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Heimerdinger General Guide by Gienek

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gienek

How to Dominate as Heimerdinger (Season 3)

Gienek Last updated on December 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This song will enhance your reading experience, enjoy.


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Are you tired of getting bullied by physical AP champions ( Katarina, Akali) and other inferior mid lane champions that plan to get get fed? Well than you my friend have found the perfect champion to do some major trolling and at the same time to get mega fed and win games (I will explain this later). So with out further ado let us put on our rubber gloves and inspect this champ, shall we?

On a side note this is my first guide here on Moba so if you downvote give a logical information behind it. You know constructive criticism. Also I am not Pro and don't even bother playing ranked because I'll make myself look like an idiot, I think, so feel free to tell how this guide preforms in ELO games. This guide is mean't to be a nice and informative guide that explains your roll in battle and other things to know if you enjoy reading long lists of information feel free to look at the Heimerdinger guide that's in first place.

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This is just an old video back when Heimerdinger had 3 turrets how OP is that. This is just a small video explaining the basics. Please don't just watch this and ignore the guide.

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I personally don't think they change all that much but they are still nice to have. They're just a nice little treat to have.

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Pretty straight forward. Get them for defense against those pesky AP carries, Penetration in order to get past theirs and flat AP will allow some really nice poke early on.
This section will be dedicated to casting off those other runic suggestions (again if you insist on using different ones feel free to)

Q. You say we need CDR so why don't we get even more?
A. Simple, your ultimate's passive, your Ionian boots and Athene's Unholy Grail all lowered CDR.

Q. Since Heimerdinger uses so much mana wouldn't it be smart to get mana regen runes?
A. These are useless late game and you are very much able to get blue by yourself so just don't.

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The Pros and Cons

The Pros:
1. Can dish out a but-ton of damage with turrets
2. Have trouble poking enemies? Solved, Hextech rockets auto-lock on the nearest 3 enemies (champs, minions, neutral monsters)
3. Concussive Grenade (if hits the enemy straight on) will blind and stun allowing you to do sick escapes or kills.
5. Turrets with your ultimate activated slow your enemies allowing you to ruin jungle ganks. (well except for Lee Sin a good one will take a dump on you)
6. You are underestimated so much its not even funny you will even have a good laugh after that silly Pantheon follows into the brush half health and no way to see whats in it.

The Cons:
1. Smart enemies will focus you and you will facepalm yourself after dieing in like 3 secs.
3. All the good skins are gone. IE: Snowmerdinger, Alien Invader.
4. You my friend are squishy so don't charge EVER.
5. If you place you turrets down to soon, or to late, you are laughable.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must and cannot be questioned you must absolutely must have this escape, get first blood etc.

Besides this Heimer is very versatile in regards to spells.
Ignite will help get those kills,

Heal will help you stay in your lane forever but sort of dies off late game.

Teleport will let you farm, save other lanes and I guess pull off a gank (He's pretty bad at them unless of course you bait those silly noobs in)

Exhaust is pretty epic too. Trap your opponents in your ult right after your stun from your concussive grenade wears off just to piss those guys off.

Less Viable....
Promotion If you really want to give your laning opponent a hard time take this.

Ghost If you just don't like flash I guess you can take this
That's really about it.

Clarity Uhh.. Pretty useful to spam abilities early game but in the end it's usefulness falls off late game.

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Core items and other Options


Ionian Boots of Lucidity: these are only there for CD which Heimerdinger really needs in order to spam those rockets and so that your ultimate has a under 60 second CD.

Sorcerer's Boots: Annoyed by champs that grab MR get these I personally only get these when I'm tired of annoying MR runes.

Everything else is off the table unless you want to go ADC heimer (someone try that and tell me your results) or just a troll to ruin your team.

Core Items:
I'm going to be very terse with explanations in order to not waste your time because "Brevity is the soul of wit" (Google it)
Athene's Unholy Grail: MR, Mana Regen, AP and CDR that's about it.

