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Cho'Gath Humor Guide by Shadowacewarlord

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadowacewarlord

How to be the raid boss of your game.

Shadowacewarlord Last updated on January 31, 2014
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What is a Raid Boss?

Well a raid boss is the boss of a dungeon raid that often requires you to have a large group of people to kill it at recommended levels in most MMOs however in league its simply a play style that is generally annoying to play against.

You can be the raid boss as everybody however it generally works better on tankier bruisers or full out tanks.

More experienced players will think this build to be selfish but its a great feeling when you die very little and get rushed because you need to be shut down.

I very much recommend trying a raid boss build to see the adrenaline rush you have when you walk out of a turned around 5v1 against you and your team gets the ace because they decided to try and focus you.

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What is the

The "Raid Boss" mentality is such that your goal as the Raid Boss is to not die or die little and to have a larger global taunt then a Teemo.

You are the sole reason that this game is happening and your team mates are pawns who's only reason to be in the game is to keep you alive.

See how this can make you a douche in the eyes of the community and make people think you are toxic?

This build works best when you have a team you play with regularly and know well. Also if you enjoy the general company they provide and your friends it can be fun to run "Dungeon" team comps just to have a little fun.

This Build works because you can soak a large amount of damage while still dealing a sizable amount of damage in a fight. More on this in the next section.

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Build orders and Early game.

Initial buys include, doran's shield and a pot, Boots and 4 pot, Ruby Crystal or Hunters Machete and 5 pot.

Depending on the quality of your time in lane and the amount of gold you have on your first back you should consider buying full boots and starting to building your first item.

Either Ninja Tabi or Merc Treads for your boots

Depending on your champion choice you should try and build Rod of Ages, Trinity Force (specifically the Phage) or Frozen Mallet. Any of these are good first buys.

After this just follow the build order for the matching arch type for your champion, also don't hesitate to get trinity on champions with no mana the other benefits out way the wasted mana.

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Champions who can be the Raid Boss.

While I have mentioned that anyone can be the Raid Boss but people like Renekton, Shyvana, Yorick and Gangplank excel at the role.

I recommend Shyvana if your looking to either jungle or go a really fun support. Yorick is great if your looking to go top.

Any AoE champion can jungle as the raid boss, Nunu or Udyr can also jungle as the Raid boss pretty well.

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Personal Thoughts

Being the Raid Boss is something to have fun with so go have fun and be the boss!

Also its great if you yell "Raid Boss Down" when you die.


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