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Orianna Build Guide by ShredMastaFLex

How to make the ticking stop!

How to make the ticking stop!

Updated on August 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShredMastaFLex Build Guide By ShredMastaFLex 3,130 Views 4 Comments
3,130 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ShredMastaFLex Orianna Build Guide By ShredMastaFLex Updated on August 3, 2011
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This guide is intended for Orianna being solo mid. The most important part of this guide is within the laning description. With this build you should be able to keep constant pressure on your opponents tower while still clearing minions and putting a great amount of damage onto your opponent. You should always be one step ahead of your enemy team. Orianna has an extremely high learning curve and you should spend a lot of time getting to know her before you expect to do exceptional with this build. I don't believe I have the one true build for her and I recommend you read plenty of guides and find your own way. Read the full guide before you rate and comment please.
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This rune is an obvious choice. It actually isn't really needed, but it helps out those first few levels.

I personally have trouble against casters in mid and these help out until you get your first point into . This also helps you have that extra edge when you're laning against another Orianna.

Where we don't run support masteries, these are pretty much a must. These will save you 9 out of 10 times. These will either let you get that last hit with your combo or getting away with a combo. These will give you that last second save all the time.

You could choose a lot of other runes here, but I personally like these. You're able to stay in lane longer and if you get Ganked in mid (which will happen,) you're going to have a much higher chance of survival.
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I go with Offensive 21-0-9. This build is meant for CC and Lane pushing. The offensive mastery will help you push early game. Remember we are solo mid :D

Honestly Orianna has great cd already and with 25% from the damage output from Offence is better than Support. Orianna also has some pretty relevant physical damage especially with extra attack speed so I like to run extra crit damage and crit chance.
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For me, my first few items are bought in a very specific order and I rarely deviate from this sequence.

Having 100hp and 10ap are nice, but you must have the mana regen. If I find myself running low on mana, I go ahead and get a second one when I go back and buy

Every character needs boots and the movement speed allows you to get that unexpected damage in because of your crazy range and to make it out when you're about to die.

This is when you become a real threat. You can wipe an entire wave of minions out instantly and your cool downs are fast enough that you can keep real pressure on your opponents.

These basically make Orianna impossible to catch when you combine them with . After you have these, no one should ever catch you... ever.

Basically any Champion that has AP and wants max damage needs this. The best part about this item is not that it increases your damage output, but it increases your shield from . You will save your teammates and yourself all the time now.

This item makes you go crazy. 25%cd is sooooooo good and the extra attack speed allows you to take turrets down very quickly, as well as pumping more damage into your enemies and minions. 55ap is good and the extra 3 mana regen is useful. I choose Nashor's over because the extra 5%cd and the 50% attack speed from Nashor's just over power Morello's perks. The attack speed from Nashor's also makes Orianna's passive even better.

At this point you can start deviating depending on what your opponents are doing. Always keep a close eye on your enemies and what they are building. If you see them starting to get magic resist then go straight into . Most of the time I'm so far ahead it doesn't even matter, so I just go into .

I believe this item to be a must for Orianna. 500hp and 80ap are great, but the best is the unique passive that stacks with 's slow ability. This will take your opponents from slow to a crawl.

Great item for any AP champ. If your opponents are decent, they will start building some solid magic resist and you will need this to ensure you keep mowing over their graves.

This is an item that is good anytime with Orianna. Movement speed and magic resist are pretty relevant, especially when you're getting focused down all the time. The 80ap is good and all, but when you get an extra 600 damage stacked onto your attack damage along with , every time you use an ability you'll finish off anyone.
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Skill Sequence

