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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vondur

Heimer ze harrasser

Vondur Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all soon to be owning them all Heimers. I've been playing Heimer for quite a bit, starting when he had three turrets and all. Good old days. Heimerdinger is often considered low tier champ but as I play him he is very much useful in teamfights, can push lanes good, hold back attacks and kill squishy gankers which think they are in for an easy kill. Hope you can find any use in this build. I'll try make this guide short and accurate.

My main theme of play is rocket harrassing with turret and grenade defense. Sadly Heimers ulti isnt that useful unless in certain situations which happen maybe 4-5 times per 60 min game. Other skills are used much more so get them up first.

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As you probably all know by now rune builds varie alot from build to build. I prefere magic pen to hit harder with me rockets, mana regen and cooldown reduction to shoot rockets more often and bit of extra health to stay up a bit longer (so I can maybe shoot one more round of rockets). If you arent very keen on using them rockets then I suggest other champ :)

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As stated in the rune chapter masteries varie alot you should pick what fits your play. For me I find Insigh (for clarity) and Blink of an eye (Flash) very useful. Everything else that get you some AP and more magic damage is something I suggest.

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The item build shown is for pure AP kill'em all super harrasser Heimer. In some games I am the one being harrassed so I get me some armour and magic resist. I mostly go for Banshees and Force of nature of I need magic resist. If I need armor I go for Guardian angel or Thorn mail. Note that if you are not getting many kills or assist you might want to consider skipping Soulstealer.

Super AP magic penetrating harrass heimer

Versus heavy tank (When you are being harrassed)

Versus heavy caster (When you are being harrassed)

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Skill Sequence

First thing first. Get turret to get them minion kills for early cash. Then start building your rockets two levels. Get a grenade for defense (not to be used as a harrass tool yet). Get turrets asap to lvl 3 to get your 2nd turret. Get the ulti if enemy is harrassing your turrets (saves mana to ulti instead of placing a new turret). Finish your rockets and harrass your enemy with a smile. You should be have lvl 5 rockets before laning phase is over and at that time you have either gotten yourself several kills or you have sent the enemy crying to base to heal up.

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Summoner Spells

Clarity... you need the mana if you want to harrass constantly.
Flash... you use for escape, gank or if you want yo buy yourself several seconds while defending by your towers. In such cases you run away from your towers, flash to your towers again and then shoot grenade and rockets again. The whole time your turrets will be hitting the enemy and in most cases you finish them off.

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Creeping / Jungling

Heimer isnt that hot at jungling in early levels. At lvl 8 he could start jungling quite good given you get the blue aura. At lvl 11-12 you should be able to kill the gold dragon.

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Pros / Cons

-Great pusher.
-Great defender.
-Great harrasser. (rockets!)
-Great at farming minions.
-With your turrets out there are not many enemies who can gank you.
-Very good in helping team mates in team battles.
-Squishy champs stand little chance against high AP rockets.
-Can easily take mid lane or a solo double lane.
-Strong early and mid game.

-At early levels most ranged champs can easily destroy your turrets. In such cases save your mana and use it for rockets only.
-If facing two strong ranged champs ad side lanes you stand little chance.
-Weak late game compared to many other champs.
-If you die some in the beginning you might loose the chance of being strong early and mid game meaning you will be weak the whole game and therefore not as useful.
-Remember, the rockets hit the 3 neares enemy targets. Use them wisely or they will be mostly useless as a harrass tool.
-No mana = useless Heimer

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Team Work

Here is how I play in teamfights.

1) Wait till someone else initiates.
2) When battle has started throw a grenate where the main battle is. That way you can stun an enemy or two.
3) Get closer to the battle center (turret range) and shoot rockets while you get closer.
4) Place a turret.
5) Get a bit away and place another turret close to the first one (if you have your 2nd turret available that is).
6) Throw in another grenade.
7) Shoot more rockets.
9) Use ulti if a turret is going down.
10) Repeat step 5-9 till you are dead or your team won.

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Oh no I'm being chased. What to do?

Weaker opponents.
1) Place turrets and wait for the enemy.
2) If they are crazy enough to engage, rockets and grenades till they die or run away.

Stronger opponents.
1) Place turrets and keep on running.
2) Use rockets to soften the enemy and grenades to slow them down.
3) Use flash if enemy is gaining on you.

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Oh no I'm being ganked. What to do?

I use same tactic with an friendly tower in range or not. Same tatic works if more than one champ is attacking you.

1) Place a tower.
2) Rockets.
3) Grenade and stun the ganker.
4) Place another tower.
5) Run around like a screaming lil girl.
6) Shoot rockets and grenades whenever they are ready.
7) If you are loose run away and let the enemy chase you.
8) Flash back to your turrets.
9) Last set of rockets and grenade should do the trick.
10) Return to base, lick your wounds and buy something for your reward.

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Oh no I can't handle the lane. What to do?

Stay back, place turrets a little bit behind the lane turret. Use rockets whenever you can to harrass. That should do the trick. If not, get a team mate to switch lanes with you.

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Ranked Play

To be honest Heimer isn't very popular in ranked games. I've prooven that Heimer is a useful champ which is very underrated. Heimer has what it takes to do some good in ranked games and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Proove them wrong!