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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Pongapp

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pongapp

Hunting for Fortune - A Pongapp Primer

Pongapp Last updated on May 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everybody. My name is Pongapp and I'm here to bring you a guide for one of my favorite champions, Miss Fortune. Not only is Miss Fortune a butt-kicking Pirate Hunter, but she is also a very viable AD Ranged Bot and in my opinion highly underrated.

I play AD Bot almost exclusively and although I play many champs like Sivir, Ashe, and Caitlyn, I think Miss Fortune is not only incredibly fun but also very viable. Miss Fortune is a great harasser with Double Up and can really help shut down those super tanky regenerating champs like Dr. Mundo or Volibear with her Impure Shots as well as help negate the effects of heal spamming supports like Soraka or Taric. She also has a very nice ultimate, Bullet Time, that is great to deal some very significant AOE damage in team fights as well as to pick off carries in the back or champions trying to run away.

Just for a little bit of credentials, here's my current match history with Miss Fortune

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist


Other options:

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I go with a fairly standard 21/9/0 route. A little bit of defense for sustain with the rest in offense for maximum amounts of damage and harass.


The 9 points into defense are for some better early game sustain and survivability. There's not much to break down there. The extra health from Veteran's Scars and Durability will help you stay in lane a bit longer and the defense from Hardiness will help negate some of the damage if the opposing AD ranged champion is harassing a lot. These masteries are also good to have if you and your support decide to go in for an early kill. In those early levels every little bit of health and armor counts.


3x Brute Force and 1x Butcher because those are really the only uesful abilities for us on the first tier and Butcher is actually pretty nice for farming. All the rest of the abilities we grab are for damage. It's all about increasing our DPS and dealing the maximum amount of damage. Since a lot of our damage comes from our criticals we want high crit chance and attack speed so our crits go off more often so we grab Alacrity and Lethality . When we aren't criting we still want to do plenty of damage and hopefully have a bit of sustain so we also grab Weapon Expertise , Deadliness (which leads into Lethality ), Vampirism , Sunder , and finally the icing on the cake Executioner .

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The build I'm going to be describing is for the way I play AD Ranged Carry Miss Fortune. The build is focused on lots of DPS by combining lots of Attack Damage and Critical damage with Attack Speed to make the most of both, as well as rending armor late game when characters start to become very tanky so you can continue to just eat through champions from a distance.

Beginning Game:

There are two main choices that I start with which are either:


If I'm bot against an AD Ranged champ like Sivir with her Boomerang Blade or Caitlyn with Piltover Peacemaker or if the support is someone like Blitzcrank with his Rocket Grab then I go for Boots of Speed. Basically anyone with a good ranged ability I want to avoid then I go for Boots of Speed to dodge it. The Health Potion's will help if you get harassed with it and to stay in lane to farm.

If the enemy doesn't have any real ranged harass or if I'm not too worried about it then I go for Doran's Blade for early lane supremacy and easier farming.

Early-Mid Game:

This is usually where my build is the most variable and there are a few options that I will typically go for.

Option 1 (Early lane domination/heavy farming):

If I'm doing really well in my lane and already have a kill or two, or am able to sit back and farm heavy I will usually open with a B. F. Sword. The early large amount of damage makes you very fierce when you get back in lane and easily able to get kills. You don't need much attack speed yet because you have your Impure Shots and also runes if you chose to use the 9x Greater Seal of Attack Speed.

Even if I don't have enough gold to get both B. F. Sword and Boots of Speed I will still just get B. F. Sword because if I had been worried about movement and dodging harassment I would have opened Boots of Speed to begin with and Miss Fortune's passive Strut gives more than enough movement early game to make opening Doran's Blade B. F. Sword viable. If it turns out I do need more speed due to harass I won't choose this option.

