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Kayle Build Guide by Nutzpflanze

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nutzpflanze

Hurricane´s Kayle - The Dark Side of Kayle

Nutzpflanze Last updated on February 26, 2016
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Some information about the author and champion
2.Pros and Cons
Some awesome Pros and devastating Cons
3. Masteries
What masteries does a good Kayle need?
4. Runes
How to rule with runes!
5. Summoner Spells
What Summoners does a good Kayle require? Cons
6. Counters and Synergies
Which champions Kayle hate and which teammates she loves!
7. Skills
What you need to know about Kayle´s abilities
8. Items
How to penetrate your enemies!
9. Playstyle
What you have to do in lane and in fights
10. Summary
A conclusion of this Guide!

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Greedings everyone reading this guide on MOBAfire and welcome to my Kayle-Guide! My name is Nutzpflanze and I am playing League of Legends since the end of Season 2. I am currently in Platinum 1 and i prefer playing in the Mid-Lane. My Main Champions are Kassadin, Ziggs and of course Kayle. I mained Kayle so I hope i can teach you the new way to play her!
In Season 3 Kayle was known as a Midlaner with extremely high burst potencial due to her Reckoning had a 1.0 AP Ratio and Lich Bane. You were able to kill enemies in less than a second. Now both Lich Bane and Reckoning are nerfed and Kayle became more and more a DPS-Champ, which means you will deal a very high damage over a certain time instead of bursting one Person in half a second. Furthermore her Righteous Fury and Runaan's Hurricane allow her to deal insane AoE Damage. You will also be able to splitpush very fast and to play either Top or Middle Lane, which gives you many possibilities to pick her in ranked.

Old Kayle
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New Kayle
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Pros / Cons

Kayle is a very unique Champ. She can fit in every possible role in the whole game. You can play her as Marksman , Jungler , Mage , Support , Tank , Fighter or Assassin . This guide will consider Kayle as a Mage and Fighter , who relise on Autoattacks. As a part of the League she has some AMAZING PROS and DEVASTATING CONS.

Amazing Pros

+ Amazing Wave Clear/Easy Farming
+ Strong Aoe-Damage
+ Great Slow with Reckoning
+ Still nice burst
+ Nice Scaling
+ Sustained Damage
+ Strong Lvl. 2
+ Hard to kill with Intervention and Zhonya's Hourglass
Kayle is a very strong pick in solo queue, because you are able to win a game alone. She has a very high snowball-potencial and is able to win nearly every matchup she will play against. Her ultimate Intervention gives her enough time to survive when she get engaged or focussed. Furthermore Kayle have nearly one of the highest DPS in the whole game. Her passive Holy Fervor, Sorcerer's Shoes and Wit's End allow her to penetrate every kind of Magic Resist while Righteous Fury and Runaan's Hurricane give her great AoE-Damage.

+ No escape
+ Item Dependant
+ need some Farm or Kills
+ you will need some CD to use Righteous Fury properly
+ Helplees without Intervention or Zhonya's Hourglass
+ often focussed
Of course even a amazing Champ like Kayle has some cons. Even with the new buff of Divine Blessing Kayle has very low mobility. Second: Kayle is very dependant on her Items and her Farm, because she need at least some Ap and some Attackspeed to be a real threat. And last but not least she need 35% Cooldown Reduction to get the cooldown of her Righteous Fury to 0,5 seconds. But with 20% from Nashor's Tooth, 5% from masteries and 10% from blue buff you should achieve that early in the game. In late game a Elixir of Brilliance will allow you to have 40% Cooldown Reduction, that will allow you to be Ranged nearly the whole time.

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26 Offense

If you are playing Kayle you want to put out as much damage as you possibly can. This is why i put 26 points in offence instead of just 21. On Kayle you really want to have both Fury and Sorcery, because they work so well on her. Mental Force , Arcane Mastery and Archmage are typical masteries for Mage s to maximize your AP. Executioner , Dangerous Game and Arcane Blade allow you to trade and to go all in early in the game. The Penetration from Devastating Strikes harmonizes with Wit's End and Holy Fervor making you kill every magic resist stacking champions.
4 Utility

There isn´t much to talk of speaking of the Utility Tree. In the Early you will need the Mana Generation of Meditation if you want to go aggresive early and to farm with your Righteous Fury. I put the last point in Fleet of Foot, because it´s the only think making sense on Kayle now :).

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Greater Mark of Armor Penetration


On Kayle I prefer taking Greater Mark of Magic Penetration. They scale so damn well with Holy Fervor, Wit's End and your masteries. The Magic Penetration you will have in the end will be insane and will allow allow to 1v1 everyone. Even people with Spirit Visage, Banshee's Veil and Mercury's Treads.

As Glyphs I prefer taking the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because they are the most efficient Runes if you want to have some Magic Resist. Any you want to have Magic Resist. In the Normal Build you won´t have any sort of Magic Resist because your Intervention and Zhonya's Hourglass should be enough to survive teamfights.
The Seals you want to take are the Greater Seal of Armor. In an early state of the game autoattacks hurts much and so you want to have some Armor to counter this. It could also happen that you play against a Zed or Talon in Midlane. If you are plaing top you should always get these seals.

The Quintessences a Kayle needs are the Greater Quintessence of Ability Power because they give you everything an Mage want: Ability Power. This will help you in every state of the game.



If you think you don´t need the Penetration from your runes you can also take these Marks to maximize your Ability Power and be much stronger in the early game.
Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration These marks are a really good choice. In some cases they can make even more sense than the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration because you are much stronger in the early game and your autoattacks will deal a bit more damage when you get your Zephyr.

Taking this Seals is a really decent choice if the enemy team isn´t full of AD´s for example then they have a Rumble or Teemo top. They give you a great amount of health and are really strong in the early game.

Also a very great choice if you are plaing top lane or against a Zed or Talon in the middle lane.
If you want to become a freakin Beast later on, take this glyphs. The amount of Ap they gice on level 18 (27,54] is really extremly high and dangerous for your enemies. But you need to rennounce some of your early game power.

Good choice if you want to build more ap than Attack Speed for example when you are building a Lich Bane or a Void Staff instead of Wit's End.15% Attack Speed is very very much if you combine this with Runaan's Hurricane and Nashor's Tooth.
Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration Like the Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration a great choice for the early game, even if you fall off a bit in the late game.