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Vi General Guide by Dychoz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dychoz

How To Vi

Dychoz Last updated on July 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello my name is Daerique "Dychoz" Enriquez. I'm in Silver IV and I'm making this guide for my friends. I'm open for criticism, as I know I could improve in a lot of parts. This is my first guide and I really don't plan on making much more. I'm a silver scrub anyways so its not like you will listen to me.

Vi is a really strong bruiser that can effectively initiate fights and has high single target damage. She works well with a variety of different team comps and can usually turn a fight into her team's favor if fed. She hurts a lot and it is fun running into people with them huge fists.

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Pros / Cons


    - lots of armor shred
    - high single target damage
    - good initiation
    - great escape / chase
    - good diving potention

    - little AOE damage
    - tempting dive moments

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I run pretty universal AD Runes:
For Marks I run flat AD. It helps you clear in the early game opposed to Armor Penetration Marks. Vi also doesn't really need to run Armor Pen runes as her W provides enough Armor Pen and you will most likely building a BC or LW anyways.

For Seals, I run flat Armor. Again, you will be building tanky so you don't need scaling Armor. This will help v any AD threat as well as provide damage reduction against the jungle mobs.

For Glyphs, I run flat Magic Resist. I tend to favor these over Scaling MR as they provide great safety when ganking lanes that contain an AP enemy early game/mid game.

Attack Speed quints help you proc your W more often. Early game, this really helps you dish out strong single target damage. I tend to opt out one of these for a flat AD quint as I find the extra AD more useful than a little bit of attack speed.

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As Vi will be dishing out a lot of auto attacks as well as spells, Spell and Blade Weaving are the to-go masteries for damage. The rest is pretty standard for an AD jungler. I tend to favor the extra little bit of health per second opposed to the extra little bit of damage reduction against champions.

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Starting Items - Usual Jungle start. I start with a warding trinket over sweeping as you can place it before you back and your Quill Coat will provide you with a ward anyways. At that point you should switch out your warding trinket out for a sweeping one.

Tanky - Vi has a lot of options for tanky items. Randuins works really well, but if the enemy uses a lot of attack speed then you should switch for a Frozen Heart for the Aura.

For boots, Mercury Treads is now the To-Go buy as it is one of the only MR items you should need (unless they run a full AP comp) and Golem item no longer provides tenacity. Only go Ninja Tabi if you desperately need the extra armor and passive OR if the enemy has zero CC with no AP.

Damagy - I tend to like more Armor Pen for Vi. It works really well in increasing your damage output. Black Cleaver is preferred as the Armor Reduction helps your allies deal bonus physical damage as well. Last Whisper should only be gotten if desperately needed.

Try to go Iceborn Gauntlet rather than Trinity Force as your E procs slows perfectly and it provides extra defensive stats.

I tend to be building into a Blade of the Ruin King at some point in the game. I find the AD and Attack Speed beneficial to her damage output and the two passives work well with chunking people. The slow also helps chase down pesky enemies who think they can escape the clutches of Vi.

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Skill Sequence

I like to max out Q first, as you should be landing all of them if intended and it deals a lot of damage. It scales beautifully as well. I would max her W second as the percentage health chunks, armor reduction, and attack speed boosts help a lot in allowing her to deal tons of damage. The W armor chunk not only benefits you but also your buddy who's lane you ganked. I find her E not as good to max. It provides good wave clear, although in fights you want to be focusing damage onto a single target, then switching as soon as that one dies or so. Like always, grab R whenever.

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Use Q as a either an initiation or gap closer.

Your W is passive so use it to get good single target focus. It shreds armor good and deals percentage max health so its really good in focusing in on single champs. This will help you duel.

Use your E to activate Iceborn Gauntlet or as wave clear. In team fights, it really only helps get some damage to other champs but again you want to be focusing in on the champ you ulti to.

Use your R as an initiation. Only use it for a chase if your Q or flash is down or if you can get in range with Q or flash to chase it.

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Creeping / Jungling

In the jungle, jump into camps using Q if possible. Try to aim your E so that it hits all the small monsters, and you want to use it on the Big monster (like Blue, Wolves, but not like the lizards at blue, the small wolves, etc.)

Try to find a path that you are comfortable with. A good one is Blue Buff to Wraiths to Red Buff to Double Golems to Wraiths to Wolves then Gank. That shouldn't be done all the time though. Try to find a path that works for when you want to gank.

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Team Work

Ganks - Vi is good at making enemies blow flash or high cooldown abilities. Once you know a bush is safe to sit in, try to charge your Q as you enter a lane and open up by hitting an enemy with it. Then use your E as damage. Your only form of CC is your ulti and Q (if you don't have Iceborn Gauntlet yet) so aim wisely. If you miss your Q and don't have/don't want to use your ulti, back out.

Team Fights - In team fights, you should always try to dive the enemy carry. Your ulti is good in locking down high value targets. This doesn't mean dive and die though. Be smart and know when your team can follow up. Vi is really good at diving turrets, but only do so if you are comfortable having turret aggro. If you want to be safe, initiate with your Q and save your ulti to chase or peel your high valued allies.

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Overall, Vi hurts. A lot. If you choose to play her, you should expect to dive a lot. She is a lot of fun and easy once you get the hang of her.


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