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Orianna Build Guide by TaintedxSouL

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TaintedxSouL

HERO READ THIS i changed everything for you

TaintedxSouL Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Updates and Improvements

6/3/11-Removed Mejai's from the build list. Listed as optional in the items selection and also conflicted with being too much to buy in the beginning

6/4/11-Added a new section called "New Experiments and ideas". Added Summoner Spells. Removed Sapphire crystal after boots in the build.

6/5/11-Included a new build and a new section for it... Included requirement to comment or vote for reasons that I am wondering why people would vote down so I know how I can improve

6/14/11- ADDED A SCREEN SHOT AT THE END. Added Icons. Added Explanations for the second build.
MORE TO COmE I Promise, I just need other people to view it.

6/15/11- Made a major change to the item build of the AP one. It was too generic and look at the crazy thing I did. Also Removed item choices at the moment while I think and change about everything.

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Hello, this will be my first ever build, but I will accept any criticism that you give to me. Lets start of with identifying what kind of player I am. For me I am a support caster. I don't want to be the one who heals and protects but doesn't do too much damage, I want to be both. For me my mains are Karma, Sona, Lux, and my newest one Orianna. For me all these heroes are wonderful and can save people's lives with shields, slows, and stuns. I am used on having to move quickly and serve as a shield when team fights started. When I first saw Orianna I was interested at what she could do and so I decided to buy her. At the start, I was a bit rusty and had some bad games. But after my first 2 or 3 games, I started dabbling
with some items to create a champion I enjoyed.

For me Orianna is a great farmer with Zone control abilities. Orianna has potential to be an amazing support which can help bring foes to a stop. As I started with Orianna, I noticed how she became mana hungry in the beginning of the game, and so I decided to use clarity. Orianna's skills is hard to get to the enemy if it is far from them, especially if they have boots. That's why I boost my self with Dissonance and start using your abilities. Orianna is great with protecting and boosting champions to the enemy. Also, another thing I noticed was the every game, I had the most assists in the beginning and more kills in the end, which showed me that her potential lies of what the enemy formation is. Orianna's job is to protect and support the team in capturing all enemies with her shockwave and slow, while grabbing some kills for her self with her ball.

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Her Skills

Orianna has a unique set of skills which allow her to move her ball around and and activating her skills near the ball protecting, slowing, and pulling all enemies. Understanding her abilities and controlling her ball will be a factor if you will do good, or simply fail.

-Clockwork Roundup- This is Orianna's passive, it's practically the more you attack the enemy the stronger your attacks get, and it increases as your ability power increases.

-Command Attack- This is her main skill in zoning controls and scouting. You can throw it around you dealing damage to everyone it passes through, but decreases 10% every time it hits someone minimum 40%. This ability is great for scouting, farming, and killing enemies. This ability will be needed to find the right position to be able to be effective.

-Command Dissonance- This is your boost or your enemy's trap to their doom. This skill is has the ability to slow and hurt anyone around the ball, which can also increase movement speed for your team who ever passes it. This skill can go great for harassing enemies in the beginning after Command attack and trapping enemies throughout the game from slow movement and the enemies advancing with a faster pace. This is one of her great skills which allows her to harass and control the lane.

-Command Protect- This skill is the "Thank you", "Save me!", or harassing tool for the enemies. This skill protects teammates from damage and also sticks to them until they get out of range or you move it away from them. As it is connected with a Champion, their Magic resist and defense increases and you can use your skills on him when it is there. Great for defensive and offensive when you stick it to a carry and boost them and damage them with ult and Command Dissonance.

-Command Shockwave- I love her ultimate and there are many reasons why. As the enemy starts harassing you and grouping up, and your team is right behind you or hiding, you can initiate with this skill after using command attack and pulling them to the ball, but be careful because a misplaced ult or command attack can lead to disaster. This ability is also great for pushing away enemies and pulling them too the tower if the get too aggressive.

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Laning Phase

-Beginning of the game-

At the beginning of the game, you should have command attack. Buy Sapphire Crystal and 2 health potions. I get this item to build for my tear for a bit more mp and this will help you harass a bit more. If you are in top or bottom, you can use the skill to scout bushes or attack enemies without being hurt. Your job in the beginning of the game is to farm and harass. With her ball you can push it behind the creeps and let it stay there while you kill a few creeps. When they are in the range of Command Attack use the ball to hit them and if your are 2, use Command Dissonance. It won't deal as much damage if they are tanky people, but it pushes them away from the lane for a bit for you to farm more. Also you can use the ball to kill creeps which is amazing or put in the bush if they try to hide in one because you can see the ball. For me, I usually have more creep kills than the enemy or my teammate because I am dominating the lane. Also you become very mana hungry during the beginning, even with clarity, you lose a lot of mana, but you have a good amount of mana regen to get you a couple of nice creep kills. If you have a teammate, then they should be helping you harass and deal damage. Ball placement is important and wont do to much damage right through the creeps wave so you should keep it in the back to protect damage the enemy a bit more without the 10% reduction. You should have boots and Mejai (Mejai is an optional Item, If you don't want to risk chances you can go buy Catalyst, because it would be fine)

Middle throughout the end

By now you should have a Rabadons Cap or if you needed to, a Banshee veil. You should be initiating the fight or going in after someone initiate to stun them, but be sure to stay in the back. You can take some damage but not all, if they start to target you, and you have used up all your skills, you can die or run with dissonance. Start it off by either harassing with the ball or let the initiator or carry get the ball with Command Protect and boost them, when they get to the battle, use your ultimate and bam they are all grouped up. Soon you should farm for all of your items, scouting and ganking with your team and Luckily win the match or use skill

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Summoner Spells


Ghost-Great for boosting your self to catch the enemy or run away, great with Dissonance, or when the enemy has stunned you when you activated Dissonance.

