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Fizz Build Guide by HoNSol0

AP Carry HoNSol0 High Challenger Jungle Fizz - Solo Carry Every Game

AP Carry HoNSol0 High Challenger Jungle Fizz - Solo Carry Every Game

Updated on June 26, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoNSol0 Build Guide By HoNSol0 12 1 507,871 Views 10 Comments
12 1 507,871 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HoNSol0 Fizz Build Guide By HoNSol0 Updated on June 26, 2016
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Hey guys, this is your boy HoNSol0, best fizz jungle in the world. I am probably the only player that plays fizz jungle in NA challenger, and even though it is considered non-meta or unconventional, I was still able to climb very high in the rankings using mostly fizz jungle.

I am currently rank 17 with 931 LP, and I consistently win 2 out of 3 games when I get fizz jungle. I also play fizz top every now and then.
I have shown time and time again that I can use Fizz jungle to decimate teams in any elo. In this guide, I'll show you guys how to do just that!
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All jungle monsters do PHYSICAL damage so armor helps you take a lot less damage in the jungle. Also, armor seals (the yellow ones) are the most cost efficient for flat armor, which is why you will see almost every jungler run 9 flat armor seals.

I run 3 flat AP quints for faster jungle clear.

I take attack speed marks (red ones) because Fizz's w increases his damage per auto attack. Also, it helps your clear if you smite golems since you will be able to proc the stun more often. I took Attack Speed over magic penetration because jungle monsters don't have that much magic resist.

I take 6 cdr per level glyphs (blue ones) because it gives you a total of 10% cdr at level 18. I usually go a build with 30% cdr, so these runes makes it so I have max cdr (40%) at level 18.

For the rest of the glyphs, you can go either magic resist per level or ap per level. The reason why you would only choose between these two for the rest of the glyphs is that they are the most cost efficient scaling runes for glyphs that gives Fizz stats that actually benefit him. Yes, you can maybe run flat AP/CDR/AS glyphs, but it really doesn't help your early game that much, so you might as well go scaling runes which give around triple the stats compared to flat runes at level 18.
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Strength of the ages is, in my opinion, the best Keystone Mastery you can run on Fizz jungle. The health you get from the mastery makes you a lot harder to kill, stronger in 1v1s and helps you sustain by healing 6% of max health once you reach the max health bonus. In addition, a lot of times, you can avoid going back and instead heal by jungling with this keystone mastery.
A lot of Fizz Jungles go Thunderlords but I don't think it's worth it since Fizz would probably only proc thunderlords ONCE per gank. To drive this point even further, in one of my games, (see second Youtube video at very bottom of guide) Fizz can reach max strength of the ages stacks by level 11. I also had 141 AP at that level. If I had thunderlords, it would do 110+14 = 124 magic damage. After magic resist, this is reduced significantly. So, either you do maybe 70 (probably less) extra damage per gank, or you can have 300 health yourself and heal 6% of your max health every camp you do, basically making you always full health in the jungle. Just looking at the numbers, strength of the ages is the best keystone mastery to go.

For the other masteries besides the keystone mastery, you can change them as you see fit. It honestly doesn't make that big of a difference.
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Level 1, start with either hunter's machete or hunter's talisman. If you go the machete (the knife one), you will have a slightly faster jungler clear, but you will need to go back after 3-4 camps. If you go the talisman (the snake thing), you will be able to do a full clear.
Jungle Fizz is very mana intensive. After getting both the talisman and machete, which both give extra xp from camps, I recommend upgrading the refillible potion into a hunter's potion. The hunter potion gives you 35 mana per charge. Even when you have 5 charges and max health, use the hunter's potion very freely, so you can keep your mana at a good amount while clearing camps.

Always build runic echoes as your first item as jungle fizz. I think red smite is by far the best one to go because it allows you to win 1v1s extremely easily.

Zhonyas is also a very important item on Fizz. I usually build zhonyas as my second item because it allows me to use my E (playful/trickster) agressively on a lot of people without getting blown up instantly. Fizz is a squishy champion and relies heavily on cooldowns, so it helps a great deal to have 2.5 seconds of invulnerability to allow your team to follow up and to get your crucial E cooldown back online.

Build void staff when the enemy team is getting a lot of Magic Resist. Otherwise, build Rabadon's or lich bane. Rabadon's does more damage overall, but lichbane still does decent damage and gives you CDR and extra movement speed. Also, Lich Bane can be proced by your Q.

