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Ashe Build Guide by Samandriel

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Samandriel

How To Wreck With Ashe

Samandriel Last updated on March 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone my names Samandriel, I created this build to show you an incredibly intense damage build for Ashe and to explain how you might go about using her with this build. If your not interested and want to do it your own way it is not neccasary for you to read my tips.

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Welcome to my Build! First lets just start with the obvious question, the incredibly unbalanced look of the build. I understand the fact that though the builds attack damage and speed are powerful on a volcanic level she is in fact flimsy as paper. But with the right tactics (after all its a strategy game) her nuclear powered arrows can wreak total destruction upon a team.

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Runes are the way they are so that you can remain strong early game until you have built some damage.

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This mastery page is set up to give you a damage advantage early game.

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I like to start by building a long sword just for a damage boost early game, as the whole strategy played with her allows you to do so without putting yourself at a disadvantage.

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Ashe has good cc right off the bat but when that mellee comes in and somehow gets close that flash will be life saving. And as to ignite it is a great finisher for situations where u are slowed or unable to continue chasing.

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Skill Sequence

Though you are deprived of hawkshot until level 4 i think it is important to boost her volley early game for good farming. Be sure to use it often when champions are in range, every hit counts that early. Don't be afraid to use your ult from afar as it can change fight s from across the map but also be cautious of its use when in dangerous territories as it is an essential escape tool whe facing cc characters and distance closers.

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Ranked Play

Ashes ability to destroy life totals at distance and her ability to chase with cc arrows makes her vulnerable to two things, Tanks and cc. Though Ashes Attack Damage is Dominant in most situations, do not be tempted to engage tanks or cc without a team mate or a good lead on them.

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Pros / Cons

Pros/ tons of damage, good cc good range, area reveal

cons/ very squishy, her cc is easily countered by other cc, tanks are a pain

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Team Work

Team fights with Ashe is the most important part of her ***ension to godliness. With a well placed team mate to avoid damage to Ashe, her attack damage will be sure to consume life totals. Never put yourself in a situation where you find yourself running for your life. avoid jungle as much as possible if your by yourself, dont throw out from your turret unless you are chasing for the kill.

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Unique Skills

Ashes ability to shoot long ranged abilities and ranged cc for every hit makes her an incredible chaser, and her Hawkshot allows her to stay aware of ganks.

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Make it your goal to get the kill on every minion in a group. 15 minions is worth a turret in gold to you. Take advantage of her ability to burst damage per hit on minions to take kills. Waste not want not.

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Thank you!

Thanks for reading this please let me know what you think or i wont no if anyone is reading it!