Clarity-At the beginning of the game you can get mana hungry a lot, but you can have clarity so you can still farm and stay in the lane. I also realized that you don't have to get it, in my other build in the experiments, but I think it would be fine if you didn't use Clarity as a summoner Spell

Flash-Catching enemies with your ball and also for ganks and running away

Exhaust- Great offensive spell to even slow the enemy even more and damaging them too.

Ignite-True damage, hurts pretty Bad

Clairvoyance-Umm great for support games?? This would be another build or guide, but if you really insist.....

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color=red] [/color]-Beginning so you can farm a bit more and harass

- To help increase your mana and stop being mana hungry so often.

- Speed and fast CD reduction for your ult and ball

Catalyst the Protector- Builds into Banshee and great for some health and mana

- Ability power for spell and shield. I like to get this first because she needs a bit more damage and shield for her teammates because of the cost of leveling shield last, a bit of ability power will make it stronger

Archangels staff or Banshee (choose what is needed first)- Arch angel to create more ability powe size=150]r and mana, or banshee to protect your self from stuns and spells and increasing your magic resistance

Rylai's Crystal Staff- slowing enemies down with your ball even more without using Command Dissonance.

Optional Items

Mejai- In the beginning of the game, as it is shown in the build list, you can get a sapphire crystal then get Mejais before Catalyst for a bit more ability power with all the assists, but only get this item if you are sure that your teams has chances and it seems it will turn out good.

Staff of Ages- Ummmm, for a bit of utility with Health, Ability Power, and Health.

Sorcerer's Boots- Instead of CD reduction you can get penetration for the enemy.

Utilites and Defensive items, you can get items like that for life and survivability but this build focuses on damaging and helping teammates and your self from being mana hungry or be killed.

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Orianna is a great support and zone controller. She has the ability to protect their teammates and help them catch their opponents and help the fight. She uses great Aoe abilities and her ball to farm and harass throughout the game and slowing enemies and helping teammates control the fights. Thank you for reading my build, and I hope you try and Like it

Stats I have had (because I don't know how to Insert pictures or add any) From oldest at the bottom to the latest.

W=win L=lose
6/5/11-11/4/18 W Used the same build in the experiments and ideas
7/3/17 W-See first Experiments and Ideas
4/4/11 W
5/4/15 L (Another ranked game, did good in support and damaging, but we did not prevail)
13/2/17 W
17/5/16 w
17/11/18 W
13/6/26 W
6/2/18 W
8/4/13 W

9/5/6 L (Mean Team)
7/10/26 L (fist ranked game)

I have other games, but I can't see it anymore


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New Experiments and Ideas

-Me mid vs Morde
-Outcome-win 4v5
-Final Stats-7/3/17

Item Build-From the Start to the end

-Meki Pendant with 2 health potions
-fiendish Codex
-Ionian boots of Ludcity
-Lich Bane
-Recurve Bow
-Then was going for Sword of Divine but game stopped
(6/5/11 Instead of Divine, maybe choose rage blade and then rabadons)
1.913 attack speed in the end

Top-Garen VS Morgana
Mid-Orianna Vs Morde
Bot- Lee Sin and Twisted VS Malphite and Mundo
Jungling-Enemy Trynd

The game started with me calling to be mid and our Mundo quitting. Our team consisted of me, Garen, Lee sin, and Twisted Fate. The enemy team included Morde, Morgana, Malphite, Mundo, and Tryndamere. So it began with tf and garen searching the jungle for tryndamere and luckily found him at the red buff and received first blood, Garen recieving the red buff as well. They all returned to their original lanes and farmed. For me as mid, I was farming, trying to at least get as much creep kills as morde as you know how he has the shield and hurtful skills. For me, I knew I also had to harass, I had to time my attacks and abilities when his shield was low and he had no creeps and so I used Command Attack then Dissonance, I also did that even when there were creeps, but after he used skills which proved to helped me get my normal attacks through him. Soon after all the harassing, Garen comes and ganks mid from top almost killing mord with his 70 life. Even with that he stayed in the lane and farmed, but even though he farmed, I was able to luckily and skillfully kill him. Attacking him and running to the enemies forest near blue. I knew he could chase after me, and I had no mana except for one Command Attack and 1 exhaust. He had ignite. I ran to the bush, with a 50/50 chance of surviving, exhaust, command attack, and normal attack which almost lead me to my death, but I survived with less than 50 hp, shield ccoming back in time for his ignite. After that He called Orianna a broken hero and how she was another one of those, and of course I defended her, and also saying speak for your self. LOL. Ok,

-My item course Results-
During the game because of my high attack speed and shen. I was able to deal a lot of burst damage even with my skills against all those tanky people and still be able to attack and deal a good amount of damage to the enemy with normal attack. I say even though Mord tried to tower dive me and Tf with full life while we were low, we stunned and I bursted him and killed him, saving Twisted Fate's life with shield. And Morde's last stat was 3/10/?Over 5 Less than 10. Morde just called orianna a broken hero and Called me a Cambo which I am not. haha Oh how I love how sore losers can get so Aggravated.

