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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Nmjc420

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nmjc420

HP/AP EPICkaiser for 5v5

Nmjc420 Last updated on December 1, 2011
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Hi all, this is my first build guide here on Mobafire. I've been coming to this site for awhile now and have found it very helpful, and I thought I'd share my build with others.

WARNING much of this guide hasn't been updated since the mordekaiser nerf.

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Pros / Cons


  • awesome at farming minions
  • great at soloing mid but playable anywhere with anyone :)
  • a lot of hp mid-end game giving you survivability when your shield Isn't charged
  • good damage output all game long (though it gets crazy late game once you've got your deathcap)
  • more powerful ult ability that will help you take down opposing carrys fast and use them to TRIP/QUAD/PENTAKILL! :D
  • your mejais should stay pretty full late-ish game assuming you don't overcommit and play smart (I personally tend to get cocky once I see those 20 stacks, and sometimes regret my overly aggressive behavior)

    • not a lot of armor or magic resistance, which means your shield will be a bit on the squishy side (but if you are spamming your abilities it will charge up pretty fast, ALSO: if our team doesn't have a Jungler I like to get the blue buff often before big team fights or whenever I can because that extra cooldown reduction really helps keep your shield charged up as you are messing their team up with your spells :)
    • very vulnerable to stuns and silences (but who isn't)
    • not a good build if you want to be the main tank end game, but you should be putting out enough damage that if they are focusing you you'll live long enough to mess them up nicely with the help of your teammates before going down unless you get silenced or stunned (I've had times where I came upon a group of say 4 guys end game by myself and got 3 of them lowish hp before I died, and that is always nice for your teammates who show up to clean up after you :)

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I use Marks of Insight because magic penetration helps your damage both early on and late game when they probably have magic resistance to deal with the threat you've become.

I use Seals of Evasion because that 6.75% dodge results in less damage to your shield and yourself and can sometimes mean the difference between living to kill them and dying with them soo close. AP seals or Health seals are also good choices, dodge is my preference. (actually the last 10 or so games I played I went with Greater Seal of Vitality and found that extra hp to be pretty helpful)

I use Glyphs of Focus because they help you to cast a little bit more which results in you keeping your shield charged for longer and dishing out more damage faster.

I use Quintessences of Potency because that extra AP makes you considerably painful early game. HP or movement speed are other good options, but I find that the 15 AP from potency usually results in a good early game.

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This is the part many people will likely disagree with me about, I go 21/0/9 masteries as opposed to many builds that go 9/0/21 or 9/21/0. I've tried many different mastery combinations and I find the extra damage you get from the offensive tree to be worth giving up the goodies you can get from defense or utility, just my personal preference. This item build would work with other setups. >>>>> (Note: the main disadvantages to using offensive masteries instead of utility is that you are slower and have a longer ult/ignite cool down, as such I always try to save my ghost summoner spell for the big fights that involve my ult and ignite and ensure I take them down as fast as possible,then use the ghost and my abilities to kill everyone else there. Being slow during times when I don't have my ghost cool down doesn't bother me much because I'm not so big on running away, and if you look to the bottom of the summary section where I posted screenshots of my stats you will see why :)

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The item choices I made are my personal favorites and I find they go together really well. The last item I build really depends on how the games going I usually make for a little AP magic pen and magic resist but is better if they are stacking lots of magic resistance to deal with you, and also on occasion I'll make a or instead for fun. :) Obviously there are times when you should take on more of a tanking role as Mordekaiser than that of a dps with the hp of a tank, for such occasions I'll make one of the following right after instead of right away and/or a depending on the opponents main carries and damage they are doing.

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Skill Sequence

before before or
before before It depends who I'm laning against really for which route ill go, if I got them turret hugging going the first option is sometimes better for doing a little more damage to them safely from the edge of the turrets range, though obviously your creeping death works better since you are going for a high AP build.
>>>> (NOTE: if you are good at it you can often harass people turret hugging with your quite well without being hit by the turret. I like using this method to stop melee champion turret huggers from last hitting minions, because if they don't you can chip away at their hp.

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Summoner Spells

I always go with Ghost and Ignite when I play Mordekaiser.

to escape ganks and to help chase people you've ulted who turned tail and fled who you want to make sure die.

because its damage over time mixed with your tends to ensure low hp people die, though a couple siphons can't hurt :)

other viable spells might be instead of ghost to slow their escape as your and other abilities kill them, or maybe to help you get that last you need to finish them off as you chase.

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Towards mid-late game I like to have blue buff if I can before the big team fights, obviously if I'm not the most fed person I respect their wish to take it but honestly with this build often I am the most fed and feel I deserve to have it. Regardless of the fact I don't have mana, The CDR it gives enables me to deal damage more often and keeps my shield charged more, thus also giving me more survivability.

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Early Game

If there are no really annoying ranged champs on the opposing team (ezreal/caitlyn/kassadin/corki) I will ask if I can have mid lane because I like last hitting as many minions as I can early game to help pay for my item build, and also I find I do very well 1 v 1 vs a lot of champs.

If we have a champion better suited for it then I'll try to lane with either a squishy high dps champ (because they'll often make the mistake of focusing him and I'll get a double kill out of it) or with a champ with a stun/slow or some other kind of CC that will make dominating the lane easier, my favorite place to be is near the enemy turret spamming my Siphon on the turret hugger(s) and moving back just out of range before it can shoot me.

If I'm laning against a meleer in mid lane It's almost too easy to harass the hell out of them until someone comes to gank me, I finish off the already half/low hp one from my lane with ult > siphon > mace > ignite > siphon again (if i have to, really he'll probably die sooner) then use the ghost to help me kill the ganker (because for some reason most people underestimate a Mordekaiser who has less hp than them but has a ghost, until its too late to run that is :D

In any case I generally have a favorable early game with this build which lets them know I'm a threat to them.

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Mid Game

By mid game you should have your Warmogs done and be filling it up via minions while working on your Rylais and generally killing the hell out of the other team filling up your Mejais simultaneously. But if they don't feed you, you can always just keep feeding yourself because mordekaiser with AP kills minions soo fast. You should also probably have taken out a turret and be free to move around a bit killing and ganking anyone you come across and all the minions you can.

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End Game

You might have more than 700 AP and be a death dealing machine, killing them so fast they don't know what hit them. It's likely you will reach end game before most people do because of how easy it is for you to minion farm nonstop without mana, you should finish your last item, buy all the pots you can and think about maybe replacing something for a hextech gunblade (if the game goes on long enough, mainly so you wont get bored, I personally find all that extra gold with nothing to buy to get a little boring, course 2 manning the baron can help relieve that boredom, or you can just push and win already! :)

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So basically what it all comes down to is that this isn't the build to make if you want to live forever, its the build to make if you want to kill them (fast) before they can kill you (or sometimes even break your shield) :D

Thanks for reading! Please comment with your thoughts be they positive or negative and +1 if you tried out this build and it was as great for you as for me, and if you plan to down rate it please give me a good reason why and remember its not supposed to be a tank build.. more so a AP carry with okay survivability due to your passive shield and close to 4000 HP..................
below is a few screenshots from games I just played (