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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kusteeh

How to Organize Winner Teams

Kusteeh Last updated on April 10, 2013
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Hi there fellow Summoners,

  • I'm making this short guide to help new players(In ranked games) understand this game a bit more and maybe some things to add for more advanced ones.
  • This guide mostly contains those basic things which are not as well known as they should be.
  • The informations in this guide is focused on team games and ranked games.
  • I hope Ladies and Gentlemen you will find it useful.

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Team Build

Every team should contain four basic kind of champions in order to give enemy team a hard time.

Why is it important to have a team structure like this?

  • You can divide your high priority teammates to the backline, making them more hard to be focused down by the enemy team.
  • Your team deals mixed damage to enemy team, forcing them to build both MR and Armor. So any time you pick a champion for mid try not to pick AD casters like Talon or Kha'Zix, except you have other AP damage dealer champions on other lanes like Rumble, Vladimir, Amumu, Cho'Gath, Akali.
  • This structure also leave an opening in teambuild. The 5th spot can be chosen depending on enemy team build. It can either be a second Tank like Shen or Volibear, an Off-Tank like Riven or Lee Sin, another AP damage dealer like Rumble or Akali.

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Champions and Farming

General attainments:

  • Farming

    is the most important thing on every lane.

    15 minions = to 1 champion kill,

    so if you outfarm your lane opponent with 50 creeps and die to him 2 times you still have more gold than him so you still have the upper hand. Every time, if you kill your lane opponent or just force him to recall check the map! If you see enemy jungler is far away don't miss out to farm the minion wave!
  • Champion selection

    is also important. You must pick a champion that is good mid-and/or lategame so, if you fall behind vs early game strong enemy, you can keep your chance to come back later. Also your pick is just 1/5 part of your team so it is important to pick a champion that can land great combos with your teammates picks or counter enemy champions abilities well.

Good team combination:

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Summoner's Rift

Who goes where and why?

On the map above you can see jungle creatures, so it will help me with the explanation.

When the current structure was found there were two main things to keep in mind. One is the Blue Buff and the other one is the Dragon.
-Let's start with the middle lane. AP carry goes there, but why?
  • AP carry is usually mana-based. As you can see on the map the middle lane is closest (both side) to the Ancient Golem which gives the buff: Crest of the Ancient Golem. This buff gives not only mana regeneration but faster energy regeneration and 20% cooldown reduction. Basicly useful for any champ that use his/her abilities for damage.
  • Dragon is a really important global objective. Taking it down grants the team 1000 gold (more than a turret destroy), so it is important for both teams to take it down. To prevent enemy team from stealing Dragon, you need as many players around it as you can have. AP carry has good damage so it is important in every Dragon attempt to be there. Dragon respwans after 6 minutes.
-This brings us the the bottom lane. AD carry and Support take their roles there.
  • The reason is really simple, it is the Dragon. As we discussed the importance of the Dragon and the number of team members needed, the only thing left to add is that AD carry deals great damage so he/she is significant at any Dragon attempt. Support is important too, to defend his/her team while the damage dealers are taking down the target.
  • There are not many good opportunities to get free Dragon, so the team must be really cautious. If enemy AD carry is taken down by gank, and your team have enough HP left, don't hesitate to take Dragon down! Enemy Top laner will not have enough time to get there.
-Top lane is kind of different from the other two, because of early game function and champion selection. Three kind of champion is useful on this role: Tank, Off-Tank, AP damage dealer (but good sustain). Top laners usually not interfere in early game team fights nor in Dragon attempts. Their most important thing is to farm minions! Stack AD or AP or sustain for mid-game team fights. When the team is grouping up he/she will not have chance to farm, because of AP and AD carry fast lane-clearing. The pick for top lane usually depends on the other picks of the team.
  • If you have AD caster on middle lane ( Talon), then top laner should be AP damage dealer ( Akali).
  • If you have an Off-Tank jungler ( Lee Sin), then top laner should be Tank ( Shen)
  • If you have Tank jungler ( Amumu), then top laner should be Off-Tank ( Riven)
  • Team can have more than one Tank if enemy team has more than one Off-Tank. Enemy team picks: Irelia(top) and Lee Sin(jungle) - you can pick two Tanks: Volibear(top) and Shen(jungle)
  • You can chose some champions for top that has global presence on the map if you intend to help your team out more than the enemy laner. Shen, Gangplank, Pantheon, or just simply take Teleport and travel to Sight Wards. This is also great for split-pushing. If you have Twisted Fate as AP carry the two of you can melt down towers in seconds while your team can defend your own base.

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  • Good Team Composition
  • Farming
  • Surviving
  • Defending damage dealer teammates
  • Focus down enemy carrys first
  • Take global objectives if you have a chance
  • Map control
  • Teamwork

These are the keys to victory

See you Guys on the Battlefield :)

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Special Thanks

To: TF Stole my Bike team, who taught me the basics of this game & how to play it :)

To: LoL community, who showed me how fun this game is.

To: BBCode codex
To: Getting Started Guide
These guides helped me a lot.
If you want to know more about map control check out this guide: Warding Helper

If you want to know more about counters visit this site: TSM Championselect

Thank you for reading my guide!


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