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Hecarim Build Guide by SkyxPrince

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkyxPrince

Hecarim - He can be OP?!

SkyxPrince Last updated on May 6, 2012
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hey guys. :D this is kinda my first build and i hope it comes to use to you. I was trying to figure out a good build for him by experimenting with 3 Zeal and that only worked half of the time but after playing multiple games, i found out that he can be REALLY OP. o.O i was blown away by how my whole team was taking on this enemy fed Hecarim that was jumping out of a bush then killed us off one by one as he trampled us and trotted away. He wasn't fed to begin with but he pulled off the best ganks ALONE. He was literally the 1 man army. It was kinda scary. Now, i may not be a skilled summoner but the build alone made him really strong. I'm pretty sure in the hands of a true Hecarim master, i'm sure he'll be three times as devastating. (for those with an attention span of a goldfish, i will keep the descriptions sweet and simple and right to the point)

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Now each item that i place in this build serves purpose in making Hecarim all the more OP:

Hecarim is amazing at farming as he is if you spam Rampage at the right times. This just makes it 2x easier and less of a hassle.

As you already know, his passive Warpath seems useless but if you watch his attack damage scale when using Devastating Charge, his first hit can jump to 200+ damage. If you combine that with Boots of Mobility, it's amazing one hit can do.

Like Boots of Mobility your best damage is done in your first hit because you have Warpath + Devastating Charge + Boots of Mobility. If you get Sheen or Trinity Force, imagine how big that first hit will be.

If Rampage is not doing enough damage, The Brutalizer is just what you need. Not to forget the cooldown for your q and your ultimate. At this point, everyone is too scared to encounter you in lane because you'll wreck them with your first hit plus your Rampage.

To build up your movement speed and attack speed. It also gives you the chance to throw Sheen's ability more often.

The movement speed and attack speed active ability on Hecarim is self-explanatory.

At this point, it's probably late game and you don't know what to buy. Might as well add on your basic attack's damage. Am I right? ;)

All the items you currently have give Hecarim one hell of a burst first hit. Might as well throw some lifesteal to stay in the fights longer. After that, you're untouchable.

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Skill Usage

May seem like a useless passive but it comes in handy in ganks. It'll force you to build movement speed and reach your targets faster. Not to forget the part that "ignores unit collision" (no more "annoying minion" excuses! YAY!)

One of the best abilities that work hand in hand with Sheen or Trinity Force. You spam this, you spam Sheen's damage ability. I'd use this mostly to farm but when chasing enemies, spam the button until they're dead or until your q button breaks.

The damage on Spirit of Dread might seem small but when you're chasing someone who's a second from death, you can nab the kill before they get away. In combination with Rampage, it makes it a good healing source on minions.

This is what makes Hecarim scary to encounter. Make good use of this, you'll dominate wherever you go. What you do is you wait in a bush and wait for boots of mobility to activate. once you see a team fight, you activate Devastating Charge, activate Ghost, and upon impact, use Rampage. By this time, your opponent will probably be at 25% health and you can finish them off with another Rampage. (of course you don't use it on a tank unless their health is REALLY LOW).

This ability is too amazing for words. it's like Shaco's Jack In The Box + Shyvana's Dragon's Descent. Jump through walls aimed on front of enemy champs blocking off their escape while and fearing them away from you so they either run in to your chasing teammates or just back to delay their escape. BE-WARNED Flash at the very last second or any teleporting ability can dodge this if it does not reach in time. Use it wisely. It's even better if you have Devastating Charge activated. When you activate Devastating Charge and you ult on front of them, they will be feared and will run the opposite direction. Then if you use your devastating charge's first hit on your target, they will be pushed back even more. but again, use this wisely.

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Pros / Cons


  • AMAZING at ganks
  • Defends teammates well
  • Crowd Control is RIDICULOUS
  • Farms well
  • AMAZING Mobility

  • Squishy early game
  • Large body
  • Ult can be countered easily
  • Focused easily

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Some people underestimate Hecarim but once he's fed, he's not something you want to mess with. But buying items to keep him fed is another thing. The build is the same, just slightly more different. What i've found from using Hecarim i tend to get 1650 gold very easily if i kill enough people early game. that's y i put B. F. Sword as the first item. after that, going back to your turret might be a pain in the butt which explains the boots next. Sheen compliments your damage you already have from the early B. F. Sword. then Vampiric Scepter helps you stay in lane longer so u can farm. then after that, it's all down hill from there.