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Anivia General Guide by Just Drop Dead

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Just Drop Dead

How to play mid more advanced

Just Drop Dead Last updated on May 24, 2012
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So! This is my first guide ever. I've been playing LoL since beta and I've been maining mid lane for about a year now and figured I should use my knowledge of this game to help other people, Anyway, here we go!

Hopefully you're here to learn a bit more about how to play better in mid. For starters, following this guide requires that you know alot of champions and have their spells and combos. Also, you have to have gotten rid of your stress when you get into a bad spot. Usually people who havn't done this fail whenever they get ganked because they can't think straight and just do random stuff, like fail a flash over a wall.

I did not make this guide to learn people how to play mid, I made it to learn people play it better just as the title says. If you're still new to the game, don't use this guide. It relies too heavily on champion knowledge and how you move your champion.

I play very aggresive with my item build on most champions and will be very squishy, so you need to have full control over yourself.

Note: I use Anivia as an example in this guide, but I build pretty much the same on Malzahar, Brand, Cassiopeia, Annie and Morgana.

So! let's get on with it shall we?

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My choice of runes is to have good early damage. I don't care if you get more total ap from ap per lvl runes, I want the early game damage since I will get more AP through items anyway.
Also I use mana reg/5 per lvl because at lvl 7 you have more mana reg/5 than if you had flat mana reg.

Some people prefer the Magic resist runes of flat ap, but I think otherwise. 30 ap at start is way more damage than most people think. With some champs like swain you can deal 80-100% of the enemies hp in one combo.

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My masteries are made to enhace my damage as much as possible, while taking the last 9 points in defence to atleast gain a little more lane sustain even if it's veeery small.

Masteries don't matter too much tho, you can have your masteries as you want but I find this to be the best for my playstyle.

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Item Build Order

Note: the way you build your champion varies alot from game to game. But if everything is standard, this is how I build:

  • x3
  • If you have enough money when you go b to finish this, do it. If not then pick up a pair of sorcerer's shoes first.
  • or depending on what the enemy team mostly have. If it's equal, get too boost your damage further
  • or

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Ranked Play

Here's where your knowledge mostly comes into play. You have to be able to read the opponents movements and know their skill combos so you can dodge them and turn it into your favor.

Look how your opponent moves his character before harassing you. He will most likely do the same things everytime, and also look how he places his spells so you know how to dodge them. This is also where your knowledge of champions come in. If you know how the combo's work, you can work around them quite easily. Like Malzahar wants to use his ulti when his enemy is standing in his Null zone. so keep moving while fighting him, making it harder for him to aim it. Don't run in one direction only though, make your moves become more unpredictable.

One thing you should do when playing higher ranked games tho, is to ward your bushes in the river. This helps alot to avoid ganks on you, bot and top lane. This is also usefull in playing normals or lower ranked games, but no as important, since alot of people around there can't play good anyway.

A great thing to do vs mages that uses skillshots like morgana, lux and brand is to always stay behind minions if you are in the range of a spell. If they try to run around your minions, you keep rotating too and throw non skillshot spells at him, making you harass him and not the other way around. Here's where wards in the side of the river comes in handy, if the enemy jungle comes while you are rotating around the enemy minions, you're most likely screwed.

It doesn't matter really if you use this build to play normals or ranked. You may have to get some early armor or magic resist item if you get counter picked like Brand vs Leblanc.
If you don't start with a you will end up feeding her or get behind moneywise which is the last thing you want.

The same goes for when you meet a Talon in mid. If you don't get a as first item you will end up feeding or getting behind greatly.

If you meet anyone like this that easily can burst you down very fast, Start with one of these items above and once you get hit by one combo of the enemy, look how much damage it approximately did. If he could kill you in one more combo, don't hesitate to go b. If you can survive one more combo, stay and farm untill that happends. Also add the damage from an ignite on that 2nd combo if he hasn't used it already.

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Team Work

So! Before the teamfights start you can poke your enemies with spells, but not too aggresive. You do NOT want to get caught and die first.

Once the teamfights break out, position yourself as far as you can from the enemy melee champions but still able to cast your spells.
If possible, you can try to position yourself from the side so you easily can get to the carries. Also, keep an eye out for EVERYTHING that happends in the teamfight.

  • You must be aware of how your allies are doing in the fight. If they die and you can't clean up the rest yourself, pull back to avoid another death.
  • Skillshots and cc is what can get you killed. You have to look out for these things, like a Morgana's Dark Binding
  • Keep track of what your allies are targeting. Even if they do target the wrong champ, it can be better to help them so you can move forwards to the carries. Ignore all this if they are hitting a fully tank built tank who deals 0 damage whatsoever

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Laning Phase/Mid Game

During lane phase, last hit as good as you can and if possible deny your opponent last hits.
If you get a chance where you have no minion to last hit, you can auto attack or throw a spell at your opponent, but your main focus is to last hit. I personally like to push my lane quite hard, making their tower get minion kills instead of them. Mages got weak auto attacks so they can't last hit with the help of a tower as great as other champs can.

When you're lvl 5-6 you can start going for more harass, it's time to play aggresive now!
Ask your jungler for blue around here aswell. to keep up with the mana cost of harassing you will need it. When you decide to go for the kill, check the chat to see if any enemies are missing. It's no using killing the enemy mid if you die yourself.

When people starts to gather up for dragon or just to push some towers, make sure to keep your distance while harassing the enemies. You do not want to get caught and make your team fight 5v4.

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Late game

This is where the fun stuff begins! Everyone gets close to full builds and there are so many things that can go wrong. One bad fight could end the entire game! so here it's VERY important that you walk together with your team and don't get caught. Your damage is needed to be able to focus down their carries early. If you see a big minion wave coming towards your turrets, tell your team to hold off an engage and not to do anything crazy, and go clear the wave then go back to your team.

If you drop in hp during the fight but manages to get away, you can turn around an keep a very long distance from the champs. Just run in, throw a spell or two and then back off. Repeat if you can without exposing yourself at risks.

THIS is VERY important. There are always people who don't look at the minimap as much as they should, and if they engage while you're gone your team are bound to lose the fight.

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With this style of playing and item build you will dish out alot of damage but you will be squishy, so you have to position yourself right during fights or even in the lane phase or you will be screwed. Know your limits, don't take any unnecessary risks.

I hope that this helps someone, so I know that I havn't wasted 2 hours of writing into nothing. If you have any questions/suggestions/complaints then comment, I will check this guide once in a while.

This is my first guide I've ever made, so excuse me if I don't have so many pics, icons and flashy stuff.

PS. I will not respond to idiots who sits online to criticize everything and everyone.
Peace out!


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