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Master Yi Build Guide by Mr Wuju

Jungle HoB Yi to dominate from start to finish in S.11

Jungle HoB Yi to dominate from start to finish in S.11

Updated on January 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr Wuju Build Guide By Mr Wuju 21 0 37,021 Views 0 Comments
21 0 37,021 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr Wuju Master Yi Build Guide By Mr Wuju Updated on January 13, 2021
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Hail of Blades
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 52%
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Jungle Role Ranked #42 in
Jungle Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

HoB Yi to dominate from start to finish in S.11

By Mr Wuju
I'm Mr Wuju, "mister" cuz I'm way too old for this...
This ain't nothing fancy, nothing in-detail, just a quick guide of my way of playing Master Yi jungle, with Hail of blades.
Ignite or Flash?
Yi becomes a destruction force only after a few items, I take ignite over flash to make him good at dueling and jng invades right from the start. That being said, although you can dodge alot of cc with q, into some enemy comps, flash is a MUST, decide wisely!
Take flash if the enemy team can lock you down with a lot of cc, especially if they have a wombo-combo and you can't get hit by any cc or else you'll never get out of their cc chain.
Starting items
Red smite and refill pot is almost always the best option for Yi. I always place the yellow trinket defending the jng entrance on the oposite side from where I start, after that I back and swap to sweeper, since I tend to invade early a lot to put that ignite threat to good use, and for that, knowing you're not seen is vital! If I get first blood kill invading level 1, I always buy a dagger and control ward, way better than just longsword.
Duskblade build
This is my favourite build for Yi in season 11, although it may look like it's meant for squishier enemy teams, the amount of damage you deal even to tanks with just the lethality from Duskblade and Collector is insane! However, it requires a different playstyle, with this you are a burst 1-shot type assasin, not a fighter, you can't take a lot of risks, you cannot get too behind in levels! Beserkers is a must, as you get 0 attack speed from items. I do not like Navori, it used to be the core of this build as 2nd or 3rd item, when I stopped buying it I didn't miss it at all, not even once. In teamfights you must always focus the lowest hp enemy, as you will 100-0 them with just q+aa even with just the first 2 items, from that point Duskblade invisibility will win you the fight! If the game lasts, swap boots for Phantom dancer, or if there's 1 enemy perma-killing you, Death's dance for AD, Wit's end for AP.
Kraken slayer build
This build melts tanky teams, it's the best one no doubt, for the traditional Yi playstyle - you go in and auto-attack them to death, sustaining through all their dmg with your Bork and rav. hunter lifesteal, your q is just for dodging cc, or to follow their flash/dash. CARE, if you buy Kraken-Rageblade-Bork, get Armor or MR boots, don't buy beserkers or any other attack speed item from there on, as you will have more than enough! I like going Steraks+Stoneplate as last items as the first 3 items give you all the dmg you need, and with these last 2 you will be unkillable. You can also buy Rav.hydra or Bloodthirster as last item if you want more life-steal sustain, or as always, for super fed enemy threats, Death's dance or Wit's end. If the game lasts, I finish with even more durability, swaping boots for Force of nature or Dead man's, depending if they have more AP or AD.
Situational - Defensive
Serpent's Fang is an amazing item vs a lot of shielding abilities on the enemy team - against such comps I sometimes even buy it 2nd item, try it out, you'll imediatly feel the diference! Death's dance and Wit's end self-explanatory. Lord Dominik's for more than 1 tank on the enemy team. Mortal Reminder for crazy healing (Olaf, Red Kayn, Trundle, Yumi, Soraka, multiple Goredrinkers, etc.) and Qss if there is 1 hard cc you must avoid at all costs (Malz R, Skarner R, Rammus taunt, etc.)
Clear and gameplay
Here's a few tips for the early game, keep in mind, these work for me (Plat elo), try them on, but find your own way depending on your playstyle and elo:

Early clear tips:
I almost always play extremely aggressive right from the start, that's why for me HoB and ignite are my go to 9 out of 10 times. I always start red buff.

If it's a top leash, I invade enemy blue level 2 and take it right away with smite. If the enemy jng does full clear on his bot side, or isn't a fast clearer and does red-wraiths-wolves, then I have enough time to also take gromp right away, get lev 3, and wait for him to facecheck me in his blue buff bush, 9 out of 10 times ignite helps me win the 1v1 easily.

If it's a bot leash and he starts red buff, I mirror the above situation invading his blue. If he started blue buff, I go from my red straight to his red, take it and just like before, wait for him to facecheck me at his red buff bush, having also taken the big krug if he full-clears his bot side. Red buff vs blue buff, I win the 1v1 even easier.

Warning!!! Every time I invade level 2 I'm constantly watching the minimap for signs of his laners moving cuz I went over a ward, and get the hell out of there if that's the case. If the laners start to move only when he facechecks me and I engage him, it's more than likely that I kill him before the enemy mid gets there, sometimes I even get the kill on the enemy mid as well, cuz I'm level 3 Yi with Hail of Blades and red buff!

If you like this type of early invades practice first in normals to make sure your reactions to enemy colapsing are top-notch, cuz if you die invading and don't get any kill you'll be very behind and unless they throw it will be hard to come-back!


Gameplay tips:
Every time you see the enemy jng ganking top or bot, stop whatever you're doing and: take all his oposite side jng / place deep wards / take drake or herald / gank oposite side lane. Always be on the look-out for counterganks, as these are much more efective than usual ganks - watch your overextended laners and instead of thinking "they're gonna die to enemy jng in no time", be there to turn the fight whenever possible! Always take the enemy jng's camps if you have the oportunity, he'll lose gold but more important,xp! Do not leave the base without a control ward whenever you have gold for it, I tend to put them in passage bushes deep into his jng, not in the obvious ones like trybush or river bush.

Never engage with Q unless Q+aa will delete the first guy you hit (Duskblade build). Sometimes, going only for the fed adc or fed mage it's suicide if they position well, as you'll get killed or stuned before you can reach them. If that's the case, many times I focus the guy with the cc that can lock me down, as this will make him panick and use his cc too early making it easier to dodge it with my Q. Remember, focusing the main dmg dealer is important, but avoiding cc for a Yi is vital! Also, don't be afraid to hit the tank in the frontline if 1 or 2 aa on him will help you get your Q back faster so you can then use it to jump on the adc. Supports that amp-up their adc's stats are always a priority to focus as well: ex. you always die to vayne/ashe/aphelios/kaisa/ezreal cuz their nami/lulu/soraka/sona/janna is perma-healing/shielding/buffing them - well then kill that support first! Many times it's a lot easier to kill the adc if you first get the supp out of the way!

Final tip: Master Yi tends to atract a lot of flame and negativity, Do Not spam ping your team or flame them in chat at all, if it helps disable chat from setings!

GL HF and remember: "A true master is an eternal student"
League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr Wuju
Mr Wuju Master Yi Guide
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HoB Yi to dominate from start to finish in S.11

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