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Aatrox Build Guide by Kalibus The Unholy

How to be AARTOX like a boss!

How to be AARTOX like a boss!

Updated on June 29, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kalibus The Unholy Build Guide By Kalibus The Unholy 5,835 Views 0 Comments
5,835 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kalibus The Unholy Aatrox Build Guide By Kalibus The Unholy Updated on June 29, 2013
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Pros and Cons

Pros: He is an epic butt pounding, face erasing, badass, noob punishing dunk master of doom death destruction and America. he looks awesome, is quickly replaceing darius as the most famously op champion ever.
Cons: will be nerfed, justicar blows
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whoever gives me **** over getting w first, make your own build!!!
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First get boots, pots r optional. Then build vampiric scepter, this will start to build the much needed life steal the item set is based off. Then u build a stinger for attack speed, with aatrox this makes the third attack for your w come quicker, potentially boosting both damage and life steal. Then you build your boots into boots of swiftness with the alacrity bonus, this will make you run so fast that few champions can catch up to you or get away from you. Get a pickaxe and turn it and the stinger into a zephyr, this will give you tons of bouns' you need, tenacity, movement speed, attack speed, cooldown reduction, all in all it is a lot of help + the tenacity from zephyr and the boots greatly reduce those dreaded slows and stuns. Using the scepter you still have, build a blade of the ruined king, life steal, attack speed, a little damage plus awesome passive and active. then rush a spirit visage, it has some nice hp and magic resist, and it will DRAMITCLY increase your life steal effects including blood thirst. next you need a bloodthirster, big damage, big life steal, self explanatory. if the game isn't over yet, wich it usualy ends by now, you can build any item realy, depending on what you need, but I found infinity edge is the best final item (unless you need to tank more for your team, you should probly get the frozen mallet). if you had a chance to finish this build in game, Congradulations! u r a god, u can solo vilemaw and baron(if you know what u r doing) you are now so powerful, it will seam as if your enemies are commiting suicide and your innate life steal is so strong, you can leave blood price on and take no damage from it! good luck, and kill manny
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Blank Chapter. (will be completed later, soon hopefuly)

Nuff' said...
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kalibus The Unholy
Kalibus The Unholy Aatrox Guide
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How to be AARTOX like a boss!

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