I love getting dark seal on Fizz. It helps slightly with Fizz's mana problems by giving you 100 mana, but more importantly it sets Fizz up to snowball out of control by giving them juicy stacks. Since Fizz is very mobile, it is very hard to catch and kill Fizz. It is also very easy for Fizz to catch people himself because you can evade wards by jumping walls and he has a lot of gap closers. You can also use your Q onto nearby minion waves to close the distance. So, Fizz can easily choose what fights to take, which is why it is very crucial to choose the right fights. The more you play Fizz, the most you will understand his limitations. For now, I would focus on picking 1v1 fights against squishy targets. With red smite, Fizz can win most 1v1s and he is pretty good in teamfights if the teamfight is spread out or if zhonyas is used correctly.
A lot of times I get 10 stacks on my dark seal, and if I do upgrade it to , I am often able to get 25 stacks, even in challenger games. It's all about choosing low risk fights, predicting what will happen in those fights before you actually fight them, and playing towards Fizz's strengths.
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Skill Sequence

I always max E first because it reduces the cooldown significantly. Also, it does AOE damage so it helps you clear jungle camps the quickest compared to the other spells.

I max W second because it does more damage compared to maxing Q. Also, Fizz is a very mana-intensive champion and this spell only takes a flat 40 mana to use regardless of how many points you have in the spell.

I usually max q last, but there are situations where it would be better to max q second. The biggest reason why you would ever max q second is when you have a lot of trouble sticking onto enemy champions and they simply kite you to death while your cooldowns are down. Putting extra points in q reduces the cooldown, allowing you to continuously be in melee range of your targets. It also helps you to proc lich bane more often.
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Pros / Cons


1. Fizz can easily choose what fights to take and what fights to avoid. Most of the time, it is very easy for Fizz to 1v1 AD carries or squishy mid laners, especially with red smite. Look for 1v1 fights that you know you can win. Otherwise, just farm up since Fizz jungle scales well.

2. As I just said, Fizz jungle scales well. Fizz's jungle clear ramps up with time, until he gets to the point where he can one shot camps. The longer the game goes, the more you will notice that you're out-farming the enemy jungler. Also, Fizz can do a lot of work in teamfights or around the map because he can rotate faster and he's harder to deal with compared to most junglers.

3. When you play Fizz, you should always consider split pushing. Fizz can push lanes incredibly fast with his E, forcing the enemy team to send someone for you. If they send the wrong person, Fizz can often dive the enemy since he does enough damage to kill the enemy champion before the turret does any considerable damage.
In addition, since Fizz split pushes so fast, it opens up time for him to take jungle camps in between waves or set up vision or picks on enemy champs when they rotate. Remember, Fizz excels at 1v1s, especially with red smite, and split pushing really helps to set up a 1v1 opportunity.


1. Fizz takes a lot of mana. Most of the time, I take the blues for myself rather than give it to my midlaner. A lot of times, you will find yourself with no mana after doing your jungle route, which is why its important to get a hunter potion and to secure your blue buff.

2. Fizz's early clear isn't as strong as most junglers. However, he has one of the fastest clears once he gets runic echos. It's a lot safer to simply farm up early game unless you see easy ganks to take.
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- Farm up! Spend less time walking around and more time fighting jungle camps or champions.
- Always be mindful of your mana pool! Use hunter's potion or blue buff to sustain your mana!
- From mid to late game, look for 1v1s against enemy squishies. Red Smite and landing your ult makes most 1v1s a breeze.
- From mid to late game, always consider splitpushing! Push out lanes as fast as you can. Fizz pushes out lanes extremely fast! So, while the enemy team is busy slowly farming the wave, you can set up vision in the enemy jungle, rotate to your team faster, farm jungle camps or ambush enemy champions. It's all about not wasting time! Farm anything and everything, as fast as you can.

Thanks for reading guys! Not everything can be explained in words, so you can find a chill commentary of one of my games below.

If you liked what you read, check out my Youtube Channel or Twitch Page! Any support is appreciated. Thank you!
Youtube Channel:
Twitch Channel:
Some Highlights of my Twitch Stream:
Fizz Full Game Commentary 1:
Fizz Full Game Commentary 2:
League of Legends Build Guide Author HoNSol0
HoNSol0 Fizz Guide
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HoNSol0 High Challenger Jungle Fizz - Solo Carry Every Game

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