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Volibear Build Guide by Rekcs2

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rekcs2

How to Kill EVERYTHING with Volibear

Rekcs2 Last updated on July 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my Volibear guide. This will be a fairly quick, fairly simple guide telling you a style in wich to play volibear and why to use him that way. This is not a "how to use" guide and more of a way to use guide. If you need help working the Volibear refer to another guide.

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By buidling deffensive runes your early game is boosted absolutly. The attack speed runes help frenzy set off earlier when fighting squishy escape champs (Leblanc, Ezreal, Caitlyn) The bite of course you should use only at the last second.

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Volibear is known For being a tanky, attack speed based brawler. most people choose to extend upon both of these already boosted traits, but i find that it isn't neccasary to extend his damage traits by much. Building tank based items with Voli Can be super effective in every situation given you've taken Frozen Mallet.<<<(This item Is KEY to succeeding with Volibear. Finish FIRST.) Volibears damage rate remains potent throughout the game with the ever rising attack speed on volis Frenzy passive, and in 99% of situations you come across a good ultimate and a little health makes it impossible to 1v1 him. The more his tankiness is stacked the more options you have when engaging, roaming or simply laning. In more simple terms, The tankyer the volibear, the more utterly dangerous he becomes. When running frozen mallet volibear just becomes an impenatrable wall, constantly hacking your life away until he bites your head off. His chasing plus slow ability allows him to be constantly in your face and ready for more.

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When using this build, volibear can with stand nearly every situation. I have personal experience with running from a full healthed five man team, in there base (morgana nunu Khazik Master yi Miss fortune) full build level 18 all around and escaping all the way back to heal. This admitidly was accomplished with the my main build above. I give all the credit personally to Randuins Omen, Gaurdians angel,+ boots. I said i would explain why i say get gaurdians to finish. The reasons are these. Given the build voli might need magic resist slightly but that doesnt count really its only 45. 1) The amount of health restored is at maximum at this point so rather then using it to survive you can rely upon the health its giving you to keep fighting a team battle. 2) In rare cer***stance you're passive is barely still off and you die at the nexus... now you dont and you live for you're passive to kick in and rapidly watch your health go from none to half. 3) voli is known as an underestimated over powered champion due to his appearance of barely not having enough damage for the kill... but then the frenzy goes off and they watch the last of their very much needed health disapear as the volibear walks away grinning about his pending gaurdians still ready to pop and another kill on the rack.
Anyways, You get the idea. Volibear is extremely easy to use, all it takes is a bunch of health to boost your confidence, and some engage skills to pump the game full throttle forward. Good Luck Have fun.