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Annie Build Guide by Kallin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kallin

How Do I League: Annie

Kallin Last updated on June 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Helpful Leagues Terms

  • ADC - Attack Damage Carry
  • AD - Attack Damage
  • AP - Ability Power
  • APen - Armor Penetration
  • CDR - Cool Down Reduction
  • KallinK - A mechanically gifted Summoner
  • DPS - Damage Per Second
  • MP - Magic Penetration
  • MR - Magic Resist

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Runes are a big part of personalizing your game play. If you want to develop your own set of runes I advise you to do so. Experimenting with what works for you will enable you to fully understand your own play style and the strengths and weakness that come with it.

That being said I use an AP standard set of runes across all of my Annie builds. This enables me to have a good idea on how much damage I am going to do early game regardless of my position on the team.

However there is one major flaw. By not taking any utility in masteries and not compensating in rune selection decreases the amount of gold per second Annie receives and survivability compared to more traditional support builds. This is a high risk high reward scenario. Annie is a killer support. So she needs close to maximum damage throughout all stages of the game. So with these builds you sacrifice gold per second and gamble on getting ahead with kills or assists.


Quintessence of Ability Power x 3

I use three Quintessence of Ability Power like a standard AP carry. This allows Annie to dual in the early game and synergies well with the other runes.

The Quintessence of Ability Power gives 4.95 AP for a total of 14.85 AP (15ish)

Note: A Quintessence is the cornerstone of your rune page. What ever you choose to use should be complimented by the other runes.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x 9

I prefer the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because most supports do magic damage. This empowers me with confidence when I 1v1 a Nami or Soraka.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist offers 1.34 magic resist for a total of 12.06 MR (12ish)

Alternate options:
Greater Glyph of Ability Power x 9 total 10.8 AP (11ish)
Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration x 9 total 5.4 MP (5ish)


Greater Seal of Armor x 9

The Greater Seal of Armor is a solid choice to go bot lane with. Dueling with an ADC early game and not having armor yellows is rather difficult. It offers 1 Armor for a total of 9 Armor.

Alternate option:
Greater Seal of Health x 9 total 72 Health

This will give Annie some extra health in early game to allow damage trading to go in your favor.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x 9

I use the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration to counter Magic resist. It offers .87 Magic Penetration for a total of 7.83 MP (8ish)

Alternate option:
Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration
Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration x 9
Total 8.1 (8ish) Armor Penetration and 5.58 (6ish) Magic Penetration

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Much like runes masteries should be selected to compliment your play style and champion. In this guide I use standard AP masteries but using support masteries is also acceptable. I included my masteries first and as an alternate option I have listed the more traditional support masteries.

Like runes, I use one set of versatile masteries across all of my Annie builds. As a support this inhibits my gold per second acquisition; however I am wager on takedown gold to compensate. The high risk high reward scenario starts before the game even begins.

I must make note that as season 4 progressed I used the first set more and more over the Blaze of Glory set.

Support Masteries

This set of masteries maximizes gold per second and is considered a more traditional set of support masteries.

Blaze of Glory Masteries

A very high risk high reward set of masteries.

Sorcery 4 points into Sorcery for a total of 5% cool down reduction.

Mental Force 3 points into Mental Force for a total of 16 Ability Power at level 18

Arcane Mastery 1 point into Arcane Mastery for a total of 6 Ability Power.

Archmage 3 points into Archmage for a total of 5% Ability Power

Executioner 3 points into Executioner for an increases in dmg to champions below 50% Health by 5%

Expose Weakness 1 point to increase allied champions' damage to that enemy by 1% for 3 seconds.

Spell Weaving 1 point so damaging an enemy champion with a Basic Attack increases Spell Damage by 1%

Arcane Blade 1 point into Arcane Blade so basic Attacks also deal bonus magic damage equal to 5% of Ability Power.

Devastating Strikes 3 points for a total of 6% Armor and Magic Penetration.

