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Amumu Build Guide by HoNSol0

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoNSol0


HoNSol0 Last updated on July 6, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Amumu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiddlesticks Fiddle is really squishy. If you can land your Q or Ult on Fiddle then you will probably oneshot him.
Evelynn Squishy target; if you land your q then you can beat her pretty handily;
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Hey guys, this is your boy HoNSol0, high Challenger player in North America.

The easiest way to learn FULL AP AMUMU is to see him in action, so I'd like to start out this guide with a video I made highlighting his potential:

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All jungle monsters do PHYSICAL damage so armor helps you take a lot less damage in the jungle. Also, armor seals are the most cost efficient for flat armor, which is why you will see almost every jungler run 9 flat armor seals.

I run 3 flat AP quints for faster jungle clear.

I take magic pen marks because Amumu does almost entirely magic damage. Magic pen marks scale very well and are cost efficient.

I take cdr per level glyphs because CDR is very valuable at later stages in the game. Going CDR per level glyphs lowers the q cooldown which could make a huge difference in late game team fights. Since this build is full AP, landing an extra q could mean the difference between killing a crucial target or simply dying.

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Strength of the ages is, in my opinion, the best Keystone Mastery you can run on Amumu jungle. The health you get from the mastery makes you a lot harder to kill, stronger in 1v1s and helps you sustain by healing 6% of max health once you reach the max health bonus. In addition, a lot of times, you can avoid going back and instead heal by jungling with this keystone mastery. A lot of times, it also lets you orchestrate when to go back, making it so you only go back when you have a good amount of gold for a big item.

For the other masteries besides the keystone mastery, you can change them as you see fit. It honestly doesn't make that big of a difference.

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Level 1, always start with Hunter's Talisman and Refillable Potion. Amumu does not really auto attack that much, so the machete is not that useful. Also, the talisman's passive (damage over time and health steal) is constantly applied by your W so it is always in use on the entire camp.

Jungle Amumu is mana intensive. After getting both the talisman and machete, I recommend upgrading the refillible potion into a hunter's potion. The hunter potion gives you 35 mana per charge. Even when you have 5 charges and max health, use the hunter's potion very freely, so you can keep your mana at a good amount while clearing camps.

Always build runic echoes as your first item as jungle Amumu. I think blue smite is the best one to go because it steals movement speed, allowing you to land your q more easily. It also makes it easier for you to simply walk up and ult people which guarantees your q to hit.

Zhonyas is also a very important item on Amumu. I usually build zhonyas as my second big item because it lets me wait for cooldowns without being in danger. With Amumu, you need to go in to do damage, but since your auto attacks do virtually no damage, there really is no point of being in the fight when you have already used your spell rotation. This is why Zhonya's is really strong on AP Amumu. It gives time for your team to follow up after locking the enemy with CC and lets you bait out crucial spells from the enemy. Keep in mind, Amumu's W still does damage while your in zhonya's active form.

Abyssal is a good item to go if you're against a heavy magic damage team. The passive you get from abyssal is easily applied since you're going to be in the middle of everyone when you go in. Overall, it is a pretty strong item, but I only recommend it if the enemy has a lot of magic damage.

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Skill Sequence

I almost always max E first on Amumu. It does a lot of damage and reduces the cooldown. But most importantly, it only takes 35 mana.

Maxing Q first is also a viable option, only when you already have a few points in your E. Your Q takes a lot more mana than your E, and Amumu already has mana problems as it is, so only Max Q first if you don't have any mana problems (blue buffs or mana items).

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Early Game

As Amumu, your main goal is to farm up. AP Amumu scales pretty well and also clears very well, as long as you have mana. Farm up and go for low risk, easy ganks early game.
Once you get runic echoes, your mana problems are much less noticeable. Also, keep in mind that your jungle clear time ramps up with time, so usually you will see your farm advantages later on in the game.

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Mid and Late Game

Always try to farm up. Since your building full AP, you kill things really fast, so try to make sure you're always killing something.

Split pushing is a viable option. AP Amumu can 1v1 almost any squishy and even many solo lane champions provided that you land your Qs. Also it is very easy for AP Amumu to push out lanes, especially if you tank the whole wave and just spam Tantrum (E) .

One of AP Amumu's biggest strengths are teamfights. Unless your in Master or Challenger, people rarely do flanks, so it is usually really easy to land a 2 or more person ult. AP Amumu is especially strong the moment you get Zhonyas . Simply land a q, flash in, use your ult and pop your zhonyas, allowing your team to follow up and giving you time to get you spells back online.

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R Flash Combo

An example of the R Flash combo can be seen here:

Press R, then flash right after. This makes it so that you instantly land your ultimate at the area where you flashed. This gives your enemy zero time to react so you can catch them offguard and ensure that you land your ult every single time. Try to land your ultimate on squishy targets who don't have ways to remove the CC (be careful of QSS )

I use this combo a lot especially when the enemy is grouped up together. It is a really strong combo and it is basically the same thing as Flash-R expect it leaves no counterplay or time to react.

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- Farm up! Spend less time walking around and more time fighting jungle camps or champions.
- Always be mindful of your mana pool! Use hunter's potionor blue buff to sustain your mana!
- Always try to kill stuff, even if it means splitpushing! Amumu is actually decently strong in 1v1s.
- Teamfights is where you shine, especially when you have zhonyas. Q in and then use your R-Flash combo to land some juicy ultimates!

Thanks for reading and I wish you guys the best of luck on the Rift! If you liked what you read, check out my Youtube Channel, Twitch Page, or my other LOL guides! Any support is appreciated. Thank you!

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