Rod of Ages: AP, HP, Mana, and a cool sustain passive

Rabadon's Deathcap: If your playing mid (unless your Varus or Caitlyn) than this doesn't even need an explanation.

The other options afterwards are up to you those listed on top are just personal preference.

Other Options:
Again I'll keep this brief

Abyssal Mask: Don't get this ever.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: I used to use this until some enlightened gentleman showed me that in the end RoA pays of more (I forget who he is). I guess you can get it for the slow....

Guardian Angel: Dieing too much and carrying get this. I never use it and I'm not sure if the turrets die or stay if anyone could tell me that would be nice.

Archangel's Staff: I used to use this until I discovered that Athene's is more effective. But with Mana from RoA I guess it could work.

Not much else really if you have any personal preferences feel free to use them or suggest those I forgot.

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Why take RoA over Rylais?

Now everyone put on your thinking caps and ready to take in numerical equations. Now lets get the numbers in order. RoA stats include: 60 AP, 450 health and 525 mana. This is the moment you purchase the item. Now it has to passives, one that restores 250 health and 200 mana over 8 seconds the other one being that it adds +2 AP per minute, 18 health per minute and 20 manager minute. This passive caps at 20 minutes, so that's 20 AP 180 health and 200 Mana. So in the end you end with 80 AP, 630 health and 725 mana. Rylais has 80 AP and 500 HP and a really cool passive which slows your enemies with every ability use. This item is there specifically for the slow and will allow you to kite like a stud. This is a preference but not only is RoA (slightly) cheaper it adds a really nice sustain passive and the extra ton of mana will also allow you spam much much more. Also the AP ends up equaling to Rylais and you get more HP with Rylais which you do need. Thanks to Salcin103 for bringing this point up.

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Ability Rundown

Lets begin with that really cool passive.

Techmaturgical Repair Bots Nothing to great in reality. Besides allowing your mini turrets to live longer and even heal your regular turrets. If you have to go AFK do it next to a damaged turret. This also applies to friendly champions which I guess is pretty sweet.

H-28G Evolution Turret This is what defines Heimerdinger. Your main damage source, farming source and taking turrets source. For some reason I always see people max the Hextech Micro-Rockets first which always made me scratch my head. Oh well. Another amazing thing about these is that when you activate your Ultimate they are healed, and get a really cool slow effect. THEY ARE NOT AFFECTED BY SPELL VAMP. If they were you would have arguably the greatest lane sustain in the world

Hextech Micro-Rockets These are what makes poking with Heimerdinger so amazing. The best time to use this ability is when the opponent tries to get some farm and save their turret from taking to much damage. They are left with 2 choices either soak up the damage or let the turret take damage and wait for the next creep wave. Your ultimate Allows you to fire 5 missles at a time up from 3 normally.

CH-1 Concussion Grenade
CH-1 Concussion Grenade I tend to overlook these and only find them useful because of their blind affect. They can deal incredible damage nonetheless but the slow travel speed makes them difficult to use. But your ultimate compensates for this by greatly increasing its travel speed.

UPGRADE!!! This has 2 parts to it. First of all it steroids all your other abilities and secondly it adds an increasing passive that lowers cool down. Pretty neat eh? Also the cool down scales 10/15/20% which allows us to skip buying too much CD items.

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Starting Items

****, Riot dumped the Meki Pendant. Ok kiddies now you can choose, Doran's Ring Boots of Speed or Faerie Charm I suggest the charm just because you can get more potions but hey your choice.

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Early Game

Probably your time to shine. You farm a lot, shut down that silly AP carry on the other side, get first blood, don't let the AP farm, get the turret in like 8 minutes, and so many other things but the main thing about this phase is GET A BUT-TON OF FARM AND GET THAT MID TURRET. This also means that you will be ganked a lot by top and bot so watch out. If you for some reason don't have a jungler feel free to take that blue buff just to stay in your lane forever. Thats really all there is to it.