Havoc 1 point into Havoc for a 3% increase in damage.

Block 2 points into Block to reduce incoming damage from champion basic attacks by 2

Recovery 2 points into Recovery for a total of +2 Health per 5 seconds

Unyielding 1 point into Unyielding to reduce all incoming damage from champions by 1

Veteran Scars 3 points into Veteran Scars for a total of +36 Health

Juggernaut 1 point into Juggernaut for +3% Maximum Health


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Skills and Mechanics

Q Disintegrate

Annie flings a mana infused fireball at her target, dealing magic damage.
W Incinerate

Annie casts a cone of fire dealing magic damage to all enemy targets in the area.
E Molten Shield

Places a shield around Annie for 5 seconds, increasing her armor and magic resistance.

Video uploaded by LeeB3rd

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Skill Sequence

There are two primary methods for choosing Annie's skill order both are acceptable. It is personal preference on how you want to play Annie.

Method 1

This method starts of with W Incinerate Annie Stands on the pad before minions have spawned and charges up her stun before entering the lane.

  • This is a good way to assert your dominance in lane
  • level 1 AOE stun is incredibly nice during invades

However the powers that be also known as Riot have decided to nerf Annie's early game stun duration so this method lost a little popularity. I would definitely use this method if you know you are going to invade the enemy jungle.

Method 2

Method 2 is much simpler. You need to start of with Q Disintegrate Just use your Q to last hit minions or harass champions. Start Q when you are in a solo lane because it is your primary means of last hitting minions. The mana refunded and cast time reduction for last hitting minions serves as a powerful sustain tool for Annie.

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Recomended Sumomner Spells


Flash is a vital Part of Annie's terror. Her flash Tibbers combo is feared by all. Also flash is an awesome Summoner Spell to have.

Ignite is another Summoner spell that is essential to Annie's kit. The added damage and negation of healing allows Annie more dueling potential.

Substituting ignite with exhaust is acceptable. It really depends on play style and overall aggression in lane. Pick up Exhaust for more passive play.

I would take Flash and ignite on any of the Annie builds covered in this guide; however some Annie tops prefer to have teleport over ignite and that is just fine. Choose summoner spells that compliment your personal play style.

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CDR Annie


Cool Down Reduction (CDR) reduces the time it takes for spells or abilities to reset. This is particularly helpful on Annie because her Q is on a short cool down and her ultimate will be available every group engagement.

This is personally my favorite Support Annie build. You should be able to hit 40% cool down reduction by minute 20. That means perpetual Tibbers. That is this builds strength. There is only a few seconds (less than 10) when Tibbers is down, assuming he has not been killed. This gives Annie huge dueling potential and team fight assistance. The build is centered around the
Talisman of Ascension So you need to start out with an Ancient Coin and work up from there.

Note that the Talisman of Ascension is a very important item because not only does it give Annie the support passive gold but also has a passive of 20% CDR and an active that grants 40% movement speed. The movement speed can be incredibly helpful in allowing you to drop Tibbers on opponents.

Cons >:(

This build has a major weakness. Annie is essentially a glass cannon and so you need to make sure your team composition is suited for this build. You also need to win lane with your ADC so you can come out and terrorize other lanes.

This is a hard build to have when you are behind but if you are able to get ahead you can usually crush all of the other lanes.

Lane Phase

  • Harass with Q and let your ADC farm. It is ok to play passive pre 6 since you started out with the ancient coin.
  • Ward things. Every game is different so its hard to say where exactly you need wards but a pink ward in tri bush is pretty standard.
  • Use your stun as an engage or disengage. Tip: Keep 3 stacks on your stun then use your shield for the 4th stack so the opponent does not know you have it.
  • Once you hit 6 look for an opportunity to Drawp da Bear (Summon Tibberes) the more you stun with him the merrier. You can easily win lane with a good Tibbers ult and ADC follow up.

