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Hecarim Build Guide by Juiget

Hecarim: Reaping from the Jungle - A In-Depth Jungle Guide

Hecarim: Reaping from the Jungle - A In-Depth Jungle Guide

Updated on April 22, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Juiget Build Guide By Juiget 5 5 13,848 Views 28 Comments
5 5 13,848 Views 28 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Juiget Hecarim Build Guide By Juiget Updated on April 22, 2012
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Those who downvote for the reason of just checking the item purchase order and masteries should have their souls raped by Hecarim

Welcome to my Hecarim Guide! ^^,

This is a jungle guide for Hecarim. I've tried out a few different things on him since the release and I think this build is the most suited for him. The build itself contains a large amount of damage and more than enough utility and survival to be able to get in and out of all different kind of situations.
All games above are level 30 normal games (1 ranked)
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Pros / Cons


- Very mobile
- Great in teamfights
- Strong mid/late game
- Great escape (speed)
- Not very team dependant
- Great damage and survivability
- Fun to play!


- Weak earlygame
- Average jungle speed
- A bit mana thirsty without blue early/mid game
- Takes some time to master good ganks

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Here's the list of items that I strongly recommend on Hecarim!
Mercury's Treads - Best boots in the game. Gives you a bit of Magic Resist and that awesome tenacity to get out of CC. Boots of Swiftness can be situational, but I hardly doubt that the enemy team will have zero Crowd Control.

Wriggle's Lantern - A great item on almost every jungler. Almost a must have for AD Junglers such as and and obviously also on . Gives great jungle speed while barelly losing any health while clearing it. If the game continues long enough, this can and should be replaced with

Shurelya's Reverie - Many might think this is a item for supports only. I think not. By buying a early Philosopher's Stone after Wriggle's Lanterm you both gain some minutes of gold per 5 and less time needing to go back between jungling and ganking. The good thing about Shyrelya's Reverie is the activate. The extra movementspeed grants him not only a even greater speed than his E Ability Devastating Charge gives him, but also a bit of extra attackdamage due to his passive Warpath

Trinity Force - Hecarim's Mid Game main item. This gives him everything he needs to dominate. Movementspeed, slow on attacks, boosted attack when spamming his low-cooldown ability Q Rampage and much more that Hecarim strongly benefits from.

Maw of Malmortius - A fairly new item that I have taken a like for. This grants that extra damage you'll want after Trinity Force together with a great shield against the enemy team's spellcasters. It's both great survival and damage and also a bit of Magic Resist.

Phantom Dancer - Now your AD should be fairly high. Let's add some extra movementspeed, damage and a lot of attackspeed to that so no one can escape you. And I really mean that no one escapes. When you reach this item, you can reach sick amounts of speed. If you would feel that you have no problem what so ever keeping up with enemies and you feel a little squishy, feel free to change this item spot for a defensive item matching the enemy setup and damage source.

The Bloodthirster - This item is the last item, just to put some icing on the cake. Change your for this for the extra AD to finish off the game.

Situational Items
I would not recommend any of these items over any other item above except for the Phantom Dancer

Force of Nature - Grats percentage of movementspeed and a bunch of Magic Resist so you can take some more magic damage. Great item on Hecarim, but in my opinion the Magic Resist from is enough unless their whole team is magic damage based.

Frozen Heart - One hell of a item if their team's damage is mostly based of attackdamage. Slows their attacks down and also gives a good amount of cooldown reduction. You'll probably never go out of mana with this item unless you stay in battle for a really long time.

Guardian Angel - Great defensive item if you feel like you initiate all the time for your team and want to have a chance to survive afterwards. A safe card to initiate without you having to lose your life, unless your team would be stupid enough to let you initiate good without following up.

Warmog's Armor - In my opinion not worth it after so much nerf as it has gotten, but still quite a chunk of health for more survivability both in teamfights and outside.
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Greater Mark of DesolationArmor Penetration Marks for piercing through that thick tank armor and taking down squishy targets like nothing. These runes are in my opinion pretty standard for any attackdamage based champion, but can also be swapped for Flat Attackdamage Marks for easier earlygame jungling, but it will not be worth it in the length of the game.

Flat Armor Seals for easier early game jungling and durability against attackdamage based enemies.

Magic Resist/level Glyphs for survival against casters. Could be swapped for Attackspeed Glyphs, but I would not recommend it.

Movementspeed Quintessences To increase both escape and chasing purposes and making him overall more mobile. Also grants him a bit of damage, even though its sadly not very noticable earlygame as there isn't much movementspeed to be increased (Since it's increased by percentage, not flat speed)
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Summoner Spells

Smite - My Hecarim is a Jungler. It's a must have for all junglers!

Ghost - I prefer ghost over all other summoner abilities. Not only does it grant him a bunch of attack damage, but with , this item build, activate effect and his E Ability Devastating Charge Hecarim reaches SICK amounts of movementspeed, and from that a huge amount of attackdamage as well. Ghost is good for both chasing and fleeing. + usually gets you out of any situation.