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Mid Game

Not much else really team fights become popular so stick with your teammates but remember to push the **** out bot, mid and top with Teleport. Also get Dragon a lot since your turrets soak up that damage that the silly dragon tries to dish out on you. BEWARE OF Master Yi, Tryndamere, Olaf AND OTHER SILLY BRUISERS. THEY WILL TRASH YOU AND YOUR TURRETS WON'T SLOW YI OR OLAF WITH THEIR ULTS. Just had to make that clear. That's really it.

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What would Heimerdinger do?

Just a nice video that will explain why people who are losing a game love Heimerdinger.

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Late Game

At this point 3 things may have already occurred.
1. They surrendered because your just to awesome.
2. Your beasting and the enemies are wasting your time because they refuse to surrender or "want to lose with pride" silly noobs.
3. Top fed that Yi and your stuck babysitting that turret outside of the Inhibitor.

Now to address these 3 situations,
1. You won good job, go watch some porn and continue with your miserable life. And remember you pay your income tax.
2. Continue with this get dragon for your buddies and make sure you keep them inside of their base and just harass them I guess. Your kinda useless if this happens because no one charges you like a fool who thinks "OMFG FREE KEALS" and dies. Just win.
3. As odd as it seems this is the best time for you to shine assuming that you have your core build and have an amazing CS (creep score or last hitting minions for money). You can still win the game (If your tank and ADC don't have Down Syndrome) But if your doing bad use Heimerdinger logic and tell your allies to surrender their just wasting your time.

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This section is so insanely important you must know this. Heimerdinger is only capable of doing something when he is very well farmed. Without good farm you will be lagging behind in terms of effectiveness. This is why Teleport is very viable with this guy. See some nub cake pushing lane to much? Stop him and get a ton of farm after killing that minion wave.

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It's not that amazing but imagine your greatest fear (Yi and Darius) ultra fed and I mean 33/6 and 35/10 fed. I was playing with friends from High School and I called mid just to show off. Late game I lost all hope our Nasus was 0/24 (he didn't even know that Q stacks -_-) Ezreal was like 4/18 and Tryndamere was 10/10 I forget who the fifth guy was but he was no help. Well I could go into the 70 minute long game that it was but point is I convinced Nasus to go support (I play Nasus a lot and I know better but it was the only way to make him useful) he got Will of the Ancients and that Yi and Darius were sick and tired and just full on charged the inhibitor turret. Even though a full build Tryndamere was hacking away at their base and making just trashing Shaco and Ahri don't even remember what happened to dude #5. Point is they thought they were faster than Tryndamere and STILL didn't learn their lesson. They got to the turret I ulted popped My grenades and rockets and killed them in under 4 seconds. I was amazed (so was Ez and called me OP which is nice) Tryn soloed it all and we won, YAY.

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Enemies to lane against

Lets do this the EASY way. Quick and nice. Also this is colored coded Green: Easy Orange: Fair Red: Pain in the ***
You might even learn the alphabet this way..

color=#ff8000]b][[Akali:[/b] She is REALLY easy the first 5 levels but if your not careful she can steamroll your sorry *** after level 6.[/color]

Ahri: Generally annoying because of her range but she can't really do much because if she starts ulting towards you your turrets will just take a dump on her.

Anivia: She has some range and eats mana like a stud so I guess just outlive her. Also REMEMBER THAT ******* PASSIVE. YOU CAN DIE FOR NO REASON IF YOUR TURRET DIVE HER. But if she dies in the middle of mid lane just set up your turrets and get your rocket/grenade combo ready to kill that stupid bird.

Annie: Rare opponent but needs to be up close to do her combo stay away from her and poke her a ton.

Brand: Not to bad a good Brand will make you cry but its easy to zone him and harass him. He's squishy and your runes will make your poke do a ton. Avoid his Pillar of Flames at all costs.