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Tanky Annie Support


The Relic shield is the center piece for this build. this build is primarily built around Annie's innate tankiness. Use this build when you want to bully the lane with Annie. Late game you can also help soak up damage and use your utility to protect your ADC or to initiate a team fight.

During team fights it is your primary objective to keep the Carries alive. Protect them at all costs because the longer they are alive the more damage they can put on the enemy team.

Note: Try to make a habit of using the active abilities on your items. The Face of the Mountain can counter an ignite, or otherwise save a comrades life.

Cons >:(

Annie trades allot of her potential damage for health items but sometimes it is better to provide opportunities for your carries to dish out the damage.

Lane Phase

  • Harass with Q and let your ADC farm. You can play more aggressive due to the extra health.
  • Still need to ward things. Like I mentioned every game is different so its hard to say where exactly you need wards but a pink ward in tri bush is pretty standard.
  • Use your Q to last hit minions so you can share gold with the ADC. Make sure you have a charge on your Relic Shield or your ADC will get grumpy :(
  • Use your stun as an engage or disengage. Tip: Keep 3 stacks on your stun then use your shield for the 4th stack so the opponent does not know you have it.
  • Once you hit 6 look for an opportunity to Drawp da Bear (Summon Tibberes) the more you stun with him the merrier. You can easily win lane with a good Tibbers ult and ADC follow up.

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Closing Thoughts on Support Annie

Always Remember

  • Annie is easily countered in lane (Braum, Sona, Morgana, etc). Using her as a first pick can be disastrous; however using her as a counter pick can benefit your team greatly. Allot of the match ups come down to skill. I have played the Braum vs Annie and it was difficult not impossible. The same goes for Morgana and Sona just out play your opponents and you will be fine. Experiencing the difficult match ups is a good way to improve your play on any champion.
  • Your team will be incredibly suspicious if you have Death Cap play it off and act like it's cool. Say things like 'Core Item' or 'Tibbers Needz' just don't link them this guide if you are feeding to high heaven. No really please don't.
  • Sight Stones are not optional...or are they. Actually they are not. Always buy a sight stone please. You have no business playing support if you are not going to help your team.
  • Annie has high DPS so taking kills is fine as long as you are building into damage. Your ADC will survive with only assists no matter how much the complain. They will say things like 'KS' 'Worst Annie NA' 'Plz Uninstall' or my personal favorite 'Refund your skin pls'. Honestly that is just in the life of a typical support. You have to have nerves of steel to play support because pretty much everyone hates you.
  • If your ADC (Marksman) is behind it is your job to get them ahead. No matter how bad they are your team needs the DPS they generate for late game.

MRW when 'Support' Annie gets a Penta Kill.

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Bonus Video How to

Note this video was made when I was still new to the game. So to answer you questions:

Q: Did You Flash?
A: Yes I did flash.
Q: Why?
A: Because it was worth.
Q: How did you kill Ryze, He is OP?
A: DFG is more OP.

Also feel free to drop by my Youtube, Facebook or Twitch channel to ask questions on how to improve your game play.

Be sure to comment on this guide. Telling me what you like or didn't like would be extremely helpful if I decide to make another guide.

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Random Championship Series (RCS)

RCS Leage Events

The Random Championship Series (RCS) is a organization that hosts a major league filled with aspiring players who want to improve their gameplay and help others do the same as well. Generally the elo of these players is platinum to diamond. The eight major league teams play against each other multiple times a year in an effort to sharpen their skills of teamwork and individual play. They also have the option of coaching a minor league team.

In addition to the major league the RCS also hosts a minor league. Our vision for the minor league is to empower lower elo players in an environment where they can grow and learn from higher elo players. The general elo of minor league teams is bronze to gold.

RCS Tournaments

At the end of each seasonal split the RCS hosts a tournament open to the public. The tournament offers a chance for the RCS teams to play against other teams in an RCS environment. As of right now the RCS supports up to 16 teams in a tournament but in the future we want to increase that to 32.

If you want to register for a tournament visit the RCS for details.