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Hecarim Build Guide by ScaryGarry

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScaryGarry

Hecarim, the late game carry

ScaryGarry Last updated on February 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 3

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Hello this is ScaryGarry, and welcome to my very first guide to the great champion Hecarim. I am Gold V and I obsessed with playing this under-rated champ.

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About the Champ

Hecarim is a towering, armored specter whose name is whispered fearfully across the length and breadth of Runeterra. He patrols the Shadow Isles, running down anyone foolish enough to set foot upon its cursed soil. As the vanguard of undeath, Hecarim rides forth from the Black Mist, laughing mockingly as he tramples the living beneath his iron-shod hooves.

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Pros / Cons

-strong ganks
-good dps
-decent CC
-good engage
-good jungle clear
-STRONG late game
-weak early game
-takes a while to get full build
-not the best sustain in the jungle
-CC against Hecarim is killer

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Masteries can vary from person to person, but it important to get the Fleet Foot in the Utility for more damage into the passive.

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The Trinity force is core for Hecarim because it scales with everything in Hecarim and gives him burst. I usually rush the Trinity Force after getting my enchanting my jungling item because it gives a huge power spike for Hecarim. Iceborn Gauntletis viable, I usually get it if i fall really far behind.

Boots of Swiftness VS Murcury Treads.
I typically always go for murc treads because of the tenacity, but go for boots of swiftness if the other team is lacking any hard CC. OR you can get boots of swiftness and then get the Zephyr because that also provide tenacity. you can also go for the Mobility boots, however i don't really recommend them.

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Early Game

Early game Hecarim is pretty weak. I usually start at the gromp (smite it) ----> Blue Buff ----> wolves (it is possible to go to red buff instead of doing wolves and smite it) then base. Buy ranger's trailblazer (for more sustain and faster clear in the jungle, then switch to the enchanted stalker's blade-warrior after level 6).Red buff----> golems ----> then smite the Raptor. Farm until you reach level four and see if any lanes are gankable, if not just keep farming. Remember when E is activated always try to knock-back the enemy into your team-mates. If your team needs a tank take the Juggernaut enchantment.

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Mid-Game/ Late game

By now you have the trinity force and still a little squishy. Begin to build tanky items so that you will never die and become the not tank that your team needs, but deserves. Now that you have the trinity force you can burst champion, so don't be afraid to 1 v 1 not unless they are obviously stronger than you. Use your ult to engage with other champs on your team to wombo combo the CC (ex: Leona and Malphite). Always go for their carries and burst them down while they are feared. (activate your E before you ult to E them right after your ult). When you reach late game you are now tanky and can engage whenever without a lot of punishment.
Remember that Hec's ult can also be used to protect your carries as well, so don't be afraid to use it to fear away assassins.

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Spell Use/ Mechanics

Hecarim's ult fears people in the direction away from him, because of this always ult them where the circle's center is behind their carries so they are feared into your team.
This picture explains Hecarim's Ult pretty wellWhen fighting you can use your E as an attack reset, so.... yeah. Typical combo early game is E ----> Q (Q while in the middle of the E animation)----> W (activate W whenever, so no real order for it)
Late game combo is activate (don't tackle anybody till ult is used) E ----> R ----> Spam Q ----> and do whatever with W
Obviously you max your "Q" first for the damage. Remember to activate you "W" when when your "Q" reaches its second stack for maximum healing. I usually max my "E" second for more damage and less of a cool down on it and can gank more often.
Remember that E does more damage the more distance traveled. You will get used to how far you can activate your E from lane as you play Hecarim more.
Hecarim's E can be used with Yasuo's ult, beacause it knocks them back,so can have really with him.
Summoner Spells
obviously smite is used
Ghost - is what use most because it give Hecarim more damage and more chase
Flash - flash can also be used because it lets Hecarim stay on it targets if they flash away
Ignite - Just no

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Hecarim is weak against champions that are strong early game like Lee Sin, Vi, because they can easily take advantage of your weak early game. However you can out run away from them if you see them in the jungle and do eventually out scale them later in the game.
Hecarim also pretty weak against champions that invade often like Shaco, who can kill you easily early game.

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Future You

Obviously practice makes perfect, but someday this will be you

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Commonly asked questions when you play Hecarim

Q: are you a brony?
A: (please say) no

Q: What is Love Hecarim?
A: "Love is a lot like a backache, it doesn't show up on X-rays, but you know it's there." — George Burns (i crei evry teim)

Q: Trinity Force or Gauntlet?
A: I prefer Trin force because it make you more bursty, only go for the Gauntlet if you are far behind and your team needs a tank.

Q: Mobi Boots?
A: i don't find them useful because once you are in combat it drops to +25 movement speed Unlike any other boots is at least +45 giving less damage in your passive

Got anymore Q's? i will surely give you A's

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Hopefully this guide has been at least some what helpful you young ponies. Remember this is my first guide ever, so please give some constructive criticism. Thanks!