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League of Legends Build Guide Author bridi

How to play Ryze ranked

bridi Last updated on January 16, 2011
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Change Log
1/2/11-Added pictures and changes item sequence to a list.
1/16/11-Added information to Item Sequence, set up quick chapters with the nifty guide setup thing, and changed Zhonyas to Deathcap. Zhonyas you will be missed... Started Calculations for my build v ap Ryze(Finished).


Hello everyone. Ryze, one of the best nukers in the game easily and with the aoe ult you would think that you would see him in 5's more (or 3's for that matter.) My build focuses around survivability (I have above 3k hp every game), A humongous mana pool (I'm never mana hungry except very early game.) And, most importantly, q's passive (refer below.) which takes ten percent of your total mana into dmg. I hit 1000s (with about 1.5 sec cd with his passive), with ult end game; that along with more thank 3k hp is herp derp op. This build is very user friendly and its how I learned to play Ryze, and while it might not lead to you going 20-2 with a snowball build, I can assure you that my build will yield much more steady results. I've never had one of those 20-2 games with this build BUT, I usually get above 10 kills with around 3 deaths every game, even with teams that make you Q.Q

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Eh, I use mp but ap works as well. use flat runes because my build gives you a jump end of mid and early late game but, there is a slight drop end late

Cooldown reduction is best, it makes his short cds even shorter alowing for even faster nuking capabilities.

Flat mana for early game, to help the mana hungriness (is that a word?)

Flat hp for early game, when you are squishy.

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9 in offence for mp.
21 in utility for the mana regen upped mana pool, move speed and mostly for the cd reduction on summoner spells. You will be using them a lot. Notice how I put 3 in the exp boost one, it really helps to get that lvl boost on opponents.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

: For late early game when you dont have full boots and everyone else does, pop it on before ganks or any other kill, I hardly ever use it to escape.

: Ryze is famous for the fact that he can so easily take down a char to about 10% and then that's it. This build holds true to that and ignite is a definite. Helps against life steal and regen chars as well.

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Early Game

Early Game
Well before the game even starts, tell your team you are playing ryze and claim mid. Always go mid you need the money, your build is expensive and if you were to notice that i only have 5 completed items at the top. that's because games don't last long enough for any more items. I hardly ever complete zhonyas but, thats not core anyway though. When the game starts grab sapphire healh and mana pot and go mid. stay in your lane until you have 1275gold, enough for catalystcatalyst the protector number one and bad bootsboots of. harass with your 'e' until the other mid has about 50-60% hp and then hit with all your abilities and ignite . It should work even if you are under lvl6 but, definitely when you are lvl 6. When you are lvl 6 start ganking, pop ghost run in and get some kills.
remember: harass with 'e', then go in with 'e,' 'w,' 'q' and ignite for good measure. If it's a lifesteal/regen char use ignite first. This is true all game. If lvl 6 or higher than add an r before the e and voila.

Summary: >after harass> > > > >

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Mid Game

Mid game
You should have finished your first RoA{icon=rod of ages size=60] and teardrop , you do loads of dmg, so let them know. Teamfights are just beginning use your aoe ult on squishies and watch them fall. Remember to stay behind your tank though, i can't stress that enough. oh, and start to harass with your 'q' more, it hits about 5-600s by now every meh 2-3 sec, thats a huge amount for the cd. You have a huge mana pool so do it often.

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Late Game

Late Game
2 RoAs , Archangels and working on that Deathcap , you have about 350-450 ap which isn't horrible but, looks meager to the untrained eye when talking about a nuker, remember its all about that mana pool. play smart and behind your tank, its so important not to die in this time period with such long respawn times. You can change the tides of battles so easily, use that to your advantage but, still play smart. End game is all about numbers and aces and if you play your cards right than you are that ace in the hole. Lol, I should make a tf build and put that at the end of it.

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  • Start with the sapphire and two potions, and yes i understand doran's items are the best starting items for anybody but, the build is too expensive to mess with mr. doran.
    ** Doran's can work, and is better than sapphire but, I dont suggest it.
  • catalyst the protector After you get at least 1275 gold port back and catalyst will help keep you in the lane while saving for the RoAs.
  • rush the first RoA because, the passive is all about time and the more time you have it the better.
  • Finish boots because the mp is nice and Ryze is sooo slow.
  • after that, and i do this for a reason, get teardrop. When first tampering with the idea of a mana maniac Ryze I got the 2 RoAs first because of the time thing BUT, if you check out the passive of teardrop and archangels are both the same and they stack. (For exp: the passives for both are mana per spell cast with the limit of 1000 mana. So you could get 1000 from teardrop and 1000 from archangels for a grand total of 2000.) But, regardless this is a mana build so teardrop makes more since instead of the mana and ap you get from two RoAs, you just do more dmg this way.
  • After this you finish the 2nd RoA, and as I put at the 'item purchases' section at the top, I've found it to be much more effective to buy the rod instead of catalyst for the ap.
  • Finish your archangels for the very nice ap boost.
  • and try for the deathcap, when you finish deathcap you will get about 650ap and that is NOT meager at all. You can try for hourglass as well but, get deathcap first because the active of hourglass isn't as needed on Ryze if youre smart.
***Just to be sure everyone understands, as it is vague within the build. I only get ONE teardrop and ONE archangels. Get the teardrop first though, build the second RoAs and then finish the archangels staff for the most mana. And what I mean when i say they stack is that the passive of both teardrop and archangels are about gaining mmana from spell usage. (stops at 1000 mana) You could gain 1000 mana from teardrop while farming and killing champs while completing RoA#2 then get another 1000 from archangels. However, buying a second teardrop for the passive would not work because there is a teardrop inside your archangels already.