Caitlyn: Holy **** will this be a pain. She has a better range than your turrets and can just destroy them. Her traps will zone you and you can't do much even poking her is difficult. Get your top lane or jungler to gank a lot.

Cassiopeia: Meh, not too bad her poison will trash your turrets but she kinda lacks range allowing you to zone and poke her a lot.

Diana: ELOBUFF claims that Diana is a counter to Heimer but that's silly. Maybe because I zone every single Diana so hard they cant do anything but Its really easy even if she does here Crescent thingy combo at you your turrets will out damage her.

Elise: Don't know haven't laned against her.

Ezreal: He has ranged poke but he needs skill to use him and we have all seen bad Ezreals besides your turrets zone him and your poke requires no skill and does more damage.

Fizz: Easy just do your standard poke, zone and your set.

Gragas: Can be a pain but still is very, very easy to zone out. But if Gragas can predict your movements you are in for a difficult lane phase.

Heimerdinger: One of 2 things can happen, he's better at turret placement and forces you back to your turret or Vice Versa. Don't ask your jungler to gank him unless that jungler is Amumu.

Karthus: Pretty easy lane. He can't do much to slow your push. Standard poke and push works.

Kassadin: This guy can be deadly watch out for his burst because he will kill you. Seconds. Push but do it cautiously.

Katarina: She's the reason you chose Heimerdinger. It will be a breeze but remember if she comes at you and your turrets aren't there get ready to take a ton of damage.

Kennen: Key to laning against him is to pay attention to his passive and push accordingly.

LeBlanc: She can make laning miserable. Keep her away from you at all costs. At this time mega pushing will work to your advantage.

Will continue rest later.....

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Enemy Junglers:

If you know they have a jungler try and place your turrets toward the right and left but still in a place where they can hit the enemy minions. Feel free to ward the blues and steal it just for the lulz. TAKE DRAGON YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING IT SOLO AT LEVEL 9.Ignore that hiemerdingers silly build.

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Tips, Tricks n' Tactics

Tips: Your squishy so stay back but place turrets in order to scare off enemies or just during save teammates after a failed team fight.
Tricks: My favorite thing about Heimerdinger is luring those silly enemies who think "hey look at Heimerdinger free kill LOL" and cry soon afterwards. Point is run to a bush and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 2 TURRETS this is key. They follow you in now all you have to do is stun them, Ultimate them and rocket them. I guess its straight forward and will give you the chance to laugh at your opponents in /all chat.

Tactics: THIS IS FILLER JUST TO HAVE A COOL TTT THING GOIONG ON. No but in reality play smart and don't think twice to use your ultimate to save the ADC (tanks are different, unless its a mega fed Volibear) your ultimate at lv.18 should have around a 50 sec cooldown.

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Since all the cool guides have 'em I will too.

11/18/12 Guide created
11/19/12 Changed title, added farming section continued rune expiation and list of enemies chapter also added a Rylais vs RoA section.
12/6/12 Made this guide Season 3 compatible, no more Meki Pendant. Also added a second more damage focused build

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This is a first time build so don't dismiss it all to soon. I will continue with building it and will have it finished by the end of November. Any suggestions would be nice. Don't blindly follow builds and expect to win.... you won't. If you want to play with me I'm "GLADEBLADER" on the North America servers. I know the name is ******ed but bare with me. Thanks to "Watermerron" for an epic Pantheon build, My little brother for giving me some tips on the Enemies section. Huge thanks to jhoijhoi for all the coding and what not, still having a hard time posting those cool mastery and rune pics from that url. Same applies with the liners. So enjoy ruining the laning phase for every champ besides Caitlyn and Zyra. Also I will put Videos in and other cool stuff later on. DAMN YOU RIOT U Y TAKE OUT MEKI PENDANT AND MAKE JUNGLING A *****?
Finally forgive me if my humor (it's that not that bad) offended you.


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