Flash - I feel Flash isn't really needed on Hecarim due to his fast movement and ultimate, which can also get you out of tricky situations by simply using it over a wall. Flash isn't worth giving up Ghost for.

Exhaust - Can't compare to either Ghost nor Flash , but if no one else in the team has this, and you would feel like it's needed - Go ahead.
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Hecarim's Abilities

Here's the Champion Spotlight. Check out how his abilities work. Ignore the rest ^^
The abilities starts at 0:29 and ends at 2:02

R > Q > W > E
^ Ability Preference ^
Warpath (Passive)

This passive is great. It's what makes Hecarim be able to build more movementspeed things like Phantom Dancer without any major lack in attack damage. And like he ignores unit collision, which is awesome - Free permanent ghost effect (minus the speed)

Rampage (Q)
As said in the spotlight, Hecarim's main source of damage. Since this ability stacks up to 2 stacks which decreases it's cooldown, try have it stacked up before entering f.ex a teamfight. Let's say midgame, your team is pushing the enemy team and it's clearly going to get down soon. Go around some minions and stack it up to 2 before initiating, it'll be worth it, trust me. Take a point at level 1 and max it as soon as possible after ultimate (obviously).

Spirit of Dread (W)
This ability hasn't really impressed me that much outside of teamfights. However it's okay and brings a little health back and some AOE damage while jungling. In team fights it's great. I max it second.

Devastating Charge (E)
Hecarim's utility/burst ability. This ability increases his movementspeed over time and is great both for escaping and initiating. However, when ganking note that this ability knocks them back. That means that if you attempt to gank, try appear behind your enemies and knock them into your teammates, otherwise you will just be doing your enemies a favor. Max this ability last.

Onslaught of Shadows (R)
Hecarim's Ultimate. I really love how they've made this one. Great initiation but also a great escape tool if necessary. With this ability Hecarim can jump through a wall to either chase or escape, or just to get away with some extra speed. Even if you would use it only a range in front of you, or above yourself, the spirit riders of the ultimate will still hit and damage all enemies within the path. However they will NOT be feared - Only the targets within the circle of the ability will be feared. Max this whenever you can.
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Start with buying Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions
Head over to the wolf camp.

#1 - Wolves
Take the first skill point into your Q (Rampage) . Ask your teammates to help you out without taking the final hit for the gold. Start off with hitting the big wolf and immediately after use Q. After that, keep using Q whenever it's up and move to the Blue Golem.

#2 - Blue Golem
Ask your teammates to leash the golem for you so you dont have to take any unnecessary damage. After pulled, open up with a auto attack followed by Q (Rampage) Pop a health potion and keep using whenever it's up. Smite it when low enough. The small monsters will be dead from your 's. You will level up, put the point in W (Spirit of Dread)

#3 - Wraiths
Nothing special. Use a health potion , activate and auto attack and hit whenever it's up. Be sure to hit all targets with it.

#4 - Small Golems
You should have around 80% health once you reach this camp. Same thing. Use a health potion , activate and after that use whenever it's up. Recall and buy your boots and a health potion if possible. After that, head over to Lizard.

#5 - Lizard
As previous camps. whenever possible, activated and up whenever possible, used, when low. After this you can either gank or continue jungling. Since you have both your E ability and Red Buff, I would advice you to head over to a lane and own some faces. Some lanes shouldn't even have gone back for their boots yet.
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Hecarim is a great champion to gank with, due to his fast movement speed and his
It's pretty simple. First off, make sure they're not too close to their turret. There's no use charging right into a turret, nor will it help your teammates to kill the enemy because the knockback will only push them further under the turret.
Start off with your E and rush towards the enemy champion. If possible, try run from behind the enemy so the pushback will be towards your teammate. While charging, you can also use your Q if you pass by minions to get up the cooldown stack. As soon as you get close to your enemy/enemies, activate W and start taking their health down with Q and auto attacks. This is pre-level 6.
At level 6, it's almost the same, except that you have two choices. Either initiate with your ultimate and during when the enemy is feared, hit E to push him against your teammates.
- OR -
Start of with only your E and if they attempt to flee with flash, ghost or their own abilities during the time you are on them with and auto attacks, Hit R to catch up with them. This does in most cases award at least one kill.
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19/4-12 - Build Created!
20/4-12 - Added played games as Hecarim with this build and updated title.
22/4-12 - Updated skill order when leveling up

Fixing minor typo's as I see them
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This is my second guide - I would appreciate if you would share your thoughts about my build with me, so feel free to comment! And also please TRY IT before voting it.

Thank you for your time checking out my build. Hope you all will enjoy Hecarim as much as I do with this Build!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Juiget
Juiget Hecarim Guide
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Hecarim: Reaping from the Jungle - A In-Depth Jungle Guide

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