Option 2 (Being harassed/caught by jungler):

This is usually my response when I am either being heavily harassed in lane or am being caught by the enemy jungler or any other CC. The Berserker's Greaves give you the added movement speed to get out of harms way and the attack speed bonus from Berserker's Greaves in combination with Vampiric Scepter allows you to use the lifesteal to auto-attack minions and heal up to keep your sustain up so you can keep your presence in lane if you're being heavily harassed instead of having to constantly recall which will result in a loss of experience and gold as well as possibly leaving your support to be dived or your turret to get pummeled. If you're going up against an aggressive Caitlyn or a difficult jungle like Skarner with his Impale this might be your option.

Option 3 (Caught in the middle, what to do):


Sometimes you're just caught somewhere in the middle between option 1 and option 2. You've been harassed a little so your farm isn't amazing or you haven't been able to pull off that early kill, they just keep barely getting away and you don't have enough gold to buy a B. F. Sword but you've just recalled and it really is time to buy some items. Well this is the route I usually go. The Pickaxe is still a good amount of damage and we can still use it to get that early Infinity Edge and the Dagger will help you get your attack speed up to put what damage you did buy to better use. The Dagger is a good buy because it'll also allow us to build an early pair of Berserker's Greaves which we usually want to finish building first.

Mid Game:

This is the point in the game where things will definitely start to turn to your favor. This is our absolute core build, the bread and butter. The faster you can get to this point the better off you will be. Infinity Edge is amazing for Miss Fortune because it grants you a very good amount of AD and Critical Chance while also giving your criticals a 50% boost which is the difference between a 800 damage crit and a 1200 damage crit and will only continue to become more and more useful as you build more Ad/Crit Chance/and Attack Speed into late game.

You want to buy that early Vampiric Scepter if you haven't bought it yet to give yourself some good sustain so you can stay in lanes and survive a lot longer in teamfights if the enemy team tries to focus you or a champ peels off the group to try and 1v1. I've had many a battle where I survived with just enough HP to get out or finish off a 1v1 fight thanks to the lifesteal of Vampiric Scepter.

I usually like to go for a Zeal after I get here for the added crit chance, attack speed, and the movement speed makes it easier to get into position in teamfights (which will usually start happening more around this time) and get out as well if things go south fast or you get caught out of position.

There really isn't any variance. This is almost always where you want to rush to regardless of what the other team has.

Mid-Late Game:

Option 1 (Super tanky team):

If the team has lots of tanky characters that are becoming a nuisance such as Nasus, Blitzcrank, Dr. Mundo, or Renekton I usually will go for for The Black Cleaver next. The Attack Speed helps us crit more often and the armor shredding effect as well as the passive and active of Impure Shots will help Miss Fortune eat through even the tanky champions on the enemy team.

Afterwards go ahead and finish turning your Zeal into a Phantom Dancer. Phantom Dancer has all the awesome benefits of Zeal (Crit chance/movement speed/attack speed, all things Miss Fortune benefits a lot from) but even more so.

Option 2 (The next logical step):

The next logical step option is what I will normally go if there are no situational needs to be met and I'm doing fine. I go ahead and get my Phantom Dancer for the added movement speed/crit chance/and attack speed which is all super helpful. Afterwards building The Bloodthirster will give Miss Fortune more AD which is always good and the big boost in lifesteal gives Miss Fortune a huge boost in sustain and makes it much easier to stay alive in teamfights and in circumstances where you get caught out of position or focused.

Option 3 (The 2 second pop):

Sometimes it's inevitable. The enemy Veigar has been allowed to free farm or the enemy Caitlyn has been able to rack up a bunch of kills picking off you or your teammates. The bottom line is all the AD, Attack Speed, Critical Damage, and Lifesteal in the world won't help you if the enemy carries are focusing you and popping you in a few seconds. You need to stay alive so you can do your DPS and perform your duty as a carry.

If you are finding it extremely hard to stay alive, even when your teammates try to peel the carries off you, this might be the next step. Depending on if you're taking more damage from AP or AD either buy the Null-Magic Mantle for MR or the Cloth Armor/ Chain Vest for Armor.

