill and it is harder for your opponent to get you with spells and hits

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oh yeah DONT DIE, one big key is stacking your Sword of the Occult that puts your ad at 490 instead of 390 with full stacks and 15% movement speed, you will me a ninja pop in and kill everyone and gone before they can see who did it, also start ganking asap the more ganks the better and spread it out w/o a pattern to make sure they dont expect it, also a good tank should let you last hit champs so you get fed faster so make sure to repay them by helping out alot