So I found and experimented on a new build with Orianna and excelled with it. Hoping to make improvements, you can switch either from the build I used in this game or my original one and you can change and fix it any way you want. Either from an attackspeed damage, to a high ap nuker, change it anyway you want, tell me in the comments how you feel about this guide and what you feel should be changed, thank you

And quoting with my teammate TKguybelow who played Twisted Fate
"Lady Luck is Smiling"

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Second Build

Okay, this is practically a continuation to my "Experiment and Ideas". So after experimenting a bit more on the build, I found that Orianna can deal great normal damage and reduce their armor while still having the right amount of burst damage to help her get her kills. She could easily be deadly with sheen or Lich bane with enormous attack speed and penetrating attacks, while your skills deal more damage from the MR reduction and still deal burst damage, great for Alistar. She has the power to let her ball deal good damage to the enemy and following up with a charged sheen or lich bane.

So we start of with a meki pendant and 2 life potions. Your Summoner spells flash and exhaust. (See I found out she didn't need Clarity) So the games begin with the same tips I gave you throughout the guide, but this just has a different Item build and ideas. So After you have farmed up you have a normal boots and Fiendish Codex. After fiendish you get Ionian Boots of Lucidity. As you can see from this, you already have a 35 or more % of CD reduction giving you the chance of using your spells a lot. That will become 40 After getting Nashor's Tooth later in the game. After boots you can get sheen to make your normal attack deal damage after using a spell, great after using command attack or dissonance. Because of the fast cds, you can have sheen used a lot. After that item, you should get Malady, this item can help you deal more damage for your spells and attack and help you gain attack speed. After having that damage, finish fiendish codex and buy Nashor's tooth, this will increase your cd, but I know it isn't needed but it is great for attack speed. After this you should get Lich bane, I know its not a lot of AP, you should have around 171 AP at this time depending on runes and Masteries. Even with that, you still deal around 220 damage with normal attack then add up Malady and Your Passive and it can deal around 300 damage. That hurts especially with your spells. After this get Rabadons to increase your Lich bane and AP so skills and attack will deal damage. Then Sword of divine if you actually are able to get there for 100 damage and penetration. I might change that but It's practically a whatever you want Item there. Thank you for reading this other guide

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Second Build Items

This is actually the build I prefer to use the most. I have experimented with it just a bit more and changed a couple of things. Not that much but I have tried.

Summoner Spells= Flash and exhaust.

This is the basic item in the beginning. Since she won't have as much mana, she can use this item to receive a good sum of mana as she harasses.

Boots=Sorcerer's Boots Instead of my original CDR reduction boots, I found out it isn't needed as much with your runes and nashors tooth. So The more Magic Penetration, the stronger your spells and normals attack can deal.

This item is after boots to give you a good amount of mana regen and cooldown reduction to help you spam your skills a bit more. This item is great because it can give you an equal amount of Mana Regen, CDR, and small AP.

This is the item after the codex and boots. This item can go great with your spamming of skills and following up double damage attacks. I love sheen because it can help you deal a good amount of damage to the enemy after you used your skills to slow and damage your opponent.

This item, as it is used in a lot of the other builds is actually very good. It has the ability to reduce the enemy's magic armor and help you deal a bit more damage with every attack. This also helps you with the attack speed giving you at least 1.3 attackspeed or more. This is great for damage champions who have a good amount of armor.

This item can give you your 25 CDR which will make your CDR more than 35%. Did I also not mention its amazing power to increase your attack speed to more than 1.5. This item is great for increasing your attackspeed and the pace for using all your skills.

This is one of the changes. Instead of going lich bane, I decided she needed a bit more AP before she can commit to lich bane. If you didn't get rabadons before lich bane, the extra damage would be around 171 or more damage. This skill will also strengthen your skills and passive so its actually very strong.

This item will destroy all the squishy opponents. With over 450 Ability power you can destroy enemies with your standard combo of Command Attack, Dissonance, Ultimate, Then your Amazing damage. Even after Lich bane, you have the fast attackspeed and damage to bring your opponent down with normal attacks.

Guinsoo Rageblade If you actually gotten this far then wow. You usually don't get enough time to get this item. In the end, its actually a free for all item. You can choose from Attackpeed damage items or even more ap. This item is just the combination of everything

Just another reminder, A couple of practices and getting used to her can lead you to