Later when you get enough money turn these items into a Guardian Angel. Not only will the Guardian Angel provide you with both a good amount of MR and Armor to help keep you alive but also enemies will tend to not focus a carry in a teamfight if they have a Guardian Angel since you can just come right back to life. If the carries focus you the whole time they are doing so your team will get to focus them down and you STILL get to revive so there's not much point in them to focus you down with a Guardian Angel active. Don't get caught outnumbered however, the Guardian Angel won't discourage the team from attacking you if it's a 2v1 or god forbid a 3v1. At most the Guardian Angel might score you just a few extra seconds for your team to come to your aid but often that late into the game you're still gonna get killed that second time. Just don't think you're invincible with Guardian Angel, you can still die easy if you get caught out of position and it has a massive 5 minute cooldown on the reviving effect.

Late-End Game:

The three options I'm about to present are directly based off of the last three and are what you should naturally transition into depending on which option you built in Mid-Late game.

Option 1 (Super tanky team):

Building a Last Whisper and topping off your build by turning your Vampiric Scepter into The Bloodthirster will be the nail in the coffin for the tanky enemy team. You will have immense survivability and all of your armor shred/AD/and crit chance will just eat through the enemy team. You still want to focus down the enemy carries first as always but if an enemy tank gets caught out of position with this build they're definitely not getting away alive and you can effectively harass them much better.

Option 2 (The next logical step):

This option is the same as the 2 second pop, what matters is the order in which you buy the items. After getting The Bloodthirster we would want to buy The Black Cleaver for even more Attack Speed and AD as well as the shred will just let you demolish enemy champions especially if you are already doing well. The Guardian Angel is just the pièce de résistance that will prevent any shenanigans from going on. Even if the enemy teams wants to focus you, since you should be doing so well, you'll just revive and they'll have a harder time bursting you down with the Armor and MR Guardian Angel grants.

Option 3 (The 2 second pop):

After getting either Null-Magic Mantle or Chain Vest/ Cloth Armor you'll want to get a Guardian Angel as soon as you can. It grants great Armor and MR and will highly discourage the carries form continuing to focus you. After this we finish up The Bloodthirster from the Vampiric Scepter for the much needed lifesteal to increase our survivability even more and then top off the build with The Black Cleaver to help you finish off those pesky carries as quickly as you can before they can focus you down and to also make your lifesteal even more effective.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Strut is really a great passive to have as an AD Ranged because it will help you stay in range to auto-attack and gives you the movement speed you would need early game so you can focus on getting some early damage instead of Boots of Speed. It also will help you get away from sticky situations throughout the game.

Double Up is your main harassment ability. Try not to spam it too much because you want to save what little mana you have for Impure Shots and Bullet Time because Miss Fortune is very mana hungry. Harass with it whenever you can definitely get the bounce off since the bounce deals 120% damage of the first hit, don't waste it unless you're harassing with the bounce. Once you get it to rank 2 at level 5 and continuing on from there it becomes a great harass for champs or to pick off that hard to reach low health siege minion. This is the ability we max second.

Impure Shots is your main ability. It passively gives you an on-hit magic damage effect that stacks but what we really love it for is the active. The active increases your attack speed by 30/35/40/45/50% and also gives enemies hit a debuff that reduces healing received and health regeneration by 50% for 3 seconds. You want to open with Make it Rain to slow the target and close in with Strut and when you start auto-attacking use Impure Shots to unleash a lot of damage. The ability is amazing even into late game as the more AD and crit chance you have the better it becomes. Because of this, like with Master Yi, you don't need to worry about building enough attack speed to get to 2.5 attacks per second because this will give you a huge boost to attack speed. The other main benefit of Impure Shots is that it will apply the healing debuff and if a champion with healing abilities like Soraka tries to heal them or someones uses Heal it will reduce the heal amount by half making it easier to secure a kill. This is the ability we max first.

