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Ornn Build Guide by BigBoyBen

Top How To Play Ornn Like A BigBoy

By BigBoyBen | Updated on August 28, 2017
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About Me and OrnnHey guys, its your boy BigBoyBen back at it again with another guide. Just kidding, I'm only making this becuase when I just started out playing Ornn, there weren't many guides out there. So I've been maining him top for a while and have most of the in's and out's of the champ. Ornn is a very strong and beefy bruiser top laner that when combined with core items such as Sunfire Cape and Iceborn Gauntlet can easily carry any team fight with the help of your team.
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Ornn is a beefy top who relies on his beefy cc packed kit to beat down his enemy with help from the forge god. He has many ways to slow , stun , and stun his enemies with the new introduction of a new mechanic called brittle. What brittle does is when an enemy has the debuff, the next time they get cc'd, it lasts longer. Ornns W and Ult both apply brittle to enemies. However, Ornn has a special interaction with brittleed enemies. When he autos Brittle enemies, he stuns and deals bonus magic damage to them breifly.

Ornns strengths are that he is good at front lining and is packed with a bunch of cc. He can shop anywhere on the map thanks to his passive so he can get an edge on his laner without even backing to base. Ornn also has a great late game with the upgrade-able items that he offers to his team. His items give extra bonus stats to the items that its upgrading from.

Although Ornn can buy anywhere, he can't buy consumable items such as wards, potions, etc. He also has a somewhat problem with mana early game depending on how much you use your full combo. Ornn also can be punished early by early game laners such as Jayce and Darius and can be poked down easily.
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If you're someone like me, I don't want to spend a lot of money on a rune page setup for one champion. Thats why this rune page that I run on Ornn is a basic Attack damage and somewhat tanky top lane rune page. So the runes on Ornn are quite simple, you want to go strong runes to compensate for Ornn's weak early game. The and are really good for early game cs'ing and early trading with other melee top laners. The is general armor that you're gonna need if you are going against an attack damage toplaner, but if you're going against someone such as rumble, you can replace that with . And the is good general magic resist that will help when your laner or other enemies with magic damage come roam to your lane.
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Keystone always has to be Grasp of the Undying . Its great for trading especially against tanks and as a bonus it heals you too. I like to run a more offensive Ornn mastery page going 12/0/18 taking the extra ad and ap from natural talent , and the increased attack-speed for easier cs'ing and good trades in lane. The most important is to get battle trance for the increased damage after fighting for 3 seconds. Ornn usually takes time to fight so battle trance synergizes with Ornn very well.
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Ornns q creates a volcanic rupture (thats why its called that) that slows and deals physical damage. After a brief moment, a volcanic rock of terrain pops out of the ground. This is useful to combo with your e which then if you dash into a wall, then he knocks up enemies around him.

Ornns W gives you a shield and also spits flames in front of him. The flames do damage based on the enemies current HP. You want to max it first because of how good it is. It provides great wave clear and gives you a really good shield. It also provides great CC since it applies brittle to enemies towards the end of its duration. This can be easily combo'd with another auto attack and then chunk your enemies.

Ornns E makes Ornn dash to target location and deal damage on the way. If he dashes into a wall, he knocks enemies up and deals bonus magic damage. You should max this last because his other abilities have higher priority.

Ornns Ultimate summons a ram that charges to your location in a target direction. You can reactivate it to aim it at enemies and knocks them up. The best part about his ultimate is that it applies brittle and can turn the tide of the fight with good follow up such as Orianna shockwave , Malphite ult , the list goes on. Keep in mind when you are redirecting your ultimate, try to not get cc'd so you can redirect it. And of course max your ulti whenever you can.
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Ornn Combos

If you get close enough to Q the enemy and have the terrain appear behind them, then you can easily W and auto, then E into the terrain to knock the enemy up. If you want to integrate your Ulti into the mix, you land Q and follow it up with your Ulti right after. While your Ulti is channeling, W and auto them to activate the brittle bonus magic damage. After you auto your Ulti should almost be coming to you, so you reactivate your ulti and knock them up and auto to trigger brittle once more. This combo is easier than it sounds and doesn't take too long to get used to the flow of his abilities and autos one after the other.
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"This Guide is Ass, It taught me nothing."

Ornn Champion Spotlight Link

Well if I didn't teach you anything, sorry about that. Go listen to Daddy Phreak explain it in the Ornn champion spotlight.
League of Legends Build Guide Author BigBoyBen
BigBoyBen Ornn Guide
How To Play Ornn Like A BigBoy
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