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As I've said before, this build utilizes every aspect of Ryze and has some significant pluses over snowball builds. The only bad things about it would be the cost (but, that's debatable because this build doesn't need 6 items.) and that you probably won't get a 20-2 game but, your scores and wins will be more frequent with this because you don't have to worry about stacks. Good luck and have fun! Oh and leave comments about what you think, and PLEASE leave something if you down vote it.

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  • Remember your jail early game, too many players are greedy and try to get a kill off a ryze at your tower, jail and hit with some spells for good measure and don't forget to trash talk :)
  • Ghost before every gank and use your 'e' before any other spell because of the reduction to mr.
  • this build allows ryze to take some turret fire which is kind of op considering hes burst dmg, just ghost use spells, ignite and get out.
  • Spam your abilities as much as possible after using your ult to use it a much as possible.
  • Watch the map, even on ranked people don't call mias
  • Had a bad early game? dont worry, you can recover with this build pretty easily, another thing this build has on snowball builds.
  • when running through the jungle and your jail is on cd use spells on creeps for two reasons 1)for the cd reduction on your jail, 2)If your lucky the creeps might acutally "block" for you and keep the chaser a step or two behind.
  • Use your ult to whipe large mobs for lots of monies. Important considering how expensive this build is
  • when trying for a kill, wait until your spell flux (e)has stopped bouncing before casting other spells, if you can, it drastically lowers mr so your spells hurt more.

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Proof That My Build is Better than a Regular AP Build

(W/O masteries or runes)
Stat: -- Lvl 1: -- Lvl 18:

AS -- 0.625 -- 36%
Damage -- 39 -- 93
Health -- 342 -- 1746
Mana -- 228 -- 1164
MS -- 300 -- 300
Armor -- 6.9 -- 64.5
MR -- 35 -- 35
Crit -- 1.75 -- 6.25
HRegen -- 0.87 -- 2.85
MRegen -- 0.84 -- 2.28
Range -- 425 -- 425
FULL BUILD: Sorcers shoes, mejai, aa staff, rylais, void staff, deathcap COST 13890

Stat: Lvl 18+Build:
AS -- 36%
Damage -- 93
Health -- 1746+500=2246
Mana -- 1164+1000+400=2564
MS -- 300
Armor -- 64.5
MR --35
Crit -- 6.25
HRegen -- 2.85
MRegen -- 2.28+25=27
Range -- 425
Ap--((0+80+180\full stacks\+45+155+70+(2564*.03))*1.3=621
EXTRA STATS: 15% cd reduc with 20 stacks, rylais slow, 20 mp and spell fluxs bounce reduces mr by 21 per bounce, If 3 bounces hit (max hit rate) reduced by 63.

OVERLOAD hits for 210+(279+256)=745
RUNE PRISON hits for 40+(124) for 6 ticks=984
SPELL FLUX hits for 130+(236) per bounce=366

FULL BUILD: Sorcerers shoes, 2 ROAs, AA staff, Rebadons Deathcap(Only 5 items)=12975
Stat: -- Lvl 18:
AS -- 36%
Damage -- 93
Health -- 1746+810*2
Mana -- 1164+925*2+1000*2+400=5414
MS -- 300
Armor -- 64.5
MR -- 3535
Crit --6.25
HRegen --2.85
MRegen -- 2.28+25=27
Range --425

OVERLOAD hits for 210+(303+541)=1054
RUNE PRISON hits for 40+(135) for 6 ticks=1050
SPELL FLUX hits for 130+(256) per bounce=386

IN CONCLUSION: For my build, because of all the synergy, I have more ap, hp, mana, and my Q hits more. However, the normal ap buil beats me in: if you get 20 stacks, the 15 % cd reduction and the slow from rylais not to mention more mr reduction from spell flux.
this is the proof that my build does work and is better than a normal ap build, the only thing you would gain from the ap build is a jump early if you get fed from the snowball effect.