The reason I get Impure Shots first over Double Up is because at level 1 you don't want to be spamming Double Up first of all because you'll eat up your mana in no time at all. Secondly, with the Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage the bonus attack speed is put to even better use. Overall at level 1 it will get you higher DPS for less mana and the cooldown prevents you form spamming even if you wanted to. I've had it happen on many occasions where I secured an early first blood with my support as quickly as a mere 3 minutes into the game thanks to Impure Shots.

Make it Rain is your main CC. We get this once at level 4 and then don't touch it after that until we have to because we are only really using it for it's slow. The reason we don't max this second is even though the slow amount increases per level the duration does not. It's always a 1 second slow so it's not worth it when we can max Double Up second and get an ability that deals a lot of damage and is great for harassing and hitting/finishing off fleeing champs. You should usually open with this ability. We max this last.

Bullet Time is your ult. It's pretty self explanatory. It deals a large amount of damage in an AOE cone in front of Miss Fortune. It is channeled while it is being used so if you move or are silence/stunned/ect after you use it, it will cancel the ult. It fires once every 0.25 seconds for 2 seconds giving you a total of 8 waves of bullets. Just like Katarina's Death Lotus if the enemy team sees you casting this they are going to try and interrupt it so timing is everything. Don't open with this right away. Start auto-attacking and using Impure Shots and Double Up to deal damage while using Make it Rain to slow enemies for your teammates to catch up but be sure to leave enough mana for your ult, it's easy to go through a lot quickly with Miss Fortune. Once you get into a good spot where the enemy team is focusing another champion or are mostly under control by your other teammates crowd control abilities and you can hit a vast majority of the champions go ahead and pop Bullet Time to deal maximum damage. Now remember it is a channel so you can't chase people with it on, you have to stay put, so position is everything. The good news is it has a great range and you should still be able to deal significant damage to the carries in back and pick off very low health champions trying to flee. Clean up with your natural auto-attacking prowess and other abilities.

Skill combo/Tips):

The general rule of thumb is that you want to open with Make it Rain to slow your opponent, catch up with Strut and deal maximum damage with your auto-attacks coupled with Impure Shots and using Double Up when applicable. The only time it's really useful to use Double Up without using the bounce is if the enemy has just that little bit of life left and Impure Shots just stopped and you need to get that one last little hit before they can make it away and you're early in the game before your attack speed is up to where it will be mid-late game. Then, be my guest. Fire away.

You can use both enemy champions and minions to harass with Double Up. The bounce has a certain range of where it will and won't bounce and you'll get a feel for that range very quickly. Also it WILL bounce at absurd angles that you will also have to get a feel for. Make sure to look where the enemy champion is standing compared to where you are and hit the closest minion to your opponent. You generally wanna go for the caster minions in the back that the enemy champions will usually stand behind. Also, it's helpful to know that if you walk towards the enemy champions as if to harass with your auto-attacks a lot of the time they will back up away from the minions making it easier to hit them with the bounce. When they bunch up into their group of minions it's harder to hit them as the bounce has a much higher chance of bouncing to another minion instead.

Also, it's not very effective to intimidate them to get a Double Up off if they are clearly dealing much more damage then you or if they have a pull like Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab. Use your best judgement.

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Summoner Spells

What I recommend:

I strongly recommend going Flash/ Heal. Flash is one of those extremely universal spells. It has amazing escape functionality and also makes it easier to catch up to an opponent to slow them or get into a better position/out of CC to get your ult off in a teamfight. It's all around very useful and I recommend it.

Heal is great because it really is a lifesaver especially if you're going bot with a support without heals such as Nautilus or Blitzcrank. In those sticky situations where you are going 1v1 and need that little boost it's great, you can heal bait people into turrets, and you can also use it to survive a little longer while your team pulls the enemy CC/focus off of you. If you die, you can't do your DPS, use heal to stay alive.

Support Summoner Spells:

So you have your own heal, and an escape/initiate mechanism. So what should your support have? Well there are a few options. You don't need another Heal. Heal has a debuff that most people don't realize where if you use Heal there is a brief period afterwards that Heals after that recover a significantly less amount of health, so it's never really a good idea to stack Heals in my opinion.