As you see above I max out . I do this because the cool down is much better for all the early pushing you should be doing onto your opponents tower. Mostly the masteries are self explanatory. Get all your abilities on line asap and push, kill, harass. If you want to max out first and you do well with it then go right ahead. Everyone plays different, but this is what has brought me the most success with my play style.
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Summoner Spells

and allow you to stay in lane and keep on keeping on. The biggest flaw with this build is you burn through mana like a mad man. Clarity allows you too compensate for that as well as Teleport. When I run out of mana the first time, I use Clarity; the second time I go back to base, buy items, regen hp and mana, and Teleport back. Teleport also allows Orianna to be everywhere. Save her teammates while clearing minions and protecting turrets.
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Start off with and get mid. Get and start harassing immediately while always getting the last hit on minions. You should almost always get the last hit with your "Q" abilities. Pump points into your abilities as the guide shows above. You will run low on mana pretty quickly and you should use whenever needed. Don't forget you can trick your opponent by running around with low mana and when they think they have you, pop Clarity and dominate them. After you run out of mana the second time, it's time to go buy and regen at base. Once you've bought everything you can with the cash you've collected, back into your lane and keep pushing. You should never give your opponent room to breath and if they have a jungler or people keep trying to gank you, buy a ward and place it where they come from and/or use your ball as a ward (it's always a good idea to keep a ward in each bush on the sides of mid lane). It should be easy to escape with . after you push and get a turret down, it's time to start ganking. Go to where your team needs you most and get those kills. It should be easy to throw your ball from a bush and get those guys slowed down with and they should get sucked back in with .
When team battles break out, don't be afraid to initiate. You have crazy range and crowd control. If someone gets focused, just toss a shield on them with .
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You can quickly kill an entire wave of minions by casting through the melee minions into the 3 ranged minions in the back and hitting them with and then returning the ball through the melee minions with . You can start doing this around the time you get .

Also get the minions on the sides of your lane. they are extra gold and exp waiting for you. You can throw your ball through walls with "Q" and pop "W" so just stand next to the wall at your turret and farm those 4 phantom dudes away.
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Useful Information

Don't worry about killing your opponent 24/7, stay relaxed and don't stress about getting that last bit of health. It's just as good as a kill if you get your opponent pushed out of exp and gold. Remember the more minions their turret kills the less gold they get and if they have to go heal up then you will most likely be a level ahead anyway. (I generally hit lvl 18 at least 2 to 3 lvls ahead of anyone.

If you get pushed into your turret, or even better let your opponent think they are pushing you, as soon as they get in range for , suck them into your turret and slow them with . It should be a guaranteed kill. After they are dead or they run, just push back into their turret, you should get there in just a few seconds with your ability to clear minion waves.

One of the best perks from Orianna is that her ball is like a mini ward. You should be extremely hard to gank. Use your extra sight to your advantage. If you get stuck on a **** team that doesn't defend your jungler from the start use your ball as sight for one lane and yourself for the other obvious lane of approach for blue buff, and don't forget to pull the first hit for them. They will love you for it.

If your oponent is at half HP, when you get to lvl 6, it should automatically be a kill. Command:Attack should basically leave them dead or close enought that you can chase (because they have been slowed by Dissonance) and auto attack them or .

Get blue buff whenever possible. Self explanatory.

Always scout bushes with your "Q" ability before entering them.

When in a battle always think of your Teammates first. You have a shield and the ability to speed them up for a safe escape.

If you are on an enemy Nexus when it is destroyed be sure to type "/t" to let them know you mean business.
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Final Statements

This is my first guide and if anyone has any suggestions or finds any errors then please let me know. Orianna is a solid toon, if you don't do well with this guide then tell me what you felt went wrong. I'll be sure to address the problem and try and find solutions.
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Pros / Cons

You will have the best late game of your life.
You will be the reason your team wins team battles.
You will always be in action all game long.
You should be able to counter any other Orianna and most other solo mid Heros

You get focused down if you don't have a solid tank.
You will run low on mana a lot if you don't plan things out.
You will have a lot of early trouble laning against healers like Gangplank and Vlad. (Just push creeps into their tower and make them lose gold. Use wards to protect from ganks)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShredMastaFLex
ShredMastaFLex Orianna Guide
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How to make the ticking stop!

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