My top picks for support summoner spells are Clairvoyance/ Exhaust depending on the support. Clairvoyance is an all around great ability that helps let you know enemy positions as well as check on critical jungle mobs like Red and Blue, Dragon, and Baron. This ability can be crucial especially late game where the enemy team getting baron and dragon quickly is a constant threat.

I also really like Exhaust, depending on the champion. For supports like Taric, Nautilus, and Blitzcrank Exhaust is amazing. They all have stuns or gap closers they can use in conjunction with Exhaust that lets you get the maximum amount of auto-attack/ Impure Shots in before they can make it away. Great for focusing down and trapping carries for kills or to throw on a jungler/carry that has come to your lane to try and gank either one of you.

Depending on the champion Clarity or Flash are also very good. I'm not as big as a fan of Clarity but if your teammate is playing a very mana hungry support and really wants to get Clarity it's not a total waste because you are very mana hungry and it will let you harass more. I'm also okay with my support picking Flash depending on the champion. For certain champs like Janna flash is an amazing support ability. The ability to flash in and push people away or towards you for a kill using Monsoon is a great thing to have. Talk with your support beforehand if you can and work out what combination of spells would work best for your combination.

What I don't recommend:

Some people ask "Well why not exhaust to be able to deal more damage to them without them getting away?" or "Why flash instead of ghost? Wouldn't ghost allow you to auto-attack better?". Well here are my opinions on the matter. I already made my position on Exhaust pretty clear. I think it is usually a better idea for your support to be grabbing Exhaust since as an AD Ranged champion you will not usually be close enough to use Exhaust and if your support has a stun or gap closer they can use it in conjunction with Exhaust much more effectively then you could.

About Ghost. Ghost is a great ability and I do actually pick it in some match-ups on my other AD Ranged carries, but never with Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune just has way too much natural speed in both her passive Strut and her build from Berserker's Greaves and Phantom Dancer. With all of these combined you get up to around 480 movement speed. That's FAST. So Ghost is a bit of a moot point since you are already so fast and Flash is also great for escaping over walls, out of CC, and to quickly get into a better position/re-group with your team. This is why I believe Flash is a smarter choice than Ghost.

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Countering with Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune's ability to counter is in her ability to stay mobile with Strut and harass from afar with Double Up. She also has really great burst with Impure Shots and can use the active to negate healing effects of enemy champions or to prevent the enemy support from spam healing their carry. Here are a few specific examples to give you an idea of how Miss Fortune can be used.

Miss Fortune has both great mobility and burst making it easy to dodge Sivir's punishing Boomerang Blade and burst her down with your own abilities.

Impure Shots effectively reduces Dr. Mundo's incoming health regeneration from Sadism by 50% which will make it much much easier for you, along with your team, to take Dr. Mundo down.

Impure Shots will reduce incoming heals from Soraka, Taric, Sona, and from Janna's ultimate Monsoon by 50% making it much easier to focus their respective carries down and negate their usefulness as a "heal dispenser" type support.

Impure Shots can be used to negate the healing effects of Ravenous Flock to burst Swain down very quickly.

Impure Shots can be used to negate Warwick's immense ability to heal and finish off a fleeing "tankwick" or focus down a "carry Warwick" in teamfights.

Impure Shots can be used to negate Volibear's passive Chosen of the Storm to make it easier to finish off a Volibear trying to get away instead of letting him slip away with little health like most Volibears tend to do.

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Final Thoughts:

Well this is my first guide on Mobafire, and, well, ever actually. So I really hoped you enjoyed it. I would really greatly appreciate any comments/concerns/critiques/suggestions as I am always looking to improve. If you have something to say please feel free to say it! I would be more than happy to answer any questions! I am also willing to hear any advice and also definitely want to hear if you spot any mistakes grammatically, spelling, or otherwise (though there shouldn't be any since this was proofread, hehe). If you want to chat you can always add me on LoL as Pongapp and I hope you all got a lot from my guide "Hunting for Fortune - A